Symptoms: Restorative


Jongdae actively hated the cognitive exercises the doctor made him do every week, but he loved the consequences of them. Seeing the love of his life and long time friend, smiling? It was a privilege he wouldn’t give up.


This will be the conclusion story to the Symptoms Series! It has been a ride with you lovely readers! I definitely never expected to get this much interest in this series, and I definitely hope that you all enjoy this finale.


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Story Release: January 2018



Symptoms | Symptoms: Significantly | Symptoms: Resorative 

Nope. Definitely didn't do any teasers, but the story is now ready! Leave me with my greedy Comments and do Upvote if you enjoy!

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Chapter 5: Wow! That was a realistic but awesome ending! Realism is hard to come by when reading stories on this site. But you my dear have managed to give us just that! I love the friendship vibe displayed between the guys, it was so wonderful to see and feel their closeness. Jongdae appreciativeness for them sticking by his side, he was genuinely grateful. I loved that he wanted to personally thank Suho for his consistent steadfastness to his recovery, despite his own personal challenges in this difficult situation. It was truly a display of loyalty on Suho's part because it was years that Jongdae was in such a terrible state, and Suho could have taken on the attitude that Jongdae's never going to recover, and selfishly pursued his own desires for Tazzer. But he didn't. Suho remained focused and loyal to his friend with hopes that Jongdae would recover one day and now that day is arriving.

At least enough to make it known that Jongdae is aware of his condition and that he is aware of his friendship with each of them. Also, Jongdae is very much aware that he is deeply in love with Tazzer and has always been. I love the fact that there is still the struggle to fully recover, that's where the realism steps in because in normal everyday life couples face challenges that they have to continue to love and work through. Yes, he stills dips in and out of adulthood to a toddler, but probably over time, it will happen less frequently now that he is more aware of wanting to really recover for himself but most of all Tazzer. I love the fact that they are working at building the intimacy slowly and that when Jongdae does slip back into the toddler stage, Tazzer behaves as an adult should and dismisses herself to protect his mental state at that time.

There are so many great things about this creative work that I can on and on about. But I will say this, there are many stories on this site that try to be different, but yours stand out as cleverly written, with very normal characters, but not a normal situation, but it's something many can relate to. What do I mean by that? This is what it means to challenge yourself in writing by using a girl OC and reaching your reader's heart with a setting that is not an everyday occurrence but it gets's the readers involved to the point it get's featured twice! (Bravado!!!) Not because it's different in the sense of what we see get featured far too often on this site! But it got featured because the majority of readers on this site are female. And you wrote about something all females wish to see our K-pop biases have, A NORMAL relationship with a GIRL that he loves deeply!

Thank you! Thank you! For five great and entertaining years! I look forward to your next project and yes I do recommend that if readers have not read your other work, they are certainly missing out. Thank you again, my dear! You make me want to get better at what I do on here. It's not the shipping together of Kpop characters that make for a challenging story, but it's the storyline you offer to your readers! :D
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Chapter 5: This whole series has been such a roller coaster, I have enjoyed every minute of it!! Such a beautiful, well written story, author-nim ^_^
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Chapter 5: And so the story ends on the most heartwarming note! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! Wow! Watching the journey of these four characters, their development and their relationship with each other has really changed my perspective on things and I’m glad for it. I like how supportive and caring they are and I certainly wish I could meet friends like them. Now that they’re beginning a new stage of their life, I hope for the best!
Thank you for such an amazing series!!
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Chapter 1: I just felt moshed reading this and I have tos ah I’m so excited!
I subscribed a while ago but hadn’t had the time to read it properly, but now that I did I want this story to last forever!
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Chapter 5: And what a heartwarming end to such a heartwarming series. :') It's been a lot of fun following this series, especially this last installment. ^^ It's so lovely to see how much Jongdae has progressed across the series, and to see how he and Tazzer were able to overcome his insecurities in this part. :) It hasn't been easy for either of them and there'll be more obstacles along the way, but that's what relationships are. They're filled with ups and downs, good times and bad times, but as long as people are willing to work things out and communicate with each other, they'll be able to weather any problems that come their way. It was great to see Jongdae and Suho make up as well, since it would've to throw away a decade-long friendship. I'm glad that Jongdae is starting to look at his life more positively and that Tazzer will be there with him, especially now that they're starting a new stage of their relationship. x] Thank you so much for a wonderful story! <3 It's been an absolute pleasure to follow! :)
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Chapter 5: I've been sticking with this story since like the beginning. It's truely amazing to see how the story progressed and improved overtime. The storyline is very unique and wonderful. It truely is an inspiring story and I'm so glad I found this story in the first place. Thank you so much for this masterpiece!!
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Chapter 5: Oh my god we've reached the end TT
I've followed this series for the longest time and just so happy jongdae and tazzer got a happy ending (even though an open one) Kudos to the writer and maybe (just a hope of mine) you would also continue indomitable if you feel up for it
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Chapter 5: "Patient confidentiality" iM CACKLING

I wasn't expecting Jongdae and Tazzer to go "all the way" because he'll just revert back to being a child and I'm not mad at that (I hope no one gave you rude comments about that because it happens and people just don't try to understand the issue esp with fics revolving around mental health and whatnot). This whole consent thing and waiting till he's ready is so refreshing to see after being on this site for so long where that's an issue in some fics, especially regarding mental health. I'm glad that was addressed so explicitly and so positively by Tazzer. AFFOfficialAhjumma said it best in her comment in chapter four that Jongdae just wants to be treated normal as any man esp by the woman he loves and I'm glad Tazzer was able to do that no less touch him when he wants to and when can handle it. And it's true what AFFOfficialAhjumma said about making a person sicker by not letting them feel normal. As a premed student and someone who took nursing class in high school, that's a key thing that is always being taught and drilled into our heads: make the patient feel comfortable and give them the freedom to be independent within the scope of what they're capable of. No doubt, I don't think that's what Tazzer ever did, she just needed to give Jongdae a reminder than she knows he's capable.

The power of Touch is always underestimated. So many scientific studies and research has show how powerful it is and how miraculously it can be, but it's still just barely scratching the surface e of its power. Two comes to mind: this one experiment where the scientists created two fake mothers (one with food and one feeling real to the touch) for a monkey to choose and after spending time with them, the monkey chose the.mother that felt real to touch. And another example of how powerful touch is that not even science could explain is the one where babies on the brink of death can come back to life after a simple touch. Mind-blowing, no? I say all this because I think it may have been overlooked in Symptoms that these are two adults that live each other and if course they want to do adult things and the act of intimacy between Jongdae and Tazzer go beyond something like lust.

GAH THE FRANSHEP My heart is bursting at all this friendship. I'm so happy that Jongdae has such a positive and ride-or-die support system. There is so much understanding and wow Suho is just so damn understanding. What he said to Jongdae about not giving up and throwing away a friendship like that because Jongdae was sick is so damn touching and so true. What a damn good friend he is. All of them. He doesn't deserve anything to go wrong for him. He deserves the world. They all do. (And wow I need like a list of all the jokes Kris ever told. Such a saucy boy.)

Not gonna lie, I didn't want to read the last chapter because that means the end of Symptoms and wow I'm tearing up. UGH THE EMOTIONS IN FEELING I'm holding these characters close to my heart and I'm never letting them go.

Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful and brilliant story. <3
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Chapter 5: Thank you so much for finishing this story, I'm so glad I got to read it till the end!!! This was one of my favorites, and I've always been happy to see the updates. I think you've done a wonderful job, I couldn't have asked for a better ending ^^ ❤
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Chapter 5: Oooh it's the end !!!
Thank you for writing this series
I remember waiting for your updates, I started reading it four years ago it was my favorite chen fanfiction and it still is
You're such a talented writer