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A place to find the best Exo fanfics that are hand picked for being well written, original, and having an interesting plot. 


With the huge flood of fanfics these days, it's really hard to find decent fanfics that are both interesting and well written; it seems like these days, most fics either have one or the other. Here, we'll gather a huge collection of Exo fanfics that all readers are capable of enjoying. 

We'll ignore the story views, the number of subscribers, and the number of votes. We really just want some well written fics, to be honest.

Let's set up some ground rules.

  1. You may suggest a fanfic, but a link MUST be given. All recommendations without links will be ignored.
  2. No bashing other people's fan fiction
  3. You will not find any fics here.
  4. Most main characters will consist of Baekhyun, Kai, Luhan, or Sehun.
  5. Enjoy!

Genres, characters, story completion, number of chapters, a review, and etc will be stated with the feature of each story.

The difference between this story recommendation place and all others is that each and every story that is featured here are pretty damn well written. Being quite a picky grammar nazi myself, nothing irritates me more than reading an under developed story that either has horrible grammar, moves to fast, no character development, etc.


[F] - Favorites, and are definitely must reads.


1. [F] Heart of Ice - Romance, Drama. 52 Chapters (Completed.)

2. [F] The Misfits - Action, Romance, Drama, Vampires. 175 Chapters (Completed.)

3. When Night and Day Become One - Romance. 18 Chapters (Completed.)

4. The Symbiotic Relationship - Romance, Drama. 40+ Chapters (Ongoing)

5. Thug Wife [M]- Romance, Action. 72 Chapters (Completed.)

6. The Symbol of Love [M] - Romance, Drama. 10+ Chapters (Ongoing)

7. 300 Days of Luhan - Romance, Gangs, Drama, School Life, Arranged Marriage. 64 Chapters (Completed.)

8. Cake Redux - Romance, 24 Chapters (Completed)

9. Smiling Eyes - Romance, Fluff. 19 Chapters (Completed)

10. The Pact - Romance, School Life. 35 Chapters(Completed)

11. Flower of Despair - Romance, Angst, Drama, Tragedy. 34 Chapters (Completed.)

12. That Paper Plane Could Not Fly - Romance, Angst. 6 Chapters (Completed)



1. She's My Knight in Shining Armour - Romance, Action, 55 Chapters (Completed)

2. [F] Lie for Two - Romance. 30 Chapters (Completed)

3. [F] The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun. Romance. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing)

4. Teach me [M] - Romance, Drama, Comedy, , Schoollife, 26 Chapters (Ongoing)

5. Attayear - Romance, Fantasy, Scifi, Action, School life, 93 Chapters (Completed)

6. Pick Your Poison - Romance, Fantasy, Pirate!AU, 19 Chapters (Ongoing) 



1. Pandora - Romance, Drama. 46 Chapters (Completed)

2. [F] Touch of Fear - Romance, Drama. 75 Chapters (Completed)

3. The Caretaker's Story - Friendship, Romance. 41 Chapters (Completed)

4. Teach Me Master [M] - Romance, , Drama. 40 Chapters (Completed)

5. Two Moons - Romance, Action, Supernatural, School life. 150+ Chapters (Ongoing.)

6. [F] 자유 True Beauty - Romance, Angst. 37+ Chapters (Ongoing)

7. Baku - Romance, Angst. 13 Chapters (Ongoing)




1.[F] The Legends: Messenger - Romance, Action, Fantasy. 86 Chapters (Completed)

2. Safe and Sound - Supernatural, Romance, Action. 10+ Chapters (Ongoing)

3. [F] Nineteen [M] - Romance, Drama. 51 Chapters (Completed)

4. [F] To Daddy, With Love - Romance, Angst, Slice of Life. 21 Chapters (Completed)

5. The Trophy [M] - Romance, . 14 Chapters (Completed)

6. What Does y Mean - Romance. 23 Chapters (Completed)

7. [F] Guardian of an Obnoxious - Romance, Fantasy. 40+ Chapters (Ongoing)

8. A Taste of Temptation - Romance, Vampires. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing)

9. The Dating Hotel - Romance, Comedy. 15 Chapters (Completed.)

10. Kaura - Romance, Fluff. 8 Chapters (Completed.)

11. A Love Story - Romance, Angst. 15 Chapters (Ongoing)

12. Horizon - Romance, Drama, Angst 26 Chapters (Completed)

13. Heartlines - Romance, Drama. 25 Chapters (Completed)



1. 87 Steps to Kim Jongdae - Romance, 26 Chapters (Completed)

2. Symptoms - Friendship, Slight Angst, Slight Fluff, 4 Chapters (Completed)

3. Chasing Xiumin - Action, Adventure, Romance, Spy!AU, 9 Chapters (Ongoing)



1. Chasing Xiumin - Action, Adventure, Romance, Spy!AU, 9 Chapters (Ongoing)















1. [F] Our DIRTY Little Secret [M] Baekhyun/Luhan/OC - Romance, . 43 Chapters (Completed)

2. [F] You Really Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone. Sehun/Kai/OC - Romance. 22 Chapters (Completed)

3. Mutualism. Luhan/Kai/OC - Romance. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing)

4. 2 For the Price of One [M]Luhan/Kai/OC - Romance, . 5+ Chapters (Ongoing)  Currently in Draft Status


OT12/OC. (The main male lead is determined, but not until the end, and I don't want to spoil it for you. ^^)

1. [F] GUTS - Romance, Action. 60+ Chapters (Ongoing)

2Two Kingdoms Under One Moon - Romance, Fantasy, Action, Vampires, Werewolves. 30+ Chapters (Ongoing) The author of this story has bee deactivated.

3. [F] Behind the Castle Walls - Romance, Fantasy. 66 Chapters (Completed)

4. The Seeress of Exo - Romance, Fantasy. 40+ Chapters (Ongoing.)

5. Kiss of the Rose Princess - Romance, Action, Fantasy. 10+ Chapters (Ongoing.)

6. Modern Ancients - Supernatural, Action. 20+ Chapters (Ongoing) The author of story has been deactivated.

7. Of the Guardians: Echo - Romance, Action, Fantasy, Drama. 30+ (Ongoing)


Welcome Korey and Jessica as our new recommenders! I'm still taking applications if you'd still like to be a reviewer!

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0 points #1
Just my type ;)
nieyachan #3
Hv u guys read the misfits (luhan x oc), running with wolves (kai x oc), best friend (kris x oc) ? i thk that the best 3 exo fic

Just realized I never gave a link :-( sorry sorry I’m dumb. Anyhow, again, this is my story called The Caught Admirer, a Baekhyun x OC fic with romance, comedy (BUT BARELY, IM NOT FUNNY), mature themes, etccc. The title is a give away as to what it’s about lol basically the Admirer is caught and it’s a 39 chapter adventure of what happens. A bonus and epilogue are underway too!
There were some pretty decent fics recommended here.
dailydreamer #6
Accidentally unsubbed when I was going to click on the fic after this one in my subscriptions page and I felt like the world ended for a second. Good thing I was able to find this and sub back again. This is my favorite place to go when I’m looking for good fanfics to read. I was just going to recommend a Baekhyun story called Cutlass. It’s a pirate!au fic and I really like it. Check it out if you have the spare time~ hope you like it as well :D

Chapter 93: Here's a Chanyeol fic that I really like: Lifeline by Riddikilus

It touches on depression and I like how real the author portrays depression through the OC and how Chanyeol is determined to help. It is angsty, it is sweet, it is touching. I read it in one sitting! You should give this story a read. :)
Chapter 21: can't find the story
Honestly, we need more Xiumin fics here. So I'm recommending one
It's called "I Am My Father's Daughter" by KokoroDez --> https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1261325/i-am-my-father-s-daughter-romance-gangster-originalcharacter-exo-ocs-xiumin-minseok
Cause I'm a er for MafiaBoss!Xiumin and I'm sad that it's not getting much love. You won't have any problems with its grammar and it's very well written. If you want, you can also check her other stories because they are worth reading
lovekisses #10
Chapter 24: I really want to read this story "300 days of luhan". But it cant be open. It say the author has been removed the account. #sad