Silver Heart

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I hate him. Or at least I think I do. It's as if he has some pull over me that I can't deny, and I can do nothing but stand there as he tears down my walls. He's not real, I try to convince myself. So why does my heart insist otherwise?



Hello! New story. Super excited for this one.

First and foremost, this is a story in which Luhan is a robot. I personally dislike  sci-fi, and if you're like me and don't like that genre, I hope you will give this story a chance. I promised myself I'd branch out and explore new things. Haha.

This will be different from my other stories. The girl's POV will be labelled as Entries, and Luhan's POV will be labelled as Logs. Example: Entry 1, Log 2, Entry 3, etc. This is so that I can acheive a better, all-around narration for this story.

The main plot is that the girl lives in a dystopian world where technological advances have encouraged the citizens of the Regions - specifically, the Argent Region - to purchase a type of robot called EXONs. Although the girl and her mother don't need these workers to do slavish jobs, they buy one anyway. The girl, whose heart is hardened towards these particuar creatures, finds that Luhan, a boy who techincally isn't real, has more life to him than she's ever had.


Additional Note: For the record, this fanfic is NOT inspired by Absolute Boyfriend. 

Inspiration was taken from a book I read in high school ... called 'Incarceron'. It was fantasy/sci-fi. I found it fascinating. And this fanfic is also inspired by Ephemeral, my own fanfic.


(Thank you to this person for the gorgeous poster)

There will be a sequel to this story, please anticipate it.

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Pfmlty #1
You did a really good job of crafting the atmosphere. It felt suffocating the whole time, and in the best way possible. I really, really hope that the road to publishing goes well for you.
early2110 #2
Chapter 29: best sci-fi story i've ever read so far.. thank you :D
This story is beautiful and heart warming
Missmaya #4
Chapter 4: Good so far (^~^)
chkhtsuju #5
It was beautiful ! Thank you
suhohubby #6
Chapter 24: I swear I died when I read that confession scene
Chapter 29: what the hell!!
i hate the ending ugh!!
i expected more of this story
Chapter 29: :(
Avocadoz #10
Chapter 29: Noo:((( the ending make me want cry