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Touch of Fear

After thirty minutes of walking, Sehun's phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. He picked up the phone call, his expression immediately changing. His father wanted him to come to a meeting. Running a hand through his hair annoyed, he walked back to the school where his car was still parked. The drive was quick, and within twenty minutes, he found himself in front of the room the meeting was going to take place today.


The topics discussed in this meeting were a bit more interesting than the ones from the other meetings, and he had to admit that this time he was even fully paying attention – something Mr. Oh was happy to see. The meeting was longer than the usual ones, but Sehun didn’t notice the time that had passed, as he'd been honestly interested. By the time it was reaching its end, the sun was soon going to set.


Just as Mr. Oh stood up to end the meeting for today, Sehun's phone rang, surprising the elders in the room. The boy, as well, frowned upon seeing an unknown number being displayed. He actually wanted to decline it, but oddly his thumb brushed over the display and before he knew it, he'd already picked up. “Hello?” He asked confused, but his confusion disappeared the second he heard the voice on the other side.


“Sehun Oppa! Do you know where unnie is?” He could hear Hyejin ask, voice filled with panic. Before he even had the chance to say something, the younger girl continued, “She should've come home two hours ago already! And I’ve called her boss, but he told me she left long ago. What to do …?” Hyejin's voice was shivering from panic and worry.


Sehun froze for a moment before an awful feeling spread inside him – the kind of worry when your mind creates terrible scenarios before you can even grasp a proper thought. Within a second, the meeting was forgotten and all he could think about was Ara, and he rushed out of the room, leaving his father and the other men back with wondering faces. Two hours, he thought as he ran through the corridor. That's a damn long time span. “Hello?” Hyejin asked over the phone, snapping the male back to reality. “No, she's not with me,” he replied absent-mindedly. When he reached the elevator, he pressed and looked up, only to assess that the lift was more than ten levels from the one he was in. A silent curse slipped from his lips before he tried to focus on the call again. “When exactly did she leave her workplace?” He asked through heavy breaths as he ran to the stairs.


“Her boss said it was more than two and a half hours ago,” Hyejin panicky replied, sounding like she was close to crying. “M-Mom's not home from work yet, and I-I called unnie at least five times.” The awful feeling increased and the scenarios in his head worsened, making him almost lose his balance as he rushed down the stairs. “I'll go look for her. Continue to call her.” When he hung up, he took a deep breath to calm himself down and pushed all those scenarios to the back of his mind.


Once he was outside the building, panic overtook him again. How was he supposed to start looking for her? The city was huge and if she should have been home two hours ago already, then … Argh! He shook his head. Focus! He ran to his car and drove to Ara's workplace. It was so damn hard not to jump the lights when his whole body was dying to get there as soon as possible, but he forced himself to drive normally; at least he tried to.


Sehun slammed the door shut as he got out of the car and immediately ran to her workplace. Getting out his phone, he quickly opened the con...

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fangirlonsteriods #1
I love the cover of this — it's really beautifully made.
kyungsoonized #2
Chapter 46: I dont know why i cried when reading his friends' reaction when they saw sehun.... the scene is just ugh beautiful
rizkiamut #3
Chapter 44: Omg. I never read any fanfics or novels with character like Sehun in this story. He is such awesome boy, full of responsbility. When i know the pressure that Mr. Oh put in his shoulder, mostly the characters that i read before would be mad, choose to run away, etc. But you made me think from Sehun's perspective which it's very mature that everything your parents choose for your life is for your sake. Sehun can handle that very well.
Glad that i read your story :)
MILKYcouple321 #4
Chapter 77: I just found this story thanks to my cousin....but omggggg I read it in two days. I had to take a break because of school and everything. But...wow...it was so cute and well written!!
daeyumm #5
Chapter 75: repeated this fic more than hundreds of time alr but im nevet gonna be tieed of it.. thank you for creating such a touching story!!!
Ohcean712 #6
Chapter 71: Mama Park just see how our Hunnie & Jonginnie are taking care of your girls. Bless those kids!
Ohcean712 #7
Chapter 54: The feeling of being loved back by someone you love is truly indescribable. It's too beautiful, too precious, too special. I am glad that they have experienced it. <3
It's a really beautiful chapter.
ljoeismyguy #8
SilverWolf101 #9
Chapter 32: loving this fanfic sooooo much cant stop reading it
vanillaritrin #10
Chapter 76: -c-
sehun still felt responsible of miyoung heartbroken. that's add 1 point of the proof that sehun has beautiful heart.
and you're right. really. about life is not always happy and that became the conflict arise slowly. but it was real. the way plot flows is make sense. about life comes with all good and bad.
and on the chapter 'another chapter of life' that miyoung has decided to go away from his life and disappear, he still felt bad causing that girl has to leave. but as ara--the more rational one--said that he has to respect her decision, then he would grow used to it. he would accept slowly that someone in his life had to go.

Huft, you know, i have never read the powerful story like this. you're not only present the story, the loveline, the friendship. but you put your deep-thinking. you put the moral lessons. your words really impact me in this kind of situation. because you don't know how hard situation that your readers face everyday or this time being. and you made it like a magic. your words impressed and inspired me a lot.
'i want to be like ara,' i said to myself.
then, how could you? kekeke
actually i don't really like analyzing the story like this. but for some story that has a value, that inspired me a lot, i should do it. and i should appreciate the writer who has sacrifice her time, her thought, her effort to write such a masterpiece story.
thank you for writing and inspiring me--for sure other people feel the same.
thank you.
thank you very much.

since i know you like to interact with your reader, i do will happy if you could share your twitter fangirling account and we could interact more there.

vanillaritrin <3