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Dream Boy


After living through a long year without parents, Hyemi has always wanted a boyfriend. Or at least fall in love with her dream guy who will care about her more than her parents did.

One of her best friend, who is a guy, introduces her to his 11 friends. And out of those 11 friends of his, she feels as if one of them is her dream boy. And he's unexpected. No one dares to be near him, nor fall in love with him. Probably because he's the coldest out of the 12. But what happens when Hyemi becomes close to him? What's his dream girl?


you (kang hyemi); a loyal girl, whose parents left a year before her graduation. Highly educated until parents left. Only has one best friend, Chanyeol.



suho; A sweet, kind gentlemen.
kai; A child-like teen who loves video games.
chanyeol; Your best friend who's kind and smart and loves ramen.
baekhyun; Cold, mean towards others. Had a dog who is his "best friend"
tao; Very quiet, can be a gentlemen at times.
chen; A gentlemen, but flirty.
kris; Shy and funny, loves to be with his family.
do; Quiet, mysterious but flirty.
luhan; Cute, hyper,  can be flirty.
lay; Least talkitive. Loves to dance.
xiumin; A hamster like boy. Steals girls hearts with his dancing skills.
sehun; Uber tall to be a maknae, loves to dance and drinks tea. Says he can be a maknae "if" he wants to.


hyemi's list of her perfect dream boy;

♦001} Handsome
♦002} Caring, if he's cold-hearted, I want to change him in to the person who he should really be.
♦003} Smart
♦004} A gentlemen
♦005} Have a beautiful voice when he sings
♦006} Tells me that he loves me and will never leave me

Title: Dream Boy
Main characters: Kang Hyemi (OC), Baekhyun (EXO)
Minor characters: Rest of EXO members, fictional characters
Main song: Beast - Hateful Person

Poster and background: Double D™
Character chart: 
❝ ᴍᴏᴏɴsᴛʀᴜᴄᴋ ❞ ❊
Chapter banner: Chrissiishx3 @ ☆ALL-STARS☆ Creations

Started: 120330
Ended: 120421
Sequel: Perfect Man
**Story was featured in Double D™. (124007 - 120607)


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IAmSoMi #1
Hehe ♥ came from Pandora ^^
I loved your writing skilled btw,
jinyounglove #2
Chapter 20: can't stop smiling hehe.....i really love this chapter
eiyrra_tao #3
This ff is daebak.... I hope u'll make another amazing of story.... Anyway Hwaiting!!!!
hahiho96 #4
Chapter 35: Wohoooo... Finally i read this ff in oneshoot, and do u know?? Now is 2am in my country, but still i have urge to finish this ff. Kkkk~………… wohooo love the story, love the grumpy bacon, love the cheerfull hyemi, love the oh se-dumb (lol) , and love the other characters in this story. Wohoo i love u too authornim, thanks for the beautiful story :)
vitey_sanhong #5
Chapter 25: weeehhh.... finally i can read the fiction what i want is like ur write,, thx for your story,, big thx from me.
vitey_sanhong #6
Chapter 2: best story ever!!!
syazwanok #7
Chapter 35: chapter 35:awwww... so sweet
dawningmoon #8
Chapter 2: It's kind of weird reading how OOC their character personalities are lol. Lay is so gentle, and Kai doesn't do cute things. And Chanyeol is so calm! It's an interesting change though.
aihara_namika #9
Chapter 29: Ho dare you Hyuna!!! (ok, i'm being emotional again) go Bacon!!!! >>.<<
aihara_namika #10
Chapter 23: Chaemi as the cupid >.< so cute. at first,i thought she likes Baekhyun too. but she wants Baekhyun be happy :)