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You desperately need a date and your best friend thinks she knows the right person to help you out.



“Hello,” he greeted you softly. You had forgotten how deep his voice actually was and you pursed your lips.

“Hello Sehun,” you replied, doing your best to keep your face stoic.

“I heard that you need some help,” the man continued. He removed his sunglasses, carefully putting them on the table as he pierced you with his dark eyes. The damn smirk was still there.

“You could say that,” you gritted out.


Oh Sehun/Reader

Genre: Fluff/Romance/More Fluff 

Sooooo...this is happening. 

Like most of my other stories this will be a short chaptered fluffy story.


I hope you enjoy it and all comments and feedback are welcome as they make me really happy! 


Mochi Love ~3~


Please do not plagiarize.

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Kksecret 1 points #1
Chapter 9: Ugh~ I wish for someone as sweet as sehun. So caring and so kind.. this was a great, amazing, incredible story author-nim!
Foreveryourstruly #2
Chapter 5: This us my nth time reading this story. It's truly a favorite!
1 points #3
Chapter 9: You surely didnt named this story flutter without a reason LDQKDJADJLA bye im dead again
Chapter 8: Guess who has come back from the dead hahahahah i couldnt refrain myself from leaving a comment sorry

I WOKE UP TO READ THIS HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG another morning with yearning of sweet cherry loveㅜㅜ why are you doing this to me and why am i signed up myself to read fluff when i know i cant withstand the envy and jealousy ㅠㅠ this whole chap is suuuuuuupeeeeerrrrr cute
Chapter 7: THIS CHAPTER JUST ENDED ME, particularly that photo session scene KCLAHDLAJSLANSO im soooo sooooooooo dead ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ im sorry i cant leave any comments on next chaps because i think i'll be dead already once i hit the post comment button
Chapter 4: omg the scene of oc feeding sehun while driving got me weak. this one is my ult fave scene since my parents always do that while we have a road trip and it gives me warmth♡♡♡♡♡
Chapter 2: gosh you've made every little things too hard to handle. oh my weak heart....
Chapter 1: omg i dont know how to react to this..... im dying from fluff, slowly.
59 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 9: This is the best fluffy fic ever... I might die out of diabetes because of overly sweet coated Mr.Oh. Someone call the doctor please
1 points #10