These Three Words "I HATE YOU"


You are a very smart, nerdy, and clumsy girl that does not belive in love. You're adopted brothers Kwon Ji Yong, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Jaejoong, and Yang Yoseob pity you for that. When Shin Dongho, a chebol's son and someone you hate falls madly in love with you, your whole life turns into a dream. Or is it a nightmare? What will you do if you had a super cute rich guy always following you like a lost puppy?




This fanfic just popped into my mind! SO I hope you like it! It's supposed to be a comedy/romance fic but I highly doubt you guys will laugh at my chessey fanfic. But please do enjoy and press subscribe if you like it and want to read more!



~You're a clumsy nerd who doesn't believe in love. Yet you love your four adobted brothers. You hate Sulli because of her iness, and you want to live a normal life. Which is NOT possible in this fanfic.~


~He's a rich chebol's son who gets anything he wants. When he moves to your school your life get's twisted with yours and somehow you can't get enough of him.~


~She is a to you, and she's trying to get Dongho. She is also rich, but not as rich as Dongho. She's the popular one at school, and her moods change often.~


Your Family

 Kim Jonghyun, is one of your adopted brothers. He's the 3rd oldest, he's obsessed with SNSD.

 DBSK Jaejoong [honeydice] 02Kim Jaejoong, is the oldest in your family. He gets really over protective about you, and he acts like a mother.

Kwon JiYong/ Gdragon, is the 2nd oldest and he's the calm one in the family. But he can be a prev at times.

Yang Yoseob, is your age but older than you by a month. He's like your bestfriend and he cares about you a lot.



  Eli, has had a sad past, he's your favorite in Ukiss, because he cares about you like a real brother.

 Kevin, is Dongho's bestfriend, and Yoseob's once they get to eachother. To you Kevin reminds you of a girl.

 SooHyun, and you are really awkward, but you enjoy hanging out with him. He finds you amusing.

 Aj, he makes you laugh a lot, you love his skills. He hates Dongho's dad.

Hoon doesn't talk much but when he does, he says the funniest things. 

 Kiseop is the prankster of U-Kiss and loves to joke around with everyone! He hates seeing people sad.




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