when the hour hand is up

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Luhan can tell when a person is dying. It's more of an intuition. It makes him ill when he touches that person. And then, everyone notices when he starts avoiding physical contact with Yixing. 




Luhan can tell when a person is dying.


It is not really a power. Eventhough his family is typical conservative Chinese; Luhan is not particularly superstitious. He thinks it is intuition, just like how some people can tell when it will rain. 




Suddenly it feels like the bottom of his stomach gave way. His friend gives him a weird expression and asks him if he feels alright.




“Don’t cry,” Tao says.



Luhan cries harder. 



It still feels like someone has punched his gut and stomped all over his body. He aches to his bones. Yixing puts an arm around Luhan and Luhan cringes and he knows




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bigredbeezus #1
Chapter 13: I cried so hard at this story. I am so not usually a cry-baby, and you just ugh. Hit me in my feels.
Beautiful story. Sickeningly beautiful. It felt so real. The imagery as written. Gosh.
nice ♡
nice (‘∀’●)♡
Chapter 13: I'm here to say that this story is a masterpiece and thank you for writing it <33
chipmae #5
wait how did baekhyun die? If i didnt miss anything out, luhan and yixing didnt feel anything when they touched baekhyun so why would baekhyun die? i am in shock bcos baekhyun is totally unexpected. Im sorry but can someone explain if theres any foreshadowing in the fic abt baeks death or was it totally out of the blue?
chipmae #6
Chapter 11: sehun....and....luhan...died????????????????????

im in shock
chipmae #7
Chapter 8: omg that poor boy omg
chenenxin #8
Chapter 13: I have to say this is just amazing
Chapter 13: Wow. My heart has definitely become unbelievably soft now. I barely remember starting this story about.... 2 years ago? And idk what happened, but i didn't finish it, eventually forgot the title and everything faded away. Came upon this one again from a great fic recommendation page, and once i got that feeling of deja-vu from the first chapter, i knew that this time, I'd definitely read the entire thing properly.
And I'm just blown away. It was written in such a simple manner, with an amazing plot, and intricately woven ending. I loved all the tiny little details that you put in everywhere, the great characterization, the overall intimacy with the story was beautiful.
Thank you so much for writing this!
I hope you have a great day <3
45 streak #10
Fck. Do u know how much i had been digging for this? I searched for like 123456789 yrs to see this gold again and lo and behold, i finally found it. This is still one of the best exo stories i have ever read