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EXO's Chat Room!


All 12 of the EXO boys have created user accounts and are chatting to one another online! You have been invited to read on their funny, sweet and interesting conversations :D


A/N:  Hi everyone! This is just another fun fic with all of the EXO boys. Just like MSN Messenger, Nate or any other chat service, conversations among the members will be recorded as well as conversations with other idols too!  I might also include games later on but let's see how this goes! :D

** Check out the Chat Room 'Facts', click here! **

Disclaimer: this fanfiction is purely a work of the author's imagination. Names were borrowed off celebrities but the characters do not reflect the celebrity, their lives or their family and friends. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Plagerism or redistribution is strictly prohibited without the written consent of lycheeroses (author).


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chivycaf #1
Chapter 5: Chapter 5: getting shock when i read chivycaf, that's my id line.. LOL
ielsky #2
Chapter 2: Hey! Pls write more!like lots of them! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Babygotswirls #3
Chapter 6: Omg can I join this? *grabs popcorn*
coolmage30 #4
Chapter 9: OMG!! that's my username!!! >w< I'm famous here dude
ceyewhh #5
Chapter 9: LOL That's my username:D This FF is a lot of fun:33 My asdfghjklcutie chanyeol:333
RuthMusicFan123 #6
Chapter 9: So I'm just happily reading this fanfic and then BOOM! 'RuthMusicFan123' appears
My heart literally stopped when I read my username XD
anna_lulu #7
Chapter 14: Chapter 14 : i love baekyeol in this chapter. love it so much. How cute baekhyunnie. He likes the ship.
auntumndreamer #8
Chapter 3: Ouch lovely chanbaek <3
auntumndreamer #9
auntumndreamer #10
Chapter 1: Maybe, tao is duizhang weakness :3