Wo Ai Ni

The Bittersweet Deal
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Kris and Jungah were sitting on the couch facing each other.

No words were spoken. Comfortable silence fell over the room.

They sat in the comfortable atmosphere just gazing at each other. They had been apart for far too long.

Kris searched Jungah’s facial features, and his heart became peaceful at once. *It’s only been one week since I’ve last seen you. Yet, it feels like years to me. When you were gone, time wouldn’t move. There was no purpose for me to be at school. There was no reason for me to smile. What do I do? I can’t seem to be content anymore without seeing you. What have you done to me, Han Jungah? You turned me into a completely useless, lovestruck fool.*

Jungah stared at his handsome, sharp face. Her heart fell full and content once again. She had been restless during the Jeju trip, but now she really felt at home.

A stray hair fell across her eyes.

Kris sat up, propped his elbow on top of the couch, and rested his cheek on his knuckles. Tentatively, he reached out and brushed her hair away from her face. The back of his fingers grazed her cheek, and it flushed automatically at his touch.

Jungah became puzzled by her mysterious reaction to his touches. *That’s strange. I only act like this around Zico. But this is Kirs. Not Zico…* Her stomach did a small flip-flop.

“What are you thinking about?” Kris asked. He was genuinely curious of what was going on through her complex, intricate mind.

Jungah lightly shrugged, “Nothing.” She rested her right shoulder against the sofa and leaned her head against the cool leather. She couldn’t prop up her elbow like Kris because her arm was broken. *Damn arm. I can’t do the simplest things.* Jungah fidgeted nonstop because of the awkward position.

Kris slowly straightened up. He searched her actions and realized she was uncomfortable.

Jungah blew a frustrated breath and just plunked her head back down on the sofa. *Whatever. I give up.*

Suddenly, Kris reached his hand out towards her. Jungah gave him a confused, inquiring look. He slipped his hand between her head and the couch and scooted closer. Her eyebrows pinched together in uncertainty. *What is he trying to do?* Carefully, he propped his elbow on the sofa and lifted her head up so that he was holding her head up. Her eyes softened in understanding. *He’s trying to be my right arm so that he can hold my head up.*

“Better?” Kris whispered as he gazed deeply into her eyes.

Slowly, Jungah nodded. “But my head is heavier than the average person’s.” She tried to sit up, but he laid her head back on his palm. “I can manage.”

Jungah shrugged, but her heart was pounding louder than ever, “Suit yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

It was silent again. Then abruptly, Kris asked, “Why did you do it?”

“Do what?” Jungah asked.

“Protect me.” He stated. She dropped her gaze to the floor. “I honestly…don’t know. At that time, I thought it was right.”

After a long pause, she continued, “But if I had to go back in time…I would do it again without a doubt.”

Kris stared at her in surprise. Jungah shifted her gaze back up to his face and spoke wholeheartedly, “If I hadn’t gone to the hospital, you surely would have. I’m not afraid of Wonsuk, but he’s capable of a lot. If you fight him without knowing what he’s really like, you could get into big trouble. He could really hurt you.”

Kris searched her eyes. “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” He whispered lowly.

“I do.” Jungah refuted. Kris blinked in surprise.

She continued, “You’re capable of driving a million-dollar sportscar and living in a high class condo. That’s a pretty big deal when you go to BS High.” His eyes softened at her little joke.

Kris took the hand of her broken arm. “You would still defend me even if you know the consequences of receiving a mangled arm?”

“Better me than you.” Jungah said without thinking.

He stared at her with unreadable eyes. She realized what she had just said. *Am I insane or what?! God, you stupid Han Jungah.* She tried to assuage the damaged situation. “I mean, you’re all wealthy and , right? I bet your parents would flip when they saw you in the hospital. They would probably sue the school, and that wouldn’t be good because I need to ing graduate in time…”

Suddenly, an annoying buzzing pain swelled from her broken arm. Jungah placed her hand over her injured arm and winced. *Damn. It’s time for my pain killers.*

“Does it hurt?” Kris asked.

“Not really.” Jungah looked around for her bag. She reached out, grabbed it, and ped the front pouch. She pulled out the bottle of white pills.

Kris raised an eyebrow, “It doesn’t hurt, and yet you’re taking painkillers?”

Jungah didn’t reply. She was about to get water, but he held her down.

“I’ll get water for you.” Kris got up and left. He went into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Kris turned to go but came to an abrupt stop when he saw a picture of Zico and Jungah on the freezer. He was standing behind her with his arms draped across her shoulders. His hands were making cute peace signs as he gave the camera a lop-sided grin. Her arms were crossed, and she wasn’t smiling, but her eyes were shining.

*This guy is everywhere.* Kris thought with a pang of envy.

Kris headed back out to the living room. Jungah sat up and accepted the water bottle. She took a couple pills and downed them with water. Jungah set the water and medicine on the coffee table. She rested her head back on the sofa and exhaled.

Kris sat down next to her and slipped his hand back under the side of her head.

Jungah shifted her gaze upwards to his face. *His hand is so big and cold. Zico’s hands are always so warm. But his is cold like ice…like mine. It feels nice.* She dropped her gaze and slowly blinked as she let the painkillers sedate her.

Kris examined her face with apprehension. He wished he could be the one suffering instead. He would sacrifice himself for her any day. “I’m sorry. You’re in pain because of me.” Kris whispered.

Jungah slowly blinked at him. Her eyelids were heavy with sleep now. “Don’t…be such a…cocky . My world…doesn’t…revolve…around you…” With that, she drifted off to a painless, numbing slumber.

Kris intently searched her face and whispered, “Mine does. Starting from one random day, you became my life. Everything I do, I want to do it for you now.”

When he heard her even breaths, he pulled his hand away from her face, and her head rolled forwards.

Kris placed his hands underneath her knees and back and lifted her up. He carried her feathery body into her bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. Kris pulled the blanket over her and fixed her fragile arm over an extra cushion. His eyes skimmed over her sleeping figure. *She looks so innocent right now. How can she look like Sleeping Beauty when she’s sleeping, but once she wakes up, she becomes a fierce warrior?* He shook his head with a small, favorable smirk. His eyes softened when he heard her whimper once.

Kris reached out and pushed a loose strand of her black hair out of her face. He tucked it behind her ear and lowered his lips to meet her forehead. It was just a simple kiss on the forehead, but he felt as if all of his insides had ignited on fire.

Kris pulled back, opened his eyes, and gazed at her face. *Han Jungah, wo ai ni.*

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nfs_95 0 points #1
Chapter 77: why?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Niho16 0 points #2
Chapter 77: Omg why why, why must they die :(
But still loved your story, especially with the plot twist at the end. I really didn't expect it.
normalgirl 0 points #3
Chapter 77: Whyyyyy..... since she discovered kris and am holding my breath... i think they should reward you author nim for that hahahha must of your stories are hold breathing... but I don't regret reading them:)
Keep going author nim you have all my support
0 points #4
OHMYGOD!! This is like my gangs bible from years ago! And I must say this story is like one of the things that got me into aff (and also making gang au my favorite!) I remember checking a few months ago but couldn't find this ㅠㅠ
I can't believe it just got featured now?
Anyway I will be rereading this and I'm gonna bask on the feels lmao
loveyellowxoxo 0 points #5
Chapter 75: First Zico's death made me cry and I cried so much I'm not even flinching when Jungha dies?? But this is brutally sad like this fic is the angsty shiz. My lord I feel so depressed like Kris lost his love, Jaehyo his sister. FLUBBERING DUCKS THIS IS SO SAD
Sweetart 0 points #6
Awe the last few chapters got me so emotional T^T
pathless 0 points #7
karden_bhutia 0 points #8
Chapter 67: I'm a hard core Kris wu's fan..but I fell in love with jaehyo and zico...you are soo sweet and selfless..be a lil selfish and make some move..and Yi fan..don't cry baby..everything is gonna be all right ..great story author nim!
lufanfan 0 points #9
Chapter 77: this isn't even second lead syndrome because he wasn't technically a lead but this story seriously has me effed up in my jaehyo feels
0 points #10
I am impressed, I'm going to have to check out more of your writing because this really brought it home. My heart is going to need some time to heal, sad love story though. Love Kris but Zico love was the best, pure and beautiful to beautiful.