And Then There Was You


Chanyeol returns to the place he used to call home and the boy who was once part of his world.



“He’s visiting his parents and his sister, Aunt Yoora.”

“Why not us?” 

“Because we’re not his family, baby...


rating: nc-17

length: long!shot 

genre: romance, drama, angst

warning: mpreg (whoops), slight!angst

a/n: Hi! It's been a long time since I've posted a longshot. This one's halfway done, but I thought I'd put up the foreward to motivate me to finish before school starts again. Sorry I could not post this christmas/new years but you will get this story. It's been sitting in my drafts for too long. My motivator is lolaisajewel (heheh). We suffer together. Also, I understand that some readers don't like mpreg bc (tbh) it's so out there, but I like pregnancy fics because it has a lot of drama potential and honestly? FIGHT ME a;lskdfjsdfkl... Anyways, thank you :'D


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59 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 1: I don't usually read mpreg fic, but I somewhat gave it a try (I even had no idea that it was featured – congratulations!). The firs chapter itself already gave me feelings, aah.
I especially love how heartwarming all the scenes between Baek & Soo were. Their routine was simple, as simple as the small village they lived in, but there's something appealing about their repetitive schedules. Perhaps, it's because how Baek embraced Soo's presence and loved his little one with all his heart. Also, I've been living at a countryside for more than 2 years; it's not a fishing village, but I understand the idea of "some things don't change" by heart.
It's surely interesting to see how the story will unfold, as Chanyeol finally has met Soo. :)
sayyidahhh 0 points #2
Chapter 7: i need the next chapter *crying in the blanket*. its a good story.❤
0 points #3
I'm more invested in this story right now rather than my schoolwork ?. Looking forward to the next update!
likehyukjae #5
I'm not very interested in exo, but your story is very good... can't wait for the next chapter, thank you for sharing this story authornim...
lyalya19 #6
I love this story so much! You are incredible <33
Can't wait for the next chapter!
baekyeolhunhanship #7
Chapter 7: its been a long time since i comment on a story, but ur story just touch my heart? cant wait for the next update authornim~
rddenthusiast #8
Chapter 7: This is so bittersweet and honestly my heart aches for poor Kyungsoo, the poor boy ;^; I can't wait to see how this turns out - I'm really hoping it's going to have a happy ending.
erunino09 #9
Chapter 7: their bittersweet moments.. really wreck my feels..
kyungsoo just a kid and he probably always wonderin why he only has baek and maybe other kids has two parental figure.. damn i hope chanyeol and baekhyun could figure something out for their son sake
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