Wanna Be

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Tiffany keep on asking Jessica one simple question repeatedly...


"Jessica, do you wanna be my lover?"




"Why not?"


"Just because."

Celebrate this New Year with lots of fireworks and welcome it with a blast! Enjoy your time with friends and family. (´ ▽`).。o♡

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Chapter 5: The chapters are very light and I really feel nice reading them ^^ Keep it up!
MarshMallow_san #2
Chapter 5: I love it how Tiffany is consistent with the 'do you wanna be my lover?' part in every letter she sent. Oh please Jessica give chance to your number one admirer~
Jsooyeon_18 #3
XD Tiffany is a.fan here hahahai i liked it so much
nizcasimiro #4
Chapter 5: Just go and give the girl a chance already Jessi!!! Lolz
Kira_syj #5
I always love hard-to-get Jessi that's why I always look forward to your updates. Great job author. I love this fic!
Chapter 5: Aww these updates are cute and fluffy, and I love it!!! I hope this story would be longer >//< ah, the ice is slowly melting, I guess
Chapter 5: Lmao jessica being flustered is a cute thing. Hahah soon enough she will get used to tiffany's cute antics ;) hahaha
Chapter 5: Hahaha.. They are such a cute couple esp Tiffany being presistant and all.
gbrujndl #9
Chapter 5: I want Soori
Chapter 5: Why every chapter is so cute? I might get diabetic every time i read the new chapter. I enjoyed reading this fic too much!! Excited for more fluffy jeti moments after this. ^_^