Ephemeral (찰나의 순간)

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Recently-deceased Park Jimin just wants to know how his friends are doing after the accident that caused his tragic, untimely death. Unfortunately, the only living person that can see him in his ghostly state, Han Gyeowool, is having none of it.




As soon as I see him, I know he is one of them. He stands in the middle of the road, ignoring the cars racing past. None of the cars honk at the man in their way. They keep driving, blissfully unaware.

I quickly avert my gaze from him. I have only one rule when it comes to dealing with them—don’t. So I continue walking.



Inspired by Spring day! 


i didnt log in for too long and i cant upvote old comments anymore :(( im sorry
i really really want to write but uni applications (sigh) endless tests (sigh)
i’ll try to continue this asap the plot is done i just... just need to write it out...
i love u all and thank u for reading as always <3

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whimsyvkook #1
will read! ^^
makeupyourmind #2
Chapter 14: loving the banter between gyeowool and jimin! but imagining hoseok limping... its so sad and must be hard for jimin to see. you've very good and pulling in the fluff and then pulling out the angst.
-L-i-a- #3
Chapter 14: Well, it was pretty fluffy until the end but then Jimin was like 'don't ever tell him you can see me, okay?' and then woohoo the angst came back LOL. Loved it though! I also forgot about the age difference between Jimin and Gyeowool since Jimin acts like a kid, hehe.
I guess her meeting Hoseok will mean going into more depth on his side of the story, then? Looking forward to reading the next chapter!
-L-i-a- 1 points #4
Chapter 13: This chapter didn't really heal my soul, but that's okay because it was still amazing. I'll just continue to suffer until a fluffier chapter is released, hehe. Wow, Yongguk's speech on the moon was terrific! Very mysterious and powerful; I really liked it! Gyeowool feels pretty excluded, I guess, since she can't relate to ghosts in many ways. Great chapter~
makeupyourmind 1 points #5
Chapter 13: i can feel gyeowool's frustration. she's wants to comfort jimin but she doesn't know how to. the helplessness in that is something i can relate to. when you know someone is in pain but you feel like there is nothing you can say to help them.
great chapter :) i liked the analogy about the moon, its cycles and how that relates to the circle of life.
RivenLito 1 points #6
Jaslynn 136 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 13: I guess it is a happier chapter :/
-L-i-a- 1 points #8
Chapter 12: YOONGI, WHY? SEOKJIN, WHY?? Jimin, no! Namjoon, no!! Agh, the angst is really strong in this chapter. I could feel the physical pain... The way the characters are kind of breaking really hurt my heart </3
5 hours of calculus OMG I feel so bad for you, good luck with your homework! And I'm looking forward to the next chapter to heal my soul LOL.
QueenbeeTaeyeon 1 points #9
Nice title!
makeupyourmind 1 points #10
Chapter 12: My heart hurts! My chest hurts! Everything hurts!! Its so unlucky they ended up where they r now. Im scared to know how taehyung is doing....