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2 Worlds, 2 life, 1 Love


"I think I fallen in love with you,"

These words kept on repeating again and again in Chanyeol's mind.


~* Author's Note *~

Hey there my lovely readers! This is author Miku :3 So, yeap you guess it, this is an epilogue/ sequeal for "Into Your World" since I received about 4/5 % comments stating they want a sequeal.

And as a token of my appreciation to all of Into Your World's commentars and subscribers, I decided to make another one-shot sequeal for you :)

Sorry I can't make it chaptered, but hey! I am going to make a new chaptered fiction of Krisyeol very soon!

So basically, just a small note; This story will be fast forward, meaning it is after Kris's confession.

Lastly before I am done with my author's note, I just want to say thank you to all Into your world's readers, and also, 

Do subscribe and comment if you interested ^^ you might never knew, I'll make more surprise gifts for you ;)


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boothesoo #1
Chapter 1: My one and only ship Krisyeol ToT
This iss so beautiful
Thank you :)
exo_fanfan #2
Chapter 1: OMO! KRISYEOL IS JUST TOO CUTE~~ Kamsahamnida, author-nim ^^... KRISYEOL FOREVER! :D
smokyjasmine #3
Chapter 1: I wonder what would happen if Sehun found out Luhan called him a rapist and Luhan found out Sehun called him a pedo.
Chanyeolie #4
Chapter 1: aigoo so cute
prisho #5
Chapter 2: Did you delete or change the title of the story 'Is This the Reality U Want?'? Cos I can't seem to find it ):
Japanda #6
omo i could sense something suspicious from hunhan and it turns out true, those little devils hehehehe <3 i love the story so nice~
k8tunnie #7
give me 5 minutes sobbing over this beautiful story
gosh I love you author-ssi >3<
bluedragon #8
Oh gosh, I just had tears swelling in my eyes. I'm not even joking.
This is beautiful. So beautiful that it made me feel so warm inside.
It makes me believe in KRISYEOL even more.
Thank you for writing this. Hwaiting~
lily191 #9
wowh... speechless... I need more tissue... It's make my heart shake... So sweet and I need better word or maybe I need to make new word to express my feeling... SWEET COUPLE EVER... KRISYEOL
justkeepitjuicybaby_ #10