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Love, Hatred, Jealousy, Revenge, Power, Deception and Anger...

Such different notions of life... and yet combine to create such an effect that can change one's identity and fate...







Good day to everyone who has clicked on this story...Thank you very much ^ ^

This story is inspired by the world-famous novel Wuthering Heights.


To be honest, after studying this novel for class, the tragic ending made me wonder if it can be differed...

So here it is! My humble trial to give it a little different outlook.


Disclaimer: The novelist, Emily Brontë is out-standing and I am definitely not trying to detest her!! Never!! It is all her talent and creativity.

The changes and OOCs are done due to the requirements for the plot and settings. If you're not accustomed with the original literary work, not to worry. Please enjoy my adaptation :) 

There shall be mentions of intimate moments and suggestive things BUT not GRAPHIC...

Abundant_music is the reason behind these posters.


Clair and Aanchal,

"Thank you" is too less to describe my gratefulness to you...(God knows what will I do without these two...)


300+ subscribers...
I don't know how to show my gratitude. But I can only promise to make it worth <3333

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Chapter 4: Hey! I subscribed to this story a while back, but I am now finally reading it! As I'm reading this, I noticed that there's several ways you can improve it. I Here are just some of my thoughts. Please don't take this the wrong way. I only mean to help you.

So, I started reading this because of the foreword. When I read Wuthering Heights, the tragic ending also made me think. Like you, I wondered what would have happened if things had ended up differently. I'm glad someone else enjoyed Wuthering Heights! I can already see some of the similarities between Redemption and Wuthering Heights, but I'm thinking about how other readers might feel about this. Obviously, not everyone has read has read Wuthering Heights, so therefore there's no way for other readers to know what this book is about.

Your description is quite vague: "Love, hatred, jealousy, revenge, power, deception, and anger... Such different notions of life...and yet combine to create such an effect that can change one's identity and fate..." I don't want to come off as rude, but this tells me almost nothing about what Redemption is about. Most romance-related stories on AFF all have these themes in it. Stating all of that is redundant. Then you go on to state that these "different" notions of life combine and create that can change one's identity and fate. Again, it's a redundant. Of course, everything stated--love, hatred, jealousy, etc.--will change a person's life. To make an effective description that will attract more readers, you should give a little summary of what Redemption will be about. It was hard for me to enjoy even the first chapter because I didn't know what I was walking into. I just knew what themes were going to be mentioned/written about.

Next, you should take it easy with the ellipses (those three dots "..." that I'm assuming you're using to create hesitations and pauses). When used correctly, they're completely fine. However, you use it WAY too much. At least every few paragraphs, there's usage of it. For example, the first chapter in the first paragraph, there's already a use of it: "She turns to look at the person who is driving..." I'm not even sure why the ellipses is there. I'd state more examples, again, there's a lot more than necessary.

Anyways, I hope any of those tips are helpful. Good luck on writing ♥
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Chapter 36: I

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And Congratulations on 300+ subscribers!!
*throws confetti in the air*
*jumping joy with Joy*
*Aera in your Aera* XDDD
Also, I am the200th comment!:)
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Chapter 36: Fantastic update! I was smiling widely throughout the chapter!:D
Aww...Namjoon missing Aera and also unknowingly missing Joy....*pulls his cheeks*
Aera never ceases to amaze me and she never ceases to copy her Nemjun Unkeel....XD That scene between the two of them was adorable!
Finally Noel whacked know how much I was waiting for that...XD
Kim Deiji it is!!!! Beautiful name! Deiji and her Namjoon appa! So cute! I have a feeling that she is going to be her appa's princess. Namjoon is going to be so much caring for her.
I can't get over Namjoon and Aera's affection. I like how she kisses his cheek and he like a father kisses her forehead.Such warmth!
*coughs* But why was Namjoon smirking at his Joy being curvy? ;)
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xD old man hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comeon xD
i liked the name of baby-ah (kim deiji) tho\\ _(*/\*)_// thanks for udapting
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Chapter 36: 'Deiji'.... Such a beautiful name.... Kind of reminds me of 'deja vu' :)
And to see, it is kind of a coincidence! A wonderful coincidence! ^^
What are the odds of Joy choosing that exact name, by Namjoon!! :D

It's interesting to read how Namjoon is noticing Joy more and more. Not just that, also he wants to see these changes... ^^
And he missed Aera! Awww.... So sweet! But Aera is such a Angel that anyone can't do without! :)

But their little 'conference' in the kitchen was too funny!!! XD....It is so cute to see how Namjoon apologises to Aera and her acting all serious!! Kyaaa!! XD *grinning like anything*

Although it's heart wrenching to see how Aera thinks that by just not abusing a child, makes the parent a good parent.... Poor girl never received any warmth and affection from her father... But it's a good thing she has Joyy and Namjoon Unkeel now! ^^

And I have to acknowledge Neol for making an attempt to make Namjoon notice the baby... Her little actions are so important! :)

And Namjoon calling the baby 'Old Man'!!!!! Seriously, What?! XD XDDD
I expected him to be dazed or moved at the least!! ... But this boy... *sighs*

But Neol is right! The name issue is one of the many signs the universe seems to be giving to Joy! ^_^
Hope they can walk past their wounds and see beyond that!

Thanks a lot for the update author-nim! :) It's amazing how you are picking up the different strands of the story and tieing them together in such a amazing way!!! *claps*

I hope to see more of Deiji Kim and Company! ^^
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Chapter 36: Awwwwwwwwhh everything about this chap is just sooooo heartwarming.._/\_ thanks! For the update
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Chapter 36: Namjoon and Joy Moment had melting my ice heart. I hope they will stay to each other forever in the end :') thankyou for such a great updates authornin
sakura92 1 points #9
Chapter 35: That was si touching... Namjoo is coming around.
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Chapter 35: *jumps in joy with Joy*:D
Describing the baby as a pink bundle!! Cute!
Aera and the Jimin scene was cute! Area and her conclusions!! XD This girl always seems to trigger some very important conversations and actions between Namjoy. She is indeed a blessing for them! Jimin's sweetness always melts my heart! He is so gentle and nice!*swoons* XD
Please pair him with the girl I told you...XD *nags like a stubborn matchmaking aunty* XD
Namjoon and his sincerity stole my heart away. I am so happy to see such genuine conversations between Namjoy. It is like he is beginning to open up emotionally to her. I sense his feelings of trust in her growing...Drunk and genuine Namjoon is the best! XD It is so endearing to see the patience and love Joy has for him!
I feel really warm after reading this!!<3
Eagerly waiting for more!