Experiment 11


Tensions between Humans and Variants have never been higher.  Jordan Chang finds herself forced into an experiment, tasked with the mission of developing civil relations with the feral werewolf “Chen.” Will she complete her mission? Can she keep herself alive?



Experiment 11


Warning: Violence, Gore, Separation, and potential








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Chapter 24: I myself as an author never want to rush anyone for updates but I am so on edge I’m refusing to even go past chapter 24 because that means I have to be patient and wait for you to update lol. I’m so glad this story got featured otherwise I wouldn’t have found this masterpiece!!
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Congrats ;)
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Chapter 25: congrats on the feature!!!! This story is so good
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Chapter 22: Yo just found ur story on feature. Congrats! Thanks for keeping me entertained! Good luck writing! So far the story has been awesome!
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Chapter 25: you're honestly so awesome <3 please continue with what you're doing! you write so well that every chapter is always worth the wait!! so, please don't stress out too much about trying to get the chapters out. Take the time you need to write them and take care of yourself! Again, thank you so much for such an amazing storyyy!
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Congratulations on getting featured! :D
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Congrats on the feature! :)
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I didn't expect to like this but the concept was so different than anything else...I don't even stan Chen.. Thank you for writing this, I love it so much and it has me hooked!
Macire #10
Chapter 25: This is so good!