The Night Reminds Me Of You

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Taeyeon would go up to the rooftop of their house at night to voice her frustrations out. She didn't know that someone from the next rooftop was listening.

So close...

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Amjeti20 #1
Chapter 5: Is J mute?
Chapter 5: JFJSJIWJDNFW WHY THEY WERE SO CLOSE FJESIDJFJEJW but thank you author for the new update and can't wait for the next! :DD Let them meet soon please xDD
Chapter 5: omaigod!! why didn't u let them meet author nim??xD i screaming frustration right now since they r so closeeeeee~anyway, thx for the update author nim!!(∩_∩)
66 streak #4
Chapter 5: Whoaa so close! Let them meet already ㅠㅠ
JooNa331 #5
Chapter 5: Arghhh... Hahahahaha..
Chapter 5: Hello, new reader here. The story intrigues me so far! Jessica's personality seems interesting, and the reason of Taeyeon house-moving gets my curiosity. I'm looking forward to your updates, author 8)
38 streak #7
Chapter 5: Oh my gosh!!!!
Just let them met!!!!
I'm screaming in frustration here...

Anyway, thanks for the update auth...
Although it's abit frustrating, i love it
choco-munchkin #8
Chapter 5: Aigoo so close to meeting each so close.
Chapter 5: Wow, I thought they're gonna meet up already!
But I'm still waiting for their meet up first on school :)
aiiyth #10
Chapter 5: What will happen next?! So curious xD
Thanks for the update...