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smokyjasmine #1
Chapter 1: Do more of SS501 please!!! XD
natasharomanoff #2
Chapter 16: The JJ one -dead- XDD
ChocolateMilkJess #3
Chapter 15: Can someone explain to me the macro with Chunji, Ricky, and Niel? (Second to the last)? I've read it so many times but I'm not really getting it.
hannie_4everJoonBias #4
Chapter 5: Can you do MBLAQ part 2 please
haha4006 #5
Chapter 38: omg the last pic.
ThePrince #6
sprgrl #7
Chapter 38: HAHAHA That EunSiHae! XD
Forever5501 #8
Chapter 24: Hi love your macros! but couldn't open Beast macros! (most of them don't show up!)
Can you do some more of SS501
maximumj #9
Chapter 38: Oh gosh the last picture for Suju part 2 cracked me upp
DragonTopsThePanda #10
Chapter 38: SO MUCH EUNHAE