Tug Of War


9th Fan Fiction
April 2011 - June 2015
60 Chapters
Hello! Noob writer here, once again. Hehe. I know I said, I'll be gone for quite some time and yet, here I am again. Something's wrong with me, neh? Hehe.. Anyways, like I said in winglin, this will feature a very different Daragon. Eventhough this is my 9th fanfic, this is also marks my second attempt in writing err, H fic. LOL. (S: Apr 2011 E: --)
She needs money.
He wants .
Circumstances threw them in each other’s arms. Thus, a battle began.
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She pushed him against the wall, her lips automatically landing on his. A sense of satisfaction came over her as she felt his little one responding to her. She knew he’ll be an easy job from the beginning. Guys like him were so easy to lead astray. Guys who only see the physical attributes of Eve’s daughters are mostly the ones who get blind.
Deftly, she slipped her hand inside his shirt while the other stayed at the side of his neck.
“Damn, you’re so fine” he muttered.
“I haven’t shown you everything yet” she smoothly answered.
“I can’t wait to see everything” he said.
“What’s the meaning of this?!” a voice entered. The guy suddenly pulled away from the girl he was making out with.
“Honey, i-it’s not what you think. I was just. . .”
“How could you do this?!” the girl cried. “How could you betray me?”
“Honey, let me explain. It’s-”
“No!” the girl screamed. “We’re through!”
“But honey, it’s our wedding-!”
“You should have thought about that before hitting on another girl!” she burst out. “The wedding’s off! And don’t you dare show that ugly face of yours to me again!”
The girl turned and ran away with the guy running after her. The other girl smirked at the scene. Once again, mission complete. But then again, failure’s not in her vocabulary.
She went to the powder room and fixed herself. She pulled her phone out from her bag and scrolled down through her contacts. She pressed the call button as she found the name she was looking for.
“I’m done” she said.
“Thank you” the person from the other line answered.
“Don’t thank me” she answered. “It’s what I’m being paid for”
“I already deposited my payment and an additional tip to your account”
“Good” she replied in satisfaction. “’Til then”
The girl looked at herself in the mirror. A lazy smirk curved her lips once again. Who would have thought that her face would serve as her ticket to her dream, to a life she never had? Who would have thought indeed when before, she hated her face? She hated her beautiful cursed face for always causing her troubles. But now, she was appreciating it. Her face helped her break those hearts and ruin all those relationships. Just a few more hearts to break and a few more relationships for her to ruin and she will finally be off the hook.
Does the word GUILT bother her at all? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. if she would think of others first before herself, she won’t survive at all. She won’t be able to eat, to have a place to live in, to buy clothes or to finance her education.
Life taught her that. Life taught her to put herself first before anything or anyone else. Selfishness it is, true. But it is also selfishness that made her survive life.
That’s Sandara Park – a working college student.
Occupation? She's a home wrecker for rent.


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canonship91 #1
Chapter 61: i remember how frustrated I was waiting for this story to end. I read this 3 years ago and yes i gave up half way waiting for you to update. But i can say it's worth it ^
canonship91 #2
Chapter 61: i remember how frustrated I was waiting for this story to end. I read this 3 years ago and yes i gave up half way waiting for you to update. But i can say it's worth it ^
wined888 #3
Chapter 61: ...cant seem to stop until i saw your name authornim
park_jinchan #4
Chapter 60: i just finished this magnificent story and it's awesome.. i mean from the start i couldnt even see them together because they're totally opposite and how their characters simply defy each other and yet.. here we are.. thank you for this story.. :) hope to read more of your stories.. :D
cyndzrose #5
Chapter 61: nice one authornim. thank you for sharing urstories to us...more daragon plssss...
MallyOH #6
Chapter 61: 4 years of writing this story? But its worth it authornim!!!! Good job well done. I cried laugh and sometimes confused sometimes mad ahhhh! I feel alive. Hahaha
adriel45 #7
Chapter 60: Awwwwwww.... Always a treat, reading your stories... Thanks for a story beautifully written....
adriel45 #8
Chapter 14: Such a tease! But way too hot....
adriel45 #9
Chapter 3: Just started reading your story and I'm loving it...
TOPalmond #10
Chapter 60: OHMAGAWDDD!!! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS THIS FIC IS FINALLY COMPLETEEEE!!! (or maybe i just have the right time to open AFF again)
geez it breaks my heart to see dara and jiyong suffering like that. and unnie i want to know how dara manage to come back to jiyong again?? please tell us more!!
AND OH JIYONG YOUR DEEDS MUST BE SO HEALTHY, EH? 3 kids with another kids on their ways? hehehehe.
i am so happy to see this story reach a happy ending yet i kinda like it if this story has an angst ending kekeke.
unnie thank you for story~~~