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The Going Home Club

by mengga
Characters: ALL EXO MEMBERS, maybe a few appearances by other idols
Tags: comedy hunhan taoris baekyeol kaisoo xiuchen ot12

Sehun, (one of world’s laziest people)’s wish in college is to pass with the smallest amou... Read More

Sungyeol the Stupid Love Doctor [Complete]

by AsianNoodles
Characters: Kim Myungsoo || Lee Sungyeol || Supporting Cast
Tags: comedy myungsoo myungyeol sungyeol woogyu yadong crack

The Love Hospital. ... Read More

EXO SERIES: I'm Byun Baekhyun's Traitor

by kyuhyunwifey
Characters: Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, OC
Tags: comedy romance you smtown exo baekhyun chanyeol

(You) Kim Seul Min loves money. Working under JYP entertainment, she is tasked to spy on SM, particularly EXO. Under SM, she finds herself deceiving EXO, especially Byun Baekhyun who seems to be al... Read More

Author Spotlight

Esther has just published her first novel outside of Asianfanfics called "The Stargazer's Scrapbook". Her debut work is sold through retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon (links below!) and is selling rapidly in her home country of Canada and abroad. Proceeds will go towards the Alzheimer Society of Canada as the novel itself is centered on the topic of Alzheimer's disease. AFF will also be donating related proceeds to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Like her Facebook page at facebook.com/ESLWriting
Get to know more about Esther through her AFF profile
Get "The Stargazer's Scrapbook" at Amazon
Visit the Alzheimer Society of Canada

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In Your Dreams[One Shot] [Complete]

by PandaRawwr
Characters: Lee Joon + You
Tags: leejoon

You are the girl that gets along with everybody at school and they all seem to like you. Except for a guy named Lee Joon. Lee Joon is a rebel type bad boy and you like... Read More

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3 Years of Life; 13 Years of Lies

by KpopLuver404 updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: Kim Cho Hee, Park Chanyeol, Nana, Wu Yi Fan, Jia, Tao, Luhan
Tags: drama romance kidnapped oc00chanyeol you00chanyeol

Your name is Kim Cho Hee, or at least what you thought was your name. When you get unexpected visit from the police showing up at the door step of your house, aski... Read More

۩Swag Entertainment|APPLY NOW!۩

by SwagEntertainment updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: Desired Applicants.
Tags: apply girlgroup boyband boygroup swag soloartists industry

892746 Views  ... Read More

Because of You

by shiyingpang19 updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: Hwang Seo Ra (OC), Lee Taemin, Kai (Kim Jongin), Hwang Myungsoo, Hwang Soo Yeon, Krystal (Comes in later)
Tags: taemin originalcharacter exo kai taeminandoc

My one wish? To have you out of my life. FOREVER. Because of you, I fell inlove with you and we dated. Because of you, you made my life worse. How? You cheated on me and left me alone, leaving the ... Read More

A Picture

by LimRiRin updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: Park Chanyeol You(OC)
Tags: you00chanyeol

You, you loved him. You cared for him. You cared ABOUT him. Park Chanyeol.Just because of time, an awful curse, you both drifted apart. Your time together has come to an e... Read More

「Aegyo」 Graphic Shop | revamped | OPEN

by babypyo updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: You and your request
Tags: graphics poster request gimp postershop graphicshop giveaway

... Read More

WHAT IS ACTUALLY LOVE [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by BeautifulFinger updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: OC EXO Sehun HyoIm (OC) KyungSoo BaekHyun SeoYoon (OC) Sena (OC)
Tags: contest malay exo sehun asbts

Cinta? Apakah cinta? ... Read More

╰☆╮Bad Girls Club Season 1: Las Vegas╰☆╮╾ Apply Open

by springfling updated on 7-31-2014
Tags: applyfic bgc alternateau

... Read More

The Unwanted [Subscribers Only]

by mimiechan updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: Sunggyu, Woohyun, Choi Hana (you)
Tags: angst infinite malay sunggyu woohyun you exo

"... Read More

All on you

by ayeitstran updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: jaypark
Tags: jaypark

You and Jay go on a shopping date at the mall. You guys haven't spent much time together due to his work and travel, so Jay spoils you with a shopping spree. ... Read More

Stuffed Love [Subscribers Only]

by xiaobun updated on 7-31-2014
Characters: Minseok | Luhan | Sehun
Tags: exo kaisoo xiuhan subaek xiuhun xiuhunhan

How could Minseok ever choose between his two favorite teddy bears?   ... Read More

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