Rock, Paper & Scissors


Taeyeon sings in a rock band in a bar.

Tiffany starts her new job in a bar.

Yeah, it's the same bar.

<3 <3 <3

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ky1021 0 points #1
Chapter 31: Great story. Will support your other stories too ;)
Johanselh 0 points #2
Chapter 30: Well d a m n
sone_1991 0 points #3
Chapter 31: Thank you itsakyo,im not that great with words,but im thankful to you.Your one of my favorite taeny writers out there,continue writing :) bliss you!
excelbry 0 points #4
Chapter 31: Great story, nice plot, solid characters. Everything in this fiction are amazing. Well done authornim
shalalabs #5
I've been grinning the whole time while reading this. Thank you aff for featuring this story. Nice one author nim :)
heavens_call #6
Chapter 30: the massage conversation is just too ambiguous, couldnt help but smiled while reading this chapter
gumball999 #7
Chapter 31: yesssss woohoooo congrats!!!
YoonYulmyAddiction #8
Nachomisan #9
Chapter 31: yawwwww I enjoyed reading this. it's awesome c:
98 streak #10
Congratulations on your feature :)