Then Came You


Title: Then Came You

Pairing: Main!Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Kai/Kyungsoo (Luhan/Sehun, Tao/Kris, Suho/Lay, Xiumin/Chen)

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff

Length: Chaptered



Chanyeol's life was perfect until...



"And why would I let someone I don't even know move in with me?” he asked incredulously.

"Because I gave you my first kiss." Baekhyun answered.

"I didn't ask for it!" Chanyeol exclaimed, certain that he was blushing like a schoolgirl.



Then Byun Baekhyun comes along. Now everything's turned upside-down but he finds himself unwilling to let go.


Because, maybe, his life before Baekhyun wasn't so perfect after all.










Author's Note:


So guys! I’m back with a new chaptered fic. :D

And this time all my otps are here so this will most probably be a loooong one.

I am excited about this, I don’t even know why but I hope you will support this story as much as you did my earlier ones.

I felt it was time for me to make a lighter-themed fic so I came up with this. There would be some slight emotional drama (LOL) along the way but this would mostly be a kind of rom-com.

So yeah, all the characters will be introduced gradually so I hope for your patience and I’ll try to update as frequently as I can. I don't really want to outline everyone's character even before the story begins. Let's get to know all of them together, shall we? :D

Here’s to hoping everyone will like this!

Thanks guys!!! :D


PS. This fic would probably be every Korean drama/shoujo manga/romcom movie you have ever watched and read. LOL

and the awesomest posters ... thanks so so so much to timemachine and sae-unnie (the bully) for making this despite me being a demanding potato XD






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nutty_12 0 points #1
Call me weird but ive been reading this story every month nim pkease write more stories thank you so much
ashkhen #2
Chapter 24: Chapter 1-24: The story was so beautiful&loved all the moments.Baekyeol moments were special&loved how they dealt with each other.I loved how Nonna&grandmother thought Baekyeol were together when they saw them coming out of bedroom.It must've been hard for Chanyeol when he found out Baekhyun's past through Zitao.I love that they got through it& all the sorry's,funny moments they had.I loved how Chanyeol was getting jealous of Baekhyun&Jongin.Chanyeol had his eyes only for Baekhyun after realizing everything&same with Baekhyun.Their Christmas moment was beautiful.Their love was lovable, caring& understanding&went through the tears&troubles together.The relationship between Jongin&Kyungsoo was really cute but didn't mention it until later on.They had a special moment& couldn't be pleased more.It was really sad among Jongin&Baekhyun because they went through hardships of the parents dying in the same accident&didn't realize they were the son's that were left behind.Jongin&Kyungsoo were meant to be&all the things Kyungsoo thought about Jongin was with Sehun because of "Babe"& how Baek walking around together&the confusion got cleared up later on. DaeSeok was so called for. I was waiting until the day they kiss.I find it cute that Minseok kissed Jongdae&Jongdae kept saying "You kissed me"&Minseok literally went "Want to kiss again".THat part was sooo special and cute. Luhan&Sehun moments were hilarious.No matter how much Luhan felt about the pictures, talks they had, both of them fall for each other.I loved how Sehun wanted to see the real Luhan& the love moments. Junmyeon&Yixing's moment was really something.Especially how much they were bickering&got along fine later on in the story.They became a couple&Chanyeol saw through it. Let's talk about TaoRis.Tao saw Kris following him&confronted each other.It was a interesting relationship between those two.I loved how Kris only wanted Tao&confessed to him.
Chapter 24: i think its like my second or third time reading this, but everytime, the feelz r so fresh and it soo fjhdhdgjkhagj overdosed. srsly one of the best fics ever, and im glad it was one of my firsts!!! <3
Chibbypanda #4
Chapter 23: really beautiful story!!! i like it alot!!!! thank you authormin for such nice story!!! all pairings were so different and interesting!!!! like it alot!!!!!! <3
NootCabbage #5
Chapter 13: Ahhhhhhhh it's so cute when Baek calls Channie a Potato! (ㅇVㅇ)
rixxanna #6
Read this again for i dont know how many times already, but i never get tired of it. I just love every inch of this story!!!
vivinka #7
Hi ^^ i just want to say thank you for this amazing story... thank you very much for your hard work... gosh i am in love with this story <3 <3 <3
Change17 #8
Chapter 24: Soooo i read your story like a year ago and I just noticed that I never wrote a comment for you and that's a shame. So here I am xD
I really like this story (also 'cause it was one of my first english stories xD)
BaekYeol are so cute I love them (and all the sidecouples too >.< very much <3) the whole story from the first kind of random kiss to the hairy potato and the cute end *-* oh and really I was so so thankful towards you for the way you let baek overcome the fact that chanyeol payed his depts for him without him knowing. I was really scared that it would become a big drama so thank you for letting baek come back to chanyeol fast >.<
whatever I was really really happy that I found this story, so thank you for writing and sharing this amazing story I love every part of it! <3
ninzakin #9
I dont know how many time i read this fanfic... and its always get me.... i love the potato ajushi....
Vonnerrs #10