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Luhan is a nauseatingly overbearing soccer-mom, Baekhyun's inner diva is going to ruin his best friend's life (and sanity), and the statue of the boy in the corner of the local artisan shop is starting to look suspiciously alive.

When I dream...

By lingzw87 Updated
Characters Nam Taehyun & Song Minho
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 11 subscribers, 180 views, 11 comments

I dreamed you into life...

My dearest

By momokawaii23 Updated
Tags namsong
Characters nam taehyun song minho
With 4 chapters, 3 subscribers, 230 views, 4 comments

This is my first story...i don't know about it ,so...please take care of me      Taehyun being busy study for his final year. Taehyun's mother is worry about his son's health. How Mino can help his mother in law to take care his son a.k.a his dearest husband?

Petals in the wind

By minoshat Updated
Characters song minho, nam taehyun, kim jinwoo, kang seungyoon, lee seunghoon,
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 51 subscribers, 460 views, 6 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Soldier!au For you. There is no thing I wouldn't do for you Mino. I'd curse, I'd fight, I'd kill... Let's drown in the darkness together, if we can't reach the light...

Third time

By minoshat Updated
Characters nam taehyun song minho
With 1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments

Struggling with the past tragedy Taehyun and Mino are trying to build their lives again. Their love once full of spring leaves, now turned into ashes. Can they stand together or will they part their ways forever. Can love forgive everything? 

And then I met you, (again)

By onimeatninetyfour Updated
Characters Taehyun, Mino, Jinwoo, Seungyoon, Seunghoon
With 24 chapters, 7 votes, 123 subscribers, 76 comments

After getting caught by his parents, Taehyun was sent to Korea to live with his aunt. There, he was forced to move on and make a new start with his life. Moving on wasn’t easy at all for Taehyun because he still loved Mino. Their relationship for 3 years had a great impact on his life and he had never loved anyone so much like how he loved Mino. There was nothing he could do but he was really sorry and sad

Hello again :)

By momokawaii23 Updated
Characters nam taehyun song minho winner yg
With 4 chapters, 9 subscribers, 440 views, 6 comments

After 10 year , the same producer of CF wanted continue their comercial video.   How will they react after 10 years had apart?


By yoshie_128 Updated
Characters Nam Taehyun, Song Minho, Song Mino.
With 12 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments

Life is like a mayfly, It’s meaningless now. Now you’re a dream I cannot dream again

Down the Rabbit Hole

By namtaenabi Updated
Characters Song Minho, Nam Taehyun, Kang Seungyoon
With 12 chapters, 23 votes, 220 subscribers, 5840 views, 79 comments
Status Completed

  Minho’s parents had frowned upon him when he had dropped out of university, not even finishing his degree in science, to start studying to become a nurse. “A nurse?” his father had said, looking at him as if he had been crazy. “Men don’t become nurses”. An AU about a developing relationship between two very different people: Minho is a nurse, Taehyun is his patient and this is their story.


By KAYFICS Updated
With 1 chapters, 14 subscribers, 380 views, 2 comments

After a long summer break, taehyun is going back to his university which is located at Seoul. He lives very far away from seoul so he has been staying at the school's hostel for about 2 years. He has been living alone. Taehyun, who is always cold at replying people, has no friends at all. Basically, he has been a loner for 2 years in his university life.  Today is a normal school-ing day for him. He wakes up at 6.30am (which he does everyday), brushes his teeth, wears a black tee, rip

因为你 。 。 。

By KAYFICS Updated
Characters 南南 小浩
With 80 views, 1 comments

那年我们都需要经过高考。那年对很多高考学生来说是一种你一定要拼了老命去读的一年。南南和小浩也不例外。南南可以说是全校最美的小女孩。 而小浩是全校最有型的。他俩根本就不合。每次看对方时都会相骂。南南会骂小浩死小混混而小浩会骂南南臭婆娘。每位同学看到他们时都会说他俩超配。而南南和小浩每次就会回配你妈啦。那年,那些年我们一起追的女孩这部电影刚好出了。整班同学都约好了一起去看。 欣欣:“我天啊!沈佳宜和柯景騰好像我们班的南南和小浩呀!” 

The Feeling

By blvkkbeat Updated
Characters mino/ taehyun
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 70 subscribers, 2320 views, 11 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

It started with extra dance classes, innocent stares and that weird feeling stirring in the pit of Mino's stomach.

Looking Into The Dark, With An Empty Heart

By saturnical Updated
Characters Nam Taehyun, Song Mino
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 29 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Taehyun is seeing things from his past. And it had always been Mino.


By afterdark Updated
Characters song minho, nam taehyun
With 1 chapters, 13 votes, 48 subscribers, 1320 views, 24 comments
Status Completed

    Mino's voice is Taehyun's lullaby.    

Like a Bludger to the Face

By namtaenabi Updated
Characters nam taehyun, song minho, juniel,
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 9 subscribers, 360 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

As if being hit by a bludger and falling off your broom wasn’t bad enough, it all has to happen in front of that annoyingly cute Slytherin. A NamSong HP!AU where Minho is a pig-headed Gryffindor and Taehyun is a Slytherin with plenty of sass to go around.

Empty Vision

By LostButInspired Updated
With 25 chapters, 26 votes, 259 subscribers, 160 comments

Nam Taehyun is weak. But he is the strength of the Strongest—Song Mino.


By afterdark Updated
Characters nam taehyun, song minho
With 1 chapters, 19 votes, 44 subscribers, 1250 views, 18 comments
Status Completed

    It's New Year's Eve and Mino needs some sweetness in his life.    

Inner Circle

By lilylilym Updated
Characters song minho, lee seunghoon, kim jinwoo, nam taehyun, kang seungyoon
With 15 chapters, 14 votes, 256 subscribers, 4490 views, 54 comments
Status Subscribers Only

One day, all of them would say to each other, "We gotta stop doing this". No questions asked, none answered. By LilylilymSong Mino x Lee Seunghoon. Nam Taehyun x Song Mino. Kim Jinwoo x Lee Seunghoon. Kang Seungyoon x Nam Taehyun M. 16+. Angst. Multichaptered. Ongoing.      

In Blossom

By jonginify Updated
Characters taehyun, mino, seunghoon, jinwoo, seungyoon
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 12 subscribers, 560 views, 12 comments
Status Completed

Pairing: Namsong, side!Minwoo,side!TaehoonGenre: hanahaki disease, slight angstWarnings: language, unrequited love, implied suicide attemptRating: M       Summary: Taehyun had always found roses beautiful. [artwork by gloriiatheodora]

Ex boyfriend

By gtoptrash Updated
Tags namsong
With 4 chapters, 5 votes, 85 subscribers, 670 views, 26 comments
Status Subscribers Only

After 7 years of being together, Mino decided to break up with Taehyun.  Will they get back together? or is it better for them to go on their separate lives. Sorry I at descriptions. <3  

"Taehyun, what are you doing still awake? Its late."

By gtoptrash Updated
Characters song minho, nam taehyun, namsong, seungyoon, winner
With 7 chapters, 6 votes, 165 subscribers, 1620 views, 40 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Never cross a jealous Nam Taehyun. A snippet of the married life of Song Mino and Taehyun :) This has become a chaptered fic, thank you so much for the support. <3

Entangled Pasts

By pinaywriter Updated
Characters Kang Seungyoon, Nam Taehyun, Song Mino, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon
With 15 chapters, 4 votes, 50 subscribers, 2590 views, 38 comments

Seven days to get back what you lost.  What would you do if the love of your life is going to marry someone else? Mino would do anything.  Jinwoo would try nothing.  Taehyun would stop at nothing. Seungyoon would do whatever it took.  Can they find love or would they have to travel back in time to get it all back?  


By afterdark Updated
Characters song minho, nam taehyun, kim jinwoo, original characters
With 3 chapters, 20 votes, 191 subscribers, 3370 views, 67 comments
Status Completed, Members Only

  On one hand, the rich heir of a well-known family. On the other, his new bodyguard.They hate each other, of course.

Running Away

By Amandasofiaraaa Updated
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 11 subscribers, 260 views, 5 comments

If You dont Love Me then Hate Me but Please dont Avoid Me


By gtoptrash Updated
Characters song minho, nam taehyun, namsong, seungyoon, winner
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 86 subscribers, 450 views, 10 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Taehyun got himself the latest model of Iphone but he is being extremely fishy about it.  


By minoshat Updated
Characters song mino, nam taehyun, lee seunghoon, kim jinwoo, kang seungyoon
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 19 subscribers, 840 views, 16 comments

Mino was their everything. He was the taste of summer. Hope. But now, he was gone. He left them. Breatheless. Broken. Dysfunctional.