What Do I Do?


Seungwan needs to move on. Taeyeon, Tiffany and The Crew attempt to help out. She has assorted available (and unavailable) women thrown at her.


Seungwan needs to move on and she needs help. Taeyeon, Tiffany and their band of helpful (and no so helpful) friends attempt to save the day. It doesn't go as planned. Or does it?


It's a lot angstier than the foreword and description. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Gr33nPow3r 0 points #1
Chapter 8: Wow Seungwan's internal monologue was perfect. N that fluff/angst that happened was good!
0 points #2
Chapter 8: the wenrene. is SO floofy. i need two moments to fawn over how adorably cute this piece of cupcake is
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Chapter 8: joohyun please say something about your feelingTT
Tsyr0109 0 points #4
Chapter 8: Joohyun is so bipolar tho xD
0 points #5
Chapter 8: JOOHYUN SHOULD MAKE A MOVE. I feel sad for her though :(

great update authoorr
21 streak 0 points #6
Chapter 8: I want a Joohyun please. How is she so cute like that? ...So Giiiiirls, we all know you're both smitten for each other and so... I love you both (and this doesn't make senseeee, but yeah I'd let them go their own pace. I very much love what's happening atm). Oh my god, that emoji Krystal sent Lmaoooo.
0 points #7
Chapter 8: Krystal's reply is killing meeeeeee I'm loling the hardest lol ever !!! Poor joohyun tho,but giiirl you gotta stop being emo and make a move on seungwan if you don't want her leaving sweety.great chap thanks for updating author niim !!!
0 points #8
Chapter 8: OMG I'm loving this!!!
0 points #9
Chapter 8: Wow, I didn't expect Joohyun actually let Seungwan move out easily (let's not talk about the crying mess). I was expecting some hot lines being thrown here and there but yeah both of them have not being truthful to themselves and courageous to speak it out. Anyways, I enjoy Wenstal's relationship here ;)
TheMightyFall 0 points #10
Chapter 8: Okay it's a little good so far, (joohyun just kissed seungwan's cheek hihi). I actually laughed out loud when I saw Seungwan's reply to Krystal HAHAHAHA