Then Came You


Title: Then Came You

Pairing: Main!Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Kai/Kyungsoo (Luhan/Sehun, Tao/Kris, Suho/Lay, Xiumin/Chen)

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff

Length: Chaptered



Chanyeol's life was perfect until...



"And why would I let someone I don't even know move in with me?” he asked incredulously.

"Because I gave you my first kiss." Baekhyun answered.

"I didn't ask for it!" Chanyeol exclaimed, certain that he was blushing like a schoolgirl.



Then Byun Baekhyun comes along. Now everything's turned upside-down but he finds himself unwilling to let go.


Because, maybe, his life before Baekhyun wasn't so perfect after all.










Author's Note:


So guys! I’m back with a new chaptered fic. :D

And this time all my otps are here so this will most probably be a loooong one.

I am excited about this, I don’t even know why but I hope you will support this story as much as you did my earlier ones.

I felt it was time for me to make a lighter-themed fic so I came up with this. There would be some slight emotional drama (LOL) along the way but this would mostly be a kind of rom-com.

So yeah, all the characters will be introduced gradually so I hope for your patience and I’ll try to update as frequently as I can. I don't really want to outline everyone's character even before the story begins. Let's get to know all of them together, shall we? :D

Here’s to hoping everyone will like this!

Thanks guys!!! :D


PS. This fic would probably be every Korean drama/shoujo manga/romcom movie you have ever watched and read. LOL

and the awesomest posters ... thanks so so so much to timemachine and sae-unnie (the bully) for making this despite me being a demanding potato XD






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devilfromheaven 0 points #1
Chapter 9: You know, I reread this again and when I reach this part about Lollipop lightstick and you combine that bubblegumpink + Sunshine Yellow color, this thing really get me really shock.
I know Ive read this before somewhere but I forgot when I saw TWICE'S LS for the first time, like WOAH.
Did JYP get inspired from your fic??
smilingsadpanda #2
Chapter 24: First time read it and fall for it hard...
Why my heart hurt a long with baek...
Baek here is sooooo cute...
AKextra123 #3
Chapter 7: I am so obsessed with this fic and the fluff and omg thank you for writing this beautiful story hahahaha~~
Nanchatte #4
Chapter 23: ITS BEEN SO LONG AND THIS IS PRPBS THE FIFTH TIME IM READING THIS BUT IM SO SLOW, I ONLY GOT PLAN A NOW WOW. My first thoughts were "He wants to give him a casting of his hands???" and "He wants to give him his own Do Kyungsoo casting???" Man I'm so slow.
neveen #5
Chapter 24: Best. Fanfic. Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kyaaaaaa its so amazing and so cute oh god i cant even *-*
wookiewindy #6
God,my heart is hurt because my baby baek is crying
Dump You giant potato Yoda
ChanBaekGarbage #7
Chapter 24: This was so good. And yes, you made me smile and laugh out loud (which probably made me look like a fool infront of my family, but who cares? THEY gave birth to me) and I assure u I will try to read the sequel. Is it even there? Anyway, in conclusion, this fanfic was................... given 199 point from 10 by yours-truly
CloudJewel_Lady #8
I saw baekhyun's standee on nature's republic and i somewhat suddenly miss this story, so imma read it again lol
ChanBaekGarbage #9
Chapter 19: I love your author'a notes. They are so original
zafizaf #10
Chapter 24: Ohmegosh I've read this story so many times and it still makes me cry every time, thank you so much.