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A place to find the best Exo fanfics that are hand picked for being well written, original, and having an interesting plot. 


With the huge flood of fanfics these days, it's really hard to find decent fanfics that are both interesting and well written; it seems like these days, most fics either have one or the other. Here, we'll gather a huge collection of Exo fanfics that all readers are capable of enjoying. 

We'll ignore the story views, the number of subscribers, and the number of votes. We really just want some well written fics, to be honest.

Let's set up some ground rules.

  1. You may suggest a fanfic, but a link MUST be given. All recommendations without links will be ignored.
  2. No bashing other people's fan fiction
  3. You will not find any fics here.
  4. Most main characters will consist of Baekhyun, Kai, Luhan, or Sehun.
  5. Enjoy!

Genres, characters, story completion, number of chapters, a review, and etc will be stated with the feature of each story.

The difference between this story recommendation place and all others is that each and every story that is featured here are pretty damn well written. Being quite a picky grammar nazi myself, nothing irritates me more than reading an under developed story that either has horrible grammar, moves to fast, no character development, etc.


[F] - Favorites, and are definitely must reads.


1. [F] Heart of Ice - Romance, Drama. 52 Chapters (Completed.)

2. [F] The Misfits - Action, Romance, Drama, Vampires. 175 Chapters (Completed.)

3. When Night and Day Become One - Romance. 18 Chapters (Completed.)

4. The Symbiotic Relationship - Romance, Drama. 40+ Chapters (Ongoing)

5. Thug Wife [M]- Romance, Action. 72 Chapters (Completed.)

6. The Symbol of Love [M] - Romance, Drama. 10+ Chapters (Ongoing)

7. 300 Days of Luhan - Romance, Gangs, Drama, School Life, Arranged Marriage. 64 Chapters (Completed.)

8. Cake Redux - Romance, 24 Chapters (Completed)

9. Smiling Eyes - Romance, Fluff. 19 Chapters (Completed)

10. The Pact - Romance, School Life. 35 Chapters(Completed)

11. Flower of Despair - Romance, Angst, Drama, Tragedy. 34 Chapters (Completed.)

12. That Paper Plane Could Not Fly - Romance, Angst. 6 Chapters (Completed)



1. She's My Knight in Shining Armour - Romance, Action, 55 Chapters (Completed)

2. [F] Lie for Two - Romance. 30 Chapters (Completed)

3. [F] The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun. Romance. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing)

4. Teach me [M] - Romance, Drama, Comedy, , Schoollife, 26 Chapters (Ongoing)



1. Pandora - Romance, Drama. 46 Chapters (Completed)

2. [F] Touch of Fear - Romance, Drama. 75 Chapters (Completed)

3. The Caretaker's Story - Friendship, Romance. 41 Chapters (Completed)

4. Teach Me Master [M] - Romance, , Drama. 40 Chapters (Completed)

5. Two Moons - Romance, Action, Supernatural, School life. 150+ Chapters (Ongoing.)

6. [F] 자유 True Beauty - Romance, Angst. 37+ Chapters (Ongoing)

7. Baku - Romance, Angst. 13 Chapters (Ongoing)




1.[F] The Legends: Messenger - Romance, Action, Fantasy. 86 Chapters (Completed)

2. Safe and Sound - Supernatural, Romance, Action. 10+ Chapters (Ongoing)

3. [F] Nineteen [M] - Romance, Drama. 51 Chapters (Completed)

4. [F] To Daddy, With Love - Romance, Angst, Slice of Life. 21 Chapters (Completed)

5. The Trophy [M] - Romance, . 14 Chapters (Completed)

6. What Does y Mean - Romance. 23 Chapters (Completed)

7. [F] Guardian of an Obnoxious - Romance, Fantasy. 40+ Chapters (Ongoing)

8. A Taste of Temptation - Romance, Vampires. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing)

9. The Dating Hotel - Romance, Comedy. 15 Chapters (Completed.)

10. Kaura - Romance, Fluff. 8 Chapters (Completed.)

11. A Love Story - Romance, Angst. 15 Chapters (Ongoing)

12. Horizon - Romance, Drama, Angst 26 Chapters (Completed)

13. Heartlines - Romance, Drama. 25 Chapters (Completed) 



1. [F] Our DIRTY Little Secret [M] Baekhyun/Luhan/OC - Romance, . 43 Chapters (Completed)

2. [F] You Really Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone. Sehun/Kai/OC - Romance. 22 Chapters (Completed)

3. Mutualism. Luhan/Kai/OC - Romance. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing)

4. 2 For the Price of One [M]Luhan/Kai/OC - Romance, . 5+ Chapters (Ongoing)  Currently in Draft Status


OT12/OC. (The main male lead is determined, but not until the end, and I don't want to spoil it for you. ^^)

1. [F] GUTS - Romance, Action. 60+ Chapters (Ongoing)

2Two Kingdoms Under One Moon - Romance, Fantasy, Action, Vampires, Werewolves. 30+ Chapters (Ongoing) The author of this story has bee deactivated.

3. [F] Behind the Castle Walls - Romance, Fantasy. 66 Chapters (Completed)

4. The Seeress of Exo - Romance, Fantasy. 40+ Chapters (Ongoing.)

5. Kiss of the Rose Princess - Romance, Action, Fantasy. 10+ Chapters (Ongoing.)

6. Modern Ancients - Supernatural, Action. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing) The author of story has been deactivated.

7. Of the Guardians: Echo - Romance, Action, Fantasy, Drama. 30+ (Ongoing)



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0 points #1
Chapter 81: 1. Name: Cara

2. How much time you spend reading EXO fanfics a week: I have read a lot this summer vacation mostly because I had nothing better to do, which is about a couple of hours a day. My schedule will be a bit busier when school starts, but I think I'm going to be able to maintain at least an hour or so a day when my life is more hectic.

3. How long you've been reading fanfics: Two years, give or take a couple months.

4. The genres you enjoy reading (angst, romance, etc): I actually enjoy both realistic/slice of life stories and fantasy ones. Horror is the only genre I can't stand reading, however.

5. Your favorite fanfic(s): Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere, The Cutting Edge, Guts (which hasn't been updated in a long time, sadly, and it was unfinished too), Forgetting Park Chanyeol. I'm a D.O/Chanyeol bias, though there are very little fics on them.

6. The main EXO characters you enjoy reading (Baek, Kai, etc): D.O and Chanyeol are my favourites because they're my biases, but I don't really mind any member as long as it's written well.

7. Any extra information about yourself: I'm not too sure what to put here, so I guess I'll leave a list of things I like and dislike when reading fics? Some are givens, but...
Likes: —Interesting plot. It's always nice to find something that stands out with a good storyline.
—I really like hate-to-love relationships.
—OC characters instead of using all idols as side characters — I find it much more interesting when there are other OCs apart from the main character (which isn't saying that an idol side character can't be well written and intriguing).
—Long fics! I like having something I can sit down and read for a long time.

Dislikes: —Romanized Korean (things like "oppa, unnie, hyung and noona" are okay to some extent). I'm pretty sure most people don't like an excessive amount of that, though.
—No character development. That's one of my favourite things to look for in fics, especially when it's slice of life/realistic fic because those tend to have a much more vague plot compared to action/adventure/fantasy/supernatural stories.
—Too many grammar mistakes. I understand some people don't have English as a first language, but some mistakes get really distracting.

I'm a very fast reader (I think, though it would depend on the story), though recently it's been a bit hard to find fics that suit my reading taste.

Hopefully you'll consider this application! (You're still accepting though, are you?)
ChrisChen #2
Chapter 81: 1. My name is Christina Chen
2. I read fanfictions everyday for about few hours a day depending on when I have exams or I have to do homework
3. I started reading mid last year but there is not a day when I have not read a fanfic
4. I enjoy reading romance schoollife comedy and gangs
5. Kris: The XOXO series and basically any fanfic written by bluestone and vanillasushi like His dark side series
6. I like reading any member of exo except for chen and tao mainly because there is not really a great one
7. I am fluent in english considering I live in Australia and is born in the country although I don't write any fanfics but I know plenty of good fanfics that I believe many people will enjoy to read
DiaBel #3
Chapter 81: Hello I'm not an author here, can I participate anyway. I spend a lot of time reading fanfics, im basically a reader and I did recomendations before just not here..
Chapter 81: 1. Name: Scarlett

2. I'm always reading and checking every single day. So it's a daily thing, so it kind of depends. One day it's 4 hours or if I don't want to be bothered I read for the whole day. But usually around 4-5 hours when I'm doing nothing. I binge read a lot. (Bad habit, I know)

3. I've been reading Asianfanfics ever since the website has been created, actually. So a really long time.

4. I like to read all genres except for horror, not really a big fan of horror movies myself. I get nightmares from so.

5. My favorite fanfics are: Touch of Spring by vanillasushi (well basically everything she writes), 4680 seconds by missheartbreaker, and Momochrome by krismatics.

6. Main characters read: Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun, sometimes Kris and Luhan.

7. I'm pretty picky when it comes to choosing something out to read but I guess it's a good thing when you're going to review a story and I'm always usually really honest with my opinions, I don't sugarcoat anything unless the story line is that amazing. Otherwise I'm always on Asianfanfics, it's a must for me to check it every single day. Laid back most of the times, but don't hesitate to contact me or anything.
illumina_dain #5
Chapter 81: Name: illumina_dain
How much time do you spend reading EXO fanfics a week: I read every weekday before sleep and any free time on weekends. In average probably two hours a day
How long you've been reading fanfics: I have started since 2010 but really into fanfic around 2011 so about 7 years give and take
The genres you enjoy reading: I generally like to read good fanfics as long as it's not yuri or 2nd POV stories but if I have to pick, it would be action and adventure.
Favourite fanfics: This year favourite will go to Exodus by unnie-bee and Phoenix by unnie-bee. I love classic exo fandom too for all time favourites from curledupkitten, mayaacola, thesockmonster, changdictator, fliuor, rara and ella (Zodiac is a damn fine fanfic).
The main EXO characters you enjoy reading: I pretty much enjoy reading everyone in EXO as the main characters with the exception for Tao (it is hard to find a good one with Tao as the main character)
Any extra information about yourself: I write fanfic too as a hobby (my guilty pleasure) but not really good at it, still learning the rope and everything. But I have confidence in picking good and well-written fanfics as I am a picky reader too.
I have become a reviewer for sometimes but on hiatus for reviewing in the last two years due to postgrad school.
Thank you