We Got Married (TaeMin and You version)


(First two are made by micaela)


You're a soaring star from JYPE's 24hour. You just debuted this 2010, and you've already gotten famous. What happens if you were chosen as the wife of a mysterious guy in the show "We Got Married"? What if you didn't expect that guy to be that way? What if something grows between you two?


Welcome to We Got Married: YOU/SHINee Version! ;)


P.S.: We Got Married is not mine. I don't even manage SHINee. I just formed the story. ENJOY!




(Her real name is Tang Guo. ^_^. I'm just using her picture. It's not mine.)

Your name: Kim Min Hyeon

You are: 18 years old

Debuted: 2010 in JYPE/ Part of a girl and boy group named "24hour"

Background: You auditioned for JYPE two years ago, and luckily, they gave you a spot. You trained for two years in order to debut as a singer. You wanted to help your family with financial problems with your talent. Your fellow members from 24hour, namely:

Park Min Kyung

Seo Hee Rin

Lee Tae Kyung

Jung Ju Min

Han Ju Rin

Choi Sung Min

Lee Seung Hyun

Baek Ki Bum

Kim Shin Hwan

accepted you with warm hearts. Together, you became famous in Korea. You have one twin brother and two younger brothers. You are very cheerful, innocent and pure, although you can be kinda slow at times. You are hard-working, and you never give up. 


Name: Lee TaeMin

Age is: 19 years old

(Other SHINee members are included,too)





Super Junior

...and others. :)). (There'll be lots of characters and I don't know when each would appear, so, let's leave it at this. XD)


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Kurosawa_Shizuka #1
Chapter 49: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ma god. When I first found this fanfic, I was already in love with it because it's one of those fanfics that I wished existed (with the whole We Got Married with Taemin thing ahaha) And this fanfic gave me so many mixed emotions ^-^ I really appreciate this fanfic <3 Amazing work and Hwaiting~~~ ^-^
kookiemonser #2
Chapter 49: OMGGGGG!!! BRAVO!!!!! AMAZING STORY!!!!!!
kookiemonser #3
Chapter 49: OMGGGGG!!! BRAVO!!!!! AMAZING STORY!!!!!!
Maria_Maraki #4
Chapter 49: awww was nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it <3
Yoong10 #5
Chapter 49: Awesome story! I really liked the plot! U did a wonderful job! Do u think u can make a sequel author-nim? Plz make a sequel! Pretty PLZ!!!!!
Issdnn #6
Chapter 49: I really like this story, I like the plot very much~^^
Good job, author-nim~~
YamiiKpop1815 #7
Chapter 49: Emeyghedd! After 193847473829128476473829120294854738291202874728192034854738201928477482912484738291 years of reading this, I finally finished it.
The best fanfic. :")
YamiiKpop1815 #8
Chapter 20: "Ball.."
YamiiKpop1815 #9
Chapter 19: This chapter got me.. It's just like Boys Over Flowers. But slightly different. :)
YamiiKpop1815 #10