It only takes thirty seconds for Kyungsoo to fall in love for the first time.

Kyungsoo’s eyes don’t miss him. His gaze is trained on that one familiar face in the midst of this crowd of churning bodies and masses of people. And it lingers there. His gaze lingers on that lovely face and in that second everything stops. Nobody’s moving and the sky and earth halt in this breathtaking moment. Time eventually starts spinning again but at a much faster pace than before with his heart pounding loudly in his ears as he stares with wide eyes at the face that has been the center of his entire life; the face that he’s only ever seen in a photograph.

And he knows that it’s love that is whispering faintly to him right now.

His feet start moving before his brain does and everything’s a haze as he sprints across the train station towards the man who is now moving away from him. The frigid air is constricting his lungs painfully but he doesn’t care because he’s only an arm’s length away from him when his dress shoes slide on a particularly frosty section of concrete and he topples over into the love of his life.





Someone told me, "this is the mpreg fic for people who hate mpreg."  So give it a try and tell me what you think? 

This is a very different genre than what I've previously been writing (I prefer realistic-fiction but I don't even know anymore...) This story idea has been brewing in my head for months now but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to write it. I've decided on the direction and the design so here we go... 

This includes most of the "popular" ships in EXO (MAIN!Kaisoo, Baekyeol, Hunhan, Taoris, Suchen/Sulay, Sudo) set in a moderately more futuristic pace but still very present-time. 

The beginning will progress slowly with the chapters being short but hopefully it'll get more exciting.



Indonesian Translation: (x)

Turkish Translation: (x)

Spanish Translation: (x)

Russian Translation: (x)

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kimdo100 #1
Chapter 16: Honestly Jongin is so annoying here like I wanna smash his face for being such a jerk.
Chapter 24: Though it was a mpreg I liked it more in as an arranged marriage fic at least I had been reading it in that way or I just felt that ..whatever I liked it alot it was really a worth to read
MiwakoMymy #3
I was scrolling down through my past comments(cringey stuff!) and I stumbled on the ones I left on this fic.
It's been so long...I remember how much I liked this story back then. I wonder if I would still like it the same way considering that I've changed so much...Ah, the nostalgia. I was still in high school back then. I really want to read this again and remember the good ol' times. Will definitely do it when I have time. This could easily become an episode of Black Mirror.
I haven't checked your profile to see when was the last time you logged in, I don't know if you'll ever read this, if you're still an EXO fan, but thank you for writing this. It brings back so many nice memories. Even tho' my perception of this fic will change upon reading it after so much time, my younger self is happy she read this. Hope you're doing well, wherever you are,whatever you're doing. Again, this would make a nice episode of Black Mirror.
I've read Aegis and Neurosurgeon years ago but whyyyy didn't I read this before??? This is really a unique mpreg fic and the feels.. yea the feels.. especially the angsty ones.. my poor heart but thankfully all is well in the end ^-^ and my heart recovered from all the damage lol
30 streak #5
Chapter 22: Awww..... adorable!! <3
30 streak #6
Chapter 19: finally jongin.. but u should really use ur brains more
30 streak #7
Chapter 18: I m so sad that JONGDAE died... their relationship was so perfect... I hope SUHO can find love again.. preferably with LAY
30 streak #8
Chapter 18: this chap actually breaks my heart... its so bittersweet...
30 streak #9
Chapter 17: Wow ...
30 streak #10
Chapter 16: seriously this is getting out of hand!!