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We only take requests for 2NE1BANG pairings. However, we do not accept any Daragon, Skytempo or Tabisan requests.

We are not against any of them but we do avoid them.









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Please do read all of our rules before you request for anything!

1. Subscribe before or after requesting for our service.

2. Provide valid story link(s) and make sure you spell everything right.

3. You cannot request if you already have a poster for your story.

[if the poster is your own creation, this rule will not be valid]

4. Do not request from us if you have done so in another shop, and likewise, vice versa.

[if we get complaints, you will be blacklisted here]

5. The character limit is four.

[please do not include too many characters in your request because it would be hard to include them all in one tiny poster]

6. If you want to cancel your request, please do it within two days after you request.

[please tell it directly to the owners and not the designers]

7. If you have changed your story title or your username, please let us know as well.

[we will not be redoing because of this]

8. Please provide HD photo links. At least 500px x 500px.

[we will reject your request if you do not provide any photos]

[selcas/photos with cut off heads are not allowed. we will change them if they affect the edits]

9. Please do inform us on any changes or additional touch-ups for your posters before we complete them and post them up here.

[requests for redoes for this will not be accepted]

10. Always remember to credit.

[we want our shop name and link on your story's description; the designer's username should be there too]

11. We only accept five requests at a time.

12. You will also be blacklisted if you do not use the poster we have made for you.

13. Please comment if you have submitted a request form AND if you have picked up your poster.

14. Lastly, our password is TOPBOMLOVE.




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We need authors! [Except for Topbom and Skydragon!]

- We are no longer hiring graphic designers as all of the spots have been filled in.

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I'm sorry, I requested a poster for a pairing that you guys don't accept xDD haha, I'm really sorry for that, how idiotic of me! Thank you though.
Lyca_Myx #2
Chapter 11: okok...i can't watch the thing itsays it's not found can u pls post the link again??!! pls!!
Chapter 3: woaaaaaa , you were good in editing ! good jobb friendd :)
Chapter 40: OMGG <333 cece dongseng, once again, ur graphics are the bomb-diggity ^^ <--awk haha but great job girl, and greatest luck with skool!
BJay2NE1 #5
Chapter 40: Wah... nice!! I love the colours!!
wow! it's so pretty~ kekeke. I totally love it!
Will make sure I credit it! kekeke.
thank you ChocoPanda
I love the background, it's not too plain at all, sometimes simplicity is the best way to go ;)
Thank you JAYlene =D
Hello, wow! I love it! It looks really good :) I'll add it into the story when I get on laptop, I'm currently on phone so it's hard to do it now. Thank you, really. Thank you chartreuse! :) I'll be sure to come back again and to credit you guys. xx
The poster is great, thank you so much ^^