Ephemeral (찰나의 순간)

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Recently-deceased Park Jimin just wants to know how his friends are doing after the accident that caused his tragic, untimely death. Unfortunately, the only living person that can see him in his ghostly state, Han Gyeowool, is having none of it.




As soon as I see him, I know he is one of them. He stands in the middle of the road, ignoring the cars racing past. None of the cars honk at the man in their way. They keep driving, blissfully unaware.

I quickly avert my gaze from him. I have only one rule when it comes to dealing with them—don’t. So I continue walking.



Inspired by Spring day! 


when the characters in the story are making hand gestures it's very probable that i did the gesture before writing them doing it
same with some facial expressions
i just randomly take my hands off the keyboard and clutch my hands like i'm praying in front of the screen to write the scenes yes

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O605__ 1 points #1
Chapter 11: HOLY MOLY YOONGI'S SCARY. I thought this would be a happy reunion until he showed up...
I really want to know what happened between Jimin and his parents, and why Seokjin has burn scars!
(And I hope everyone affected by the earthquake is safe now, especially those close to you!)
Jaslynn 78 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 11: Omg nooo??He is angry ? at Joonie ?I’m glad our sunshine is still himself while I hope Jin feels back to himself soon. Hope she can help heal the boys :)
makeupyourmind 1 points #3
Chapter 11: reunion!!! yay! but even reading it made me feel nervous with all the awkward tension between them. the 'whats this unexpected romance angst' made me laugh haha. i hope the gang become close again!
Jaslynn 78 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 10: Waaah Mr Bang he's adorable ^.^
O605__ 1 points #5
Chapter 10: AHHH BAP HAS ARRIVED (or at least one of them but I really like when there are multiple groups in one fic!)
When I read the title of the new chapter I was like 'wait the author's talking about THAT Fermata right?? right???'
Great update! Waiting for the next chapter~
makeupyourmind 1 points #6
Chapter 10: I like how that in the process of Gyeowool getting to know Jimin better, she has slowly begun to change the way she interacts with other ghosts.
also the firefighter ghost's story is so sad :( the way he just accepts his fate and only waiting to see his baby
interesting concept with the calling of the light! i like it :)
O605__ 1 points #7
Chapter 9: AAAAAGH. The angst!!
It's nice that Jimin and Gyeowool have finally come to an agreement! Jimin's helping her do a lot of things she wouldn't normally do. Thank goodness Namjoon believed her! Can't wait to see what happens when they meet up with Hoseok, Seokjin and Yoongi~
makeupyourmind 1 points #8
Chapter 9: yes!!!! another update!! i feel like i picked a good time to start this story haha.
and it was car accident!! i really hope that Taehyung and Jungkook are ok >___<
I just feel sad that all this connection between Jimin and Gyeowool, like its more of a platonic/friends bond to me than anything romantic, is going to end one day once Jimin fulfils his wish and leaves T_____T
makeupyourmind 1 points #9
Chapter 8: i like how you have step up rules for the ghosts! like being able to only be in a certain area thing and freezing. its also very sad T___T
All through out the conservation between Jimin/Gyeowool/Namjoon you had me on my toes, we are so close but so far away in knowing what exactly happened to Jimin and the other boys. It sounds like a car accident maybe? and Namjoon feels guilty because he was the one driving the car??
I also like the growing rapport between Jimin and Gyeowool :)
I don't mind the angst! but lighter chapters are also good :)
makeupyourmind 1 points #10
i can't believe you don't have more comments or subscribers because this story is so well written. i'm super impressed!
the build up of revealing the mysteries behind everything is done very well. I just wish there was more chapters already!! >_<
but i will be patiently waiting :)