Open Space


Pairing: Minho x Taemin 

Words: 1, 727

Rating: NC-17



Taemin looked at Minho and saw it in his eyes, he could sense it. This wasn’t any normal staring contest. They weren’t talking but they were sending messages to each other; hazel brown eyes to hazel brown eyes they were passing messages in secrecy through lust-filled eyes. Heart racing inside of his suit, Taemin reached up to fidget with the oxygen tubing that snuck its way into his dome helmet.

They were two astronauts looking at each other but not being able to touch, their uniforms something out of a storybook and all too constricting for Taemin’s liking. Even if he tried to touch him, it wasn’t the same; they’d be separated between layers and layers of protective material. As the desire grew more and more he began to wonder what was more important: breathing or feeling Minho’s skin beneath the pads of his fingertips.


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nyarth #1
Chapter 1: nana u aintbe ruining ma theng, im skipping the ending lol
kittyhun #2
this is very well written ;u; and the ending aSDFGJKL
AffxtedShawol #3
Chapter 1: ah this is so sweet i liked it ;; the last line ♡
Happy_Limbless #4
Oooh, it was trippy and romantic in such a space age type of way :3
babyshinee #5
Nice one! ;)
lemonie_sickness #6
I too, love the last line. <3
princess_kim #7
xDDDD I love the last line xDDDDDD

Awesome story^^ Love it~~ <3
aiskuriimu #8
can i just congratulate you on your marvelous writing with this one.. ! truly, this was beautiful and totally original, very very creative and captivating.
i just lovelovelove reading fics like this.. oh i can't even say how much i likes this..........and i'm not even fangirl crazy about 2min or anything of the sort
and oh the last line made my heart skip a beat <33