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A collection of short stories featuring DAY6's...

Park Jaehyung / Jae

Park Sungjin, 

Kang Younghyun / Young K / Brain Kang

Kim Wonpil, 

Yoon Dowoon, 

and you. 

From fluff, to angst, to AUs, you'll find them all here.



lyricalwritings is back with a 10th fanfic! Any feedback is loved and appreciated :) 

All plots are purely mine. Please do not plagarise. Any similarities are purely coincedental. Inspiration from other sources will be given due credit.

Poster credit: babo graphic shop 

This story is part of Daydream: a Day6 writing contest. Do check out the other entries as well! ^^

next up is everyone's favourite chicken little jae~! ;)

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66 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 8: ahh when the loud slamming of the door happened i was just like noooo wonpil dont!! (but he did) and the ps in the letter from the reader just shows how much she cares for him ㅠㅠ i really like how u ended it tho!! i have a soft spot for seasons and winter reminds me of their song goodbye winter which is like one of my favs hahahaha
0 points #2
Chapter 8: Okay really though, why won't you let me live?? The angst and hurt! Gahhh! I liked that you couldn't tell if Wonpil was the groom or not in the very beginning until she's like "thanks for comin"
And don't worry about slow updates! My heart needs a recovery time between each chapter XD
0 points #3
Chapter 8: This is so legit!!! I love the angst ^^. Its okay if you update a little slower ;) hope your juices imagination full charge :D
66 streak #4
Chapter 7: AHHH DOWOON omg that part when dowoon told the reader ‘you’re beautiful’ i instantly looked at the mini grey bar at the right to check that i wasnt near the end of the story yet and heaved a sigh of relief HAHA and then the kiss to boost his energy omg all that fluff!!!
Chapter 7: Why do you keep doing this to my poor heart T-T
Dowoon, YoungK, Sungjin, and Wonpil are all my bias wreckers, and I'm wavering *cries*
I love the theme and plot of this one! I wasn't expecting a boxing or fighting au. Amazing job!!
MyMee8 #6
Chapter 6: This is so sweet
Chapter 6: This is perfect! So well written and super sweet. My feelingsss~ <3 Please update with some more Jae one shots soon~~ :) :)
66 streak #8
Chapter 6: loved this as usual!!!! i found jae’s confession really sweet and how he fought for the person he love, and wasnt kinda expecting brian to appear but im so glad he did and made jae and the reader closer with each other!!!
xiumin120801 #9

i wouldn't mind if he do kiss me right now HAHAHAHAHA *OOPS SORRY BRIBRI*

i love the way you write it seriously just wow...... keep it up and fighting author-nim!!!! me luv you so muchie~~~♡
Chapter 6: *screams and dissolves into foam* Why did you make Jae so sweet goshdarnit?!!?!!?? I'm in class trying not to make my heart melt, and i'm internally screaming!! Boi, this is so fluffy. *sigh* You're making me dreamy again!