I Am My Father's Daughter

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   In Seoul gangs run rampant in the underground society, and the city's most notorious gang leader, Poseidon, is dead. Knowing how and why Kwon Yejin flees from 3.6.5, Poseidon's gang, to find help in the leader of the Circle --an organization that acted as a contract hub for the city's gangs-- with only a gun and a piece of paper to prove her worth to its leader, Xiumin.

   Yejin grew up around 3.6.5 with her best friend, Tao, who worked at the 7Seas casino, so they knew how that world worked and how important and critical deals were. The whole criminal enterprise ran on the unspoken agreement of 'Always follow through on a deal', and that was what Yejin was banking on when she met Xiumin, but if it didn't she was going to have to hope her collection of underground secrets would be sufficient to get him to sign a contract with her to eliminate Poseidon's right hand man, Neptune. A.K.A.. Suho.

Deals, connections, pasts and secrets twisted and warped Yejin's future as her only wish to have Suho dead --and him wanting her dead just as well-- became a battle of who can manipulate the cops better and gain control over the empire Poseidon had carefully constructed over decades of hard work. She put her trust in Xiumin, who had great respect for the man, and soon learned that the girl he made a deal with was not as simple or innocent as first impressions made her seem.


This story will follow mostly EXO's Xiumin and my OC Yejin, but the others will definitely make appearances along with some other Kpop stars.

I'm not going to rate this story M, but there may be a few chapters that will get rated such for violent scenes, or excessive language. Though do keep in mind that this isn't going to be a fluffy story, so language may get fowl throughout the story, and I will fix the rating if need be, as of now I don't think it's necessary.

I think that's it. I've never really written a foreword before.



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bubbleteabaconbuns #1
Chapter 40: Yeeeessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Xiumin's too cute. I just can't handle it right now. <3 T-T
Chapter 40: YES !! HE ACCEPTED THE BABY !!! wait is it his baby or not ??
Crazydork22 #3
Chapter 40: Oh that was cute! I loved the proposal with the matching tattoo rings!
Chapter 39: sdnuwkansjnja shes pregnant omg circle leader xiumin as a dad oxnjansuaa he's probably one to threaten his daughter's boyfriends with a gun and raise his son to be the next james bond
Crazydork22 #5
Chapter 39: Ahhhhh! She’s pregnant! I can’t wait to see how Minseok reacts!
bubbleteabaconbuns #6
Chapter 37: Lmao. Tao must have had so much fun with Nurse Byun xD
This story was so good. OMG. I can't even put it into words right now. <3
bubbleteabaconbuns #7
Chapter 36: I swear, Yejin is such a badass!!!!!! Girl, you shoe'em who the boss is.
Chapter 35: That’s my yejin!!!!!!!!!! She’s alive and kicking everyone!!!!!!!!
bubbleteabaconbuns #9
Chapter 35: I feel so bad for Xiumin, honestly.. He must've been under so much stress from Yejin's disappearance only to have her show up now. So much explanations that need to be heard. I'm literally dying of curiosity.
asdfghjkl_jpg #10
Chapter 34: Xiuminnnnn. Yasssss. Omgggg.