Matoki Planet




Matoki is a peaceful planet and protecting it is General Yongguk and his soldiers of war. 




Yongguk – General – loves violence but has a soft spot for his friends and Jieun – acting leader

Himchan – General – follows Hyosung’s commands no matter what – joker

Daehyun – Solider #1– Mute – very observant - smart

Youngjae – Solider #2– the brain of many operations - clumsy

Jongup – Solider #3 - strongest among the members – outgoing

Zelo –Yongguk’s personal servant – robot – very loyal to Yongguk - naïve

Hyosung – Commander of Matoki – Speaker for the President – loud

Jieun – Princess – loves Yongguk - shy

Zinger – mother figure – peacemaker – President of Matoki

Sunhwa – Daehyun’s sister – nice but can be selfish – Female Solider – so – called Head of the Soldiers 


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kimeunsoo #1
Chapter 19: Woah, DaeHyo have two children! Cuteee~ Sungwoo and jisung ><
& I love the ending, srsly. A great story, dear! ^^
kimeunsoo #2
Chapter 18: It's funnny, really. Zelo~~ why are you so.. *shook my head* Anyway, it's nice :)
kimeunsoo #3
Chapter 17: Aahhh! So everyone has their own pairings now. DaeHyo were so cuuttee >< Yeayy, they'll be a parents :D
kimeunsoo #4
Chapter 15: Somehow I love this chapter. Dunno. Hyosung~ she really is tough. And yeah, that's why she could be a commander! XD
kimeunsoo #5
Chapter 12: Re-read this chapter and somehow I feel anger toward youngjae. Aissh, that guy :3
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 19: i want sequel of himchan and sunhwa! i love himhwa couplee!!~ :")
Chapter 19: I wish a sequel
I'm reading this many time but never ge bored especially hyosung and daehyun part
daesung/hyohyun couple is so cute
This was so good, I love the ending its so cute haha
Funny ending ~ :D
awwwww soo cuteeee <3<3<3<3<3