A Day Younger.

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Byun Baekhyun always loved his life, he graduated from University with flying colors and a hot existence  at the age of 25 landed himself with the job as a Biology teacher at the most prestigious school in Seoul- SM High.

Baekhyun as a genius never faced crises but it all changed as soon as he entered the ominous building of SM High. His mother, always told him that everyone face crises at some point in their life- to him crisis came in the form of tall, lanky, hot as , on leg; maths teacher.

Oh Sehun.



Byun Baekhyun:

25 years old.

Currently teaching Biology at SM High.

Facing crisis for the first time in his life.




Oh Sehun:

25 years old.

Currently teaching Maths at Sm High.

Apparently reason of Baekhyun's crisis.


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Hey, guysss!

It's me Exo7410.....yes this is one shot and I know you guys want to kill me for writing this instead of working on my ongoing stories but I just needed to write this, don't worry I will complete the rest of my stories too.

Please enjoy reading it and comment, subscribe and upvote...it's my first fanfic so please go easy on me.


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Cassie92 #1
Chapter 4: Is not that i don't want to read it, I only read , not really into exo!OC.
Woow, I love it! ^^
Sanju-desu #3
Chapter 2: Chanbaek's relationship is really funny and amuzing! How can they kill each other like that and still be best of friends? Hahaha if it wasnt a sebaek fic, i'll be seriously pining for chanbaek here XD
Sanju-desu #4
Chapter 1: What a very entertaining faculty.. :))
cuzpcy #5
Chapter 1: Bruh so INTERESTING
Maybe BaekXo? Baekso?? Well that name kinda remind me of bakso but yeahhh hahahahah
How about 'BaekkieDontCry'? xDD idek why I thought of this?
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 3: First of foremost, I have been a silent reader for long time..But I can't help to commented about this story! This story is really good!About the username,I think you should not change it but its just my opnion tho..And I hope you can make bonus chapter about sebaek moments! I'm really looking forward to your next work in the future! Fighting author~
Shine_Gurl97 #9
First thing first. Make sure you have enough karma points to change your username