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You desperately need a date and your best friend thinks she knows the right person to help you out.



“Hello,” he greeted you softly. You had forgotten how deep his voice actually was and you pursed your lips.

“Hello Sehun,” you replied, doing your best to keep your face stoic.

“I heard that you need some help,” the man continued. He removed his sunglasses, carefully putting them on the table as he pierced you with his dark eyes. The damn smirk was still there.

“You could say that,” you gritted out.


Oh Sehun/Reader

Genre: Fluff/Romance/More Fluff 

Sooooo...this is happening. 

Like most of my other stories this will be a short chaptered fluffy story.


I hope you enjoy it and all comments and feedback are welcome as they make me really happy! 


Mochi Love ~3~


Please do not plagiarize.

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phanyang 0 points #1
Chapter 9: i upvote both!!! omg hihi

i saw your other stories, i think I'm gonna read it later because i feel like I'm cheating on sehun if i read another one w/o him on it lmao

jiayou authornim!!! \(^o^)/
phanyang 1 points #2
hello again!

i actually read fluttering first since you said it's okay to read it even w/o reading this one. but i come like your story, so here i am (^.^)/

thank you authornim! jiayou!!
HoneyBae_JinYoung 0 points #3
Chapter 8: Thanks to you authornim. Such a great story. Couldn't stop myself smiling like an idiot till the very last chapter.
0 points #4
this story was so cute ^^ i had a good time reading it ♥
BeautyMelodyx 0 points #5
Chapter 9: OMG Too much fluff!! I LOVE IT THO <3
0 points #6
juls29 79 streak 1 points #7
Reread this story over again because i crave for a ball of fluff lol
Chapter 9: Omgg dang this was such a super cute story *clutches my heart* i need to get myself a cute boyfriend like him~
Chapter 1: This is kind of really cute so far!
suhosshi 68 streak #10
Chapter 1: i just read the first chapter and i just can't stop smiling. Sehun is just asddhfjgllsbskl