The Light to my Darkness


Ever since the first humans had stepped foot in town, generations after generations of myths were passed down about the forest that sits next to town.

“Don’t venture into the forest”

“It’s dangerous”

“No one has made it out alive”

What they didn’t know hidden deep in the dark forest lies creatures of day and night.

One word. Werewolves.

Werewolves that had grouped together over the years, forming one of the most powerful werewolf alliances in the world under the Werewolf Council.

Grouped together in a community that’s invisible to the human eye, they roam around freely; doing everyday normal tasks, going to work, having fun, just like humans.

Enter Oh Sehun, the youngest member in his pack, CEO of Oh Franchise.

Just like other werewolves, Oh Sehun has a mate.

However it’s been 6 years and he still has not found her.

So it was only natural that one day he accidentally stubbles upon his mate… his human mate. And just like that, his life was never going to be the same.




Oh Sehun (24)

Lee Jinah (22)

[author’s note] Hi everyone! I’m not sure how this story’s going to turnout, but I kind of have the general plot out. -fingers crossed- As you can see, my other stories are not completed due to…well… loss of inspiration and writer’s block. So I’ll try my best to finish this story so enjoy!



Please check out my new story: Not So One Sided Love (just click on the title), which I will be updating regularly along with this story. I hope you enjoy it!


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hello my dear readers~ i havent been updating bc of finals week but ill be back soon! please look forward to multiple updates next week and if your taking finals, good luck to you!

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Thasmeen #1
Chapter 7: Please update 38chapter please completely the story please please please.......
rosebalqis #2
Chapter 37: Please update!! I'm dying to know what's going to happen next^_^
ikran12 #3
Chapter 37: Damn it’s getting more and more interesting I like it girl I love soong Joongki
ikran12 #4
Chapter 5: I love that she is stubborn
ikran12 #5
Chapter 4: That jerk just made the biggest mistake of his life and finally they just
janelle15 #6
Chapter 37: Omygosh this is so gooooddddd!!! I really love this, like you were taking things slow and steadily building up the suspense plus the pluff. Ahhhh i can't stop smiling while reading this. Lol i was kinda jealous of jinah that she has this kind of bf.(○゚ε゚○) i wanna meet someone who can treat me like sehun lol hahaha btw I'm loving this story more and more. I've read this once i found it!!! Waiting fo your future updates. Best of luck and fighting!!!
P. S. I'm curious as to why those people bullied jinah and what's her connection in the possible war between the vamps and the pups (woah it rhymes. Lol) ノ(・ω・)ノ other than her being Sehun's mate, plus i wish that she won't be that weak that she can't do anything and opt for the protection of sehun and the others.
Angelabelle #7
Chapter 37: So freaking cute
Lilycake #8
Chapter 37: I'm glad that i found this lovely story. Please update soon.
MrsDuckbutt #9
Chapter 37: I miss them... Please update soon.. Thanks!
54 streak #10
Chapter 37: I just happen to finish reading this and should have admit that I made a right decision to subscribe on this story...
I wonder what those vampires want to do with them...
I used to really like vampires though but since in this story EXO were on the wolves side, then I'm rooting for werewolves this time around xD
Thank you for writing author-nim... Look forward to your updates ~~~