Love Paradise


INFINITE || Albums

: The First Invasion album was released at 9 June 2010; ∞, Come Back Again, She's Back, Wings, Fixed Star, Entrust.

♠: The Evolution album was released at 6 January 2011; Evolution (intro), BTD (Before The Dawn), Hysterie, Can U Smile, Voice of My Heart, I Don't Know.

♥: The Inspirits album was released at 17 March 2011; Nothing's over, Shot, Can U Smile Remake.

♦: The Over The Top album was released at 21 July 2011; Over the Top (intro), Be Mine, 1/3, Tic Toc, Julia, Because (Sunggyu solo), Time (Woohyun solo), Amazing, Crying (Infinite H feat Baby Soul), Real Story.

☻: The Paradise album was released at 26 September 2011; Over the Top (intro), Be Mine, Paradise, Cover Girl, 1/3, Tic Toc, Julia, Because (Sunggyu Solo), Time (Woohyun solo), Amazing, Crying (Infinite H feat Baby Soul), Real Story, Be Mine Remix Version.





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lee_eunsook #1
Thank you for this ♥♥♥
Zeloismyboyfriend #2
Zelooooo...I really match u, isn't it?*pout at zelo*
Chapter 24: Love that. He gives less attention to Ren and he never pays attention to the other members when they talk to him. LOL!
Chapter 22: I would love to hear D.O's English accent.
Chapter 19: It's always good when the groups don't consider each other rivals. I hate to hear that, because you're in a business that you love and to have a rival means that you don't care much about them. I think ALL groups love and respect each other and I like that about them.
Chapter 17: Wow, interesting. Hoya likes to watch English movies without subtitles, and Woohyun likes to watch Korean movies with English subtitles. That's awesome.
Simply_Jinhee #7
omg my teentop feels ;)
NUESTvip #8
Chapter 32: Oh my gosh this is actually my ideal first date xD
theNSO #9
Omo , Minhyunnie , we are so alike :)
nightStar #10
Love u.. L.Joe ^^