February 14, 2012

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AFTERNOON: 4:30 pm

Dear Diary,

Good afternon~! I left early at school because I was upset! I didn't have enough courage to give him anything this Valentines. Speaking of Valentines, Happy Valentines Day diary! haha. I was kind of happy because at least he didn't give anything to a girl. Guess what? I receive 2 roses from Yonghwa oppa and 3 chocolate bars (THAT ARE MY FAVORITE!) from Junsu oppa. Junsu oppa, I don't really like him because sometimes he is too full of pride and he think I like him. That guy feels too much. Aigoo~ why can't Kyuhyun oppa like me instead of those two? Well, I'm not trying to be mean but I do appreciate how they admire me. Guess what diary? My whole classmates know who my crush is now! I hope this doesn't spread out. I wonder which one spread the word? Sungmin? or my SNSD bffs? Hmmmpp... >___<






EVENING: 9:30pm

Dear Diary,

I'm about to sleep but I just want you to know, Kyuhyun oppa went offline right before I said "Annyeong" to him. These nights are horrible! Next time, I won't get tempted to talk to him when he is online. I'm just so pabo! I hope tomorrow will be a great day. I found out that one of my neighbor, Victoria unnie is close with Kyuhyun Oppa! Maybe I can get facts about him from Victoria unnie. Wish me luck! haha. Good night now!




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PrincessSnsd2002 () says about chapter 46:
Poor Seobaby so many problems

supergenerations_25 () says about chapter 46:
Pity seo... Too much problems for her...

AngelWithAShotgun () says about chapter 45:
awwwee seobaby ~
your dealing w/ so much problems

CrazyLovingKpopper () says about chapter 45:
Oh pity Seo...update soon..so I will be happy

supergenerations_25 () says about chapter 45:
pity Seobaby... she got too much problems with kyu and her family...>.<

supergenerations_25 () says about chapter 44:
Eihhhh cho kyuhyun!!! Gain your memories please...

LoVeKpOp2 () says about chapter 44:
KyuPabo!! Hope you get you're Memory Back And Know that Seobaby was You're Crush^.^ Update soon!!

AngelWithAShotgun () says about chapter 44:
and yeaaaaa seokyu love is back

AngelWithAShotgun () says about chapter 43:
Yah kyu-pabo get your head staright and YES you know and youloved her now you know?

supergenerations_25 () says about chapter 42:
aishhh jinchaa.... kyu please regain your memories please... >.<

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