EXO's Chat Room!


All 12 of the EXO boys have created user accounts and are chatting to one another online! You have been invited to read on their funny, sweet and interesting conversations :D


A/N:  Hi everyone! This is just another fun fic with all of the EXO boys. Just like MSN Messenger, Nate or any other chat service, conversations among the members will be recorded as well as conversations with other idols too!  I might also include games later on but let's see how this goes! :D

** Check out the Chat Room 'Facts', click here! **

Disclaimer: this fanfiction is purely a work of the author's imagination. Names were borrowed off celebrities but the characters do not reflect the celebrity, their lives or their family and friends. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Plagerism or redistribution is strictly prohibited without the written consent of lycheeroses (author).


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Chapter 29: please update! TT
FxAmberRocks #2
Chapter 9: My Username is FxAmberRocks
suzicake #3
Chapter 9: Well this is strange.
JNekoCY #4
Chapter 15: I laugh so hard when Lay posted that scary red clown...and D.O was lyk"lay wtf are you doing"...XD and chaos afterward.Mannn that is so lyk what Lay would do,messing up,and scaring the child away in the process.Thats just too funny.
hellomynameissimon #5
These are so funny!
Bubbaboo #6
Chapter 17: இдஇ。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。(╥﹏╥)٩(ŏ﹏ŏ、)۶(T_T) omg..the pain..i'm feeling it...
Bubbaboo #7
Chapter 9: ROFL*

omg. and again nooooo. i cant date 凡凡! lol! He's a walking Tea Egg!
Bubbaboo #8
Chapter 5: lol. re-reading this fic again ! and seriously..it still makes me laugh, i really can't hold it in!

oh and Mochi flavored icecream(a limited haagen dazs flavour) does exist! lol. and it tastes awesome! ;D
Chapter 9: I saw my username and legit shrieked because I was not expecting it and now I'm shook.