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Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Kai/Kyungsoo (Luhan/Sehun, Tao/Kris, Suho/Lay, Xiumin/Chen) others


Title: Then Came You

Pairing: Main!Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Kai/Kyungsoo (Luhan/Sehun, Tao/Kris, Suho/Lay, Xiumin/Chen)

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff

Length: Chaptered



Chanyeol's life was perfect until...



"And why would I let someone I don't even know move in with me?” he asked incredulously.

"Because I gave you my first kiss." Baekhyun answered.

"I didn't ask for it!" Chanyeol exclaimed, certain that he was blushing like a schoolgirl.



Then Byun Baekhyun comes along. Now everything's turned upside-down but he finds himself unwilling to let go.


Because, maybe, his life before Baekhyun wasn't so perfect after all.










Author's Note:


So guys! I’m back with a new chaptered fic. :D

And this time all my otps are here so this will most probably be a loooong one.

I am excited about this, I don’t even know why but I hope you will support this story as much as you did my earlier ones.

I felt it was time for me to make a lighter-themed fic so I came up with this. There would be some slight emotional drama (LOL) along the way but this would mostly be a kind of rom-com.

So yeah, all the characters will be introduced gradually so I hope for your patience and I’ll try to update as frequently as I can. I don't really want to outline everyone's character even before the story begins. Let's get to know all of them together, shall we? :D

Here’s to hoping everyone will like this!

Thanks guys!!! :D


PS. This fic would probably be every Korean drama/shoujo manga/romcom movie you have ever watched and read. LOL

and the awesomest posters ... thanks so so so much to timemachine and sae-unnie (the bully) for making this despite me being a demanding potato XD





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tsubakitheshawol () says:
Oh my god.. I really love this story
I read it again and again and I don't know what to say but I feel like I wanna scream. I really love Baekyeol!!

shrimpcrackaz () says about chapter 24:
This is my first time commenting on a fic, I'm usually a silent reader but I needed to tell you, how amazing this fic is and thank you for sharing it with us and writing something that gave me so many feels. I initially started reading this because I saw kaisoo was in it (they're my everything), but in the end, I ended up loving every single one of the characters in this story. This legitimately made me feel like I was watching a kdrama, but instead I was reading it. I caught myself screaming at my screen (ex. "OH HELL NO CHANYEOL COME ON NO"/ "OMG OMG OMG"/ *pulling my hair out* "JUST TELL HIM ALREADY"), saying all the things I would be typically saying watching a drama. You gave me the same satisfaction that I feel when I watch a really good kdrama with a really good ending (which is rare may I add) Your flow was great, I could picture everything perfectly, I pictured all of EXO in their respective positions and GAH. THANK YOU. This fic just made me so happy and if you've read this up till now, I'm sorry for basically wasting your time with my crazy feels. Again. Thank you. *throws you potatoes and hearts and fluffy things*

vanessatan1 () says about chapter 24:
Wohoo~~ author-nim!!! This is such a blast. Damn love your story^^

vanessatan1 () says about chapter 17:

mhavzzy () says about chapter 24:
Author this story is a jam packed! I really really love it! <3

kyran_bell () says about chapter 24:
hi author nim, i was wondering, is the pdf going to be posted soon? thanks :D

Baekyeolx61 () says about chapter 24:
This is the second time I've read this fic(I've never went back to read a fic for a second time before ;)) and I'm overwhelmed with feels again! I just really enjoy how I can picture every scene happening like I'm watching it as a legit drama before my eyes! Super super cute and humorous at the most appropriate times, definitely the best fluff chaptered fic ever!! (I only read fluff so yea this is my favourite no. 1 baekyeol fic!!) I'm really so grateful for this awesome piece of work, and I've read your other baekyeol stories too, none disappointed me! I really wish you'll do a chaptered fic again because I honestly feel that you write the best baekyeol chapters!! Thank you and great job once again!!:)

luchia1199 () says:
OH MY GOSH! AUTHOR-NIM YOU RUINED MY LIFE! I think I won't be able to live without this story! I soooooo loved it! That was the best ff I've ever read :3 Hope to read A LOT more of your works :) FIGHTING! <3

alittlefrazzled () says about chapter 24:
My ultimate fave chanbaek fic. I read this three times already.

hyuhyu () says about chapter 23:
Maybe it's just me but I cried during this chapter because Chanyeol is so sweet and ChanBaek perfect for each other <333333
You're so talented and I love this story, here is one upvote for you ^___^

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