The Bittersweet Deal
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It was Saturday night. For the rest of the week, Kris had not come to school. He hadn’t even contacted her.

That just doubled her misery.

Jungah was alone in her apartment curled up on the sofa with her arms around her legs. She couldn’t face the courage to go see Zico. She was still upset that he had called her his sister in front of Kris. Yet, she was even more perturbed that she had told him that she hated him when it was the complete opposite.

With a depressed sigh, Jungh rested her chin on her knees and stared blankly ahead of her.

*Why did things have to turn out this way?*

In the midst of her thoughts, someone rang her doorbell.

Jungah snapped out of her thoughts and lifted her chin up. There was a gentle tap on the door. *Who can it be?* Jungah got up and lithely walked towards the door with caution. She peeked through the hole, and her eyes widened. *Zico?*

Zico knocked again, “I know you’re in there, Jungah. Do I have to use my extra key?”

Jungah began to panic. *! I didn’t know he was coming! How am I supposed to act around him now?!* First, she took a deep breath. Then with a calm, collective expression, she opened the door.

Zico slowly shifted his gaze to meet her eyes. A small, meek smile appeared on his face. “Hey.”

Jungah just blinked at him.

“May I come in?” He asked.

Jungah hesitated momentarily. A part of her wanted to slam the door in his face and never let him in again. However, the bigger, stronger part of her longed to see him again. With a heavy sigh, Jungah opened the door wider.

“Thanks.” Zico stepped inside.

Jungah shut the door and shuffled inside with a slight frown.

Zico looked around, “Did you eat dinner yet?”

*Do you think I can stuff my face with food after all that has happened this week?* Jungah thought.

“I knew you didn’t. That’s why…TA-DA!” Zico swung out a bag that he had hidden from your view. “I brought sushi for you!” He gleefully smiled.

Jungah dismally gazed at him. *How can you act so happy when I’m breaking like this?*

“You can leave it there.” She said.

“But I brought two packs!” Zico placed the bag on the table and took out the boxes of colorful sushi. “I thought we could eat dinner like we always do on Saturday nights! You can’t break tradition!”

*I wish I could.* Jungah desolately thought.

Zico noticed that she wasn’t agreeing. His face fell. *She’s still down about Monday. I wish we could rewind time, but it’s too late. The damage is done. I never knew it would hurt her so much.* Zico placed the sushi on the table and approached her with a guilt-ridden sigh, “Jungah.”

She looked up at him. *Please don’t keep insisting that I’m still your stepsister, or I’ll really go crazy.*

Zico reached down and took her hand. He gazed into her eyes with sincerity. “Mianhae.”

Jungah blinked in surprise.

“You’re right. It was rude of me to call myself your brother in front of your friend.” Zico said.

She yanked away with a dark scowl, “He isn’t my friend. And you are-“

“Not your biological brother. I know. I am your stepbrother.” Zico said.

Jungah glared at him, “You mean was. When will you get it through your head that the link that brought us together has now died?”

“Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. The idea of having me as a brother must be disturbing.” Zico stated.

*That’s an understatement.* Jungah thought.

“I mean, come on. Why would you want a goofy drug dealer as your brother? Such a shame. If anyone was thought to be your brother, it would be Jaehyo hyung. Both of you have the same mean expressions and could harm someone more with words than with your punches.” Zico joked.

Jungah shot him a look to shut up. *This situation is not humorous at all.*

Zico got the hint, and his face softened. He stepped closer, “Look, Jungah, I’ll apologize a thousand times if I have to. I’m sorry. I had no right to do that to you on Monday.” Jungah raised an eyebrow, “You mean it?”

Zico solemnly nodded, “I do. I promise that I will never reveal our past relationship to anyone else without your consent.”

“You swear you won’t call yourself my stepbrother either?” Jungah questioned.

Zico paused for a couple seconds then nodded, “Araso. I won’t say I am in front of anyone else.”

*That’s not what I meant, but whatever. Good enough, I guess.* “Fine.” Jungah huffed.

Zico brightened, “So you’ll forgive me.” Jungah stiffly nodded.

“Thank you!” Zico wanted to hug her, but it would just make things more awkward. “So…shall we eat?” He asked.

“Sure…you didn’t eat though?” She asked.

“Nah. The boys are having ramen. I’m glad you didn’t come over today, or we would be stuck with B-Bomb hyung’s ramen skills. Blech.” Zico shuddered. He opened the sushi boxes and broke a pair of wooden chopsticks. “Sit.” Zico nodded to a seat.

Jungah sat down. Zico sat across from her.

He rubbed the chopsticks then handed them to her. She accepted them and poured soy sauce into a small dish.

“Yum! Thank you for the food!” Zico shouted. “You . You bought the food.” Jungah said, entertained.

“Well thank you Zico for the food.” He chomped on a piece of tuna. She shook her head and tried to hide the smile curling on her lips.

Zico stopped eating and glanced at her. He saw her smile, and it felt like the sun had broken in through the clouds. His heart grew warm, and he affectionately smiled at her. *This is the best moment when it’s just you and me.*

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Ckykok #1
Chapter 19: omg thankyou for putting it back author-nim! i read it back then in highschool and now i'm already writing on my undergraduate thesis
AnitaSA #2
Chapter 77: I actually subscribe this story from a long time...I rarely open up my aff acc....and its already completed...I spent lots of tissue while reading the sad chapters...it really tore my heart...I was so inti the story. YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB AUTHOR NIM I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! xoxo
AnitaSA #3
Chapter 77: I actually subscribe this story from a long time...I rarely open up my aff acc....and its already completed...I spent lots of tissue while reading the sad chapters...it really tore my heart...I was so inti the story. YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB AUTHOR NIM I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! xoxo
Ygdexo #4
Swpsndiwn T.T this was so sad ;A; I keep coming back to read this whyyy. Zico and her didnt even find out about their feeling for each other in the end *sobs*
mylovejj #5
Chapter 77: OMGG This is the best story I rede so far ..I cant beleive all the characters died..this story made me laught, cry and happy..thank u author-nim
BakaKristin #6
Chapter 77: Wow. This is an amazing story. And this story really made me realize that not ALL stories end with a happy ending. Really great job!
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 77: I REALLY hate sad endings author nim. And the fact that I thought this story will end up with a happy ending which it didn't.... makes my heartache. Nevertheless... You really did a really good job making me as your reader feel so much emotions while reading this.
munaali #8
Chapter 21: it's a real greet story ^^
Yuki2591 #9
Chapter 77: This is one of the most amazing story I've ever read~! I loved it but hate the fact that all three main characters had to die in the end T.T i was hoping for a happy ending! ~ but overall i loved it! Thanks for writing such an amazing story ♥
LittleSunny #10
Chapter 51: can't get over both the happiness and sadness of this fic even finishing this fic for long time ~
It is tragic yet unique n special <3 with wondeful n amazing characters. I cherish it alot <3<3
author-nim, you are so amazing :) <3 <3