Temporarily Yours


Heartbroken, angry, and stuck. Irene doesn’t know what to do and so she ends up seeking help from the infamous Kang Seulgi, the eccentric heartthrob who nearly everyone loved or hated. Honestly, there was no one more perfect for the job.   




A small announcement, I’m sure many of you have heard the news about SHINee Jonghyun’s passing. I’ve been a fan of him since 2009 along with the rest of SHINee. More than once, I’ve written him as a character in my fics. He’s someone I liked very much. But because this one is still ongoing, I would like to respect his passing and refrain from writing him as a character in here anymore. I don’t know if it makes much sense the way I’m trying to say it, but to me this feels appropriate. So i will be editing this story for new readers and current subscribers. The duo of Jonghyun and Onew, will now be Mark and Johnny.  I know editing a fanfic is the smallest thing to worry about right now but this just didn’t sit right with me.


I’ll delete this announcement after a few weeks.


Just one last thing, I said this on twitter but I’d like to say it again here. My deepest condolences to Jonghyun’s family, friends, fans--to everyone who loved him. I loved him too. He lived well and I hope he rests in peace. Please remember to be mindful of those around you, especially the ones you love. Depression is serious. Words are hurtful. Don’t forget that.


And if anyone needs someone to talk to, my messages are open. I may just be a stranger but I’m willing to listen.



Another high school Seulrene AU because honestly, I love high school fics. Not sure how long this fic will be but it will definitely be longer than my previous ones. I expect it to at least be 7-8 chapters long. Maybe even more. We’ll see how this all comes together in my head and how diligent I can be about updating it lol.

Thank you for everyone's support and feedback. I have a small announcement I just posted in the 'Foreword'. Please take time to read it for future status of this fic.

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Chapter 8: This fic is so good!!! Omo, Irene, "It'll be fun"????? LOL mental facepalm!! And tend to like the story is fast paced but I like how you wrote the pace of SeulRene slowly because I understand Irene needs to heal first before she dives into another relationship. Love the JoyGi moments and all the lunch break scenes with Johnny and Mark. Jackson too! <3
salfiranty #2
Chapter 8: i'm find another good stories again!!!! whoaa i dont know what i want to say about this story, it was great author-nim!!! i hope you can update this!! fighting!
sonetaeng #3
Chapter 8: Joygi joygi joygi hahahaha
Snowylau #4
Chapter 7: This chapter was so so precious and I really absolutely loved the insight of Kang Seulgi. How she’s actually afraid of what will happen in time yet she’s enjoying the best she could. She also fears of others knowing what happened to her. She gets a greater look at Irene and maybe just maybe she’s enhanced by how fragile she looks and wants to keep that. I’m sure Irene feels extremely grateful at Seulgi but... is that all? All there is? Just gratitude? I could wish for more but I’m afraid of the outcome
Chapter 8: I'm so blessed this christmas to find something amazing like your stories. Merry Christmas! I'll patiently wait for your next updates hehe #fightingauthornim!
Chapter 8: Waiting for the next chapter <3
Chapter 8: Group date? Oh no
cjmoo_ 141 streak #8
Chapter 8: Hmm what's Irene thinking agreeing to the group date... Don't tell me she still wants Minho back.
Please let Seulgi be the best student ever for now aha
Congrats on the feature! :) Hope you're feeling better.
Chapter 8: this ..... is AWESOMEEE. ohmygod. cant wait for the next chap.