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My Pet Boyfriend

In which boyfriends suddenly turn into kittens and bunnies and confuse the heck out of their partners.

Between Betrayal and Lust

ByRC_Lillie updated
CharactersDonghae, Hyukjae, Super Junior, Snsd, DBSK, Shinee, f(x)
With140 chapters, 808 votes, 3088 subscribers, 289090 views, 13319 comments

Donghae is a sleeper. A slow one at that as well. Most vampires of his generation have awakened. What will happen when he finally does? Will he belong to one of the three big families? What will his power be? And will he survive the mating season?

In too deep

ByRC_Lillie updated
CharactersDonghae, Hyukjae, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Super Junior and others
With72 chapters, 400 votes, 1763 subscribers, 157850 views, 7440 comments

There comes an abrupt end to Donghae's carefree life when his noble family endebted themselves. He is forced into marriage...with a cold Lee Hyukjae. A life for a life. Money for a title. To lessen his parents' pain and guilt he acts in love with his husband when others are around. How long can they fool the world?  

Let me be your boyfriend

Bywillhaebemine updated
Charactersdonghae, eunhae, hyukjae
With78 chapters, 212 votes, 2083 subscribers, 132360 views, 3091 comments

Lee hyukjae is one of the biker boys called suju boys. And he happened to love someone from his dongsaeng's school, Lee Donghae. But when Hyukjae asked him to be his boyfriend, Donghae simply replied,"sorry, i'm not gay".

Dangerous Waves

ByRC_Lillie updated
CharactersDonghae, Hyukjae, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Heechul, Super Junior, Minho, Junsu, Top, Gd,...
With42 chapters, 302 votes, 1301 subscribers, 73230 views, 3459 comments

Donghae is a quiet, hardworking lifeguard. Hyukjae is a loudmouthed, rude surfer. They have nothing in common but their love for the sea. Add clumsy Kyu, beach fashion terrorist Min, some other suju dorks...and be ready to get swept away...

Manager Hyuk&Secretary; Hae

ByEunhae-ELF updated
With259 chapters, 93 votes, 466 subscribers, 57480 views, 2505 comments

    Author: 宝蓝程, translation by Yenny_ELF   DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT FULL CREDIT!!!!!!!   all pictures credit as tagged

In My Arms

ByEriiAR updated
CharactersKyuhyun; Hyukjae
With70 chapters, 121 votes, 450 subscribers, 45210 views, 2048 comments

Heeeey! ^^ New KyuHyuk! :D This is a requested story as well~ :) I hope you all like it!

Stranger No More

Bydreamy_seas9 updated
CharactersDonghae Eunhyuk Kyuhyun Sungmin Siwon Leeteuk
With62 chapters, 107 votes, 632 subscribers, 41100 views, 1160 comments

Finally Donghae is free. Free from the man that never loved him but pretended to. Free from the lies. But now the man that Donghae feared the most is back again. And he is coming back to claim what he thought is his. Lee Eunhyuk is back. From the dead.

Daddy, Don't Cry

Byikhakyu updated
With18 chapters, 76 votes, 565 subscribers, 32030 views, 663 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Siwon was shocked when a 6 year old little boy he didn’t know suddenly called him 'Daddy'. What would Siwon do then? And how about their relationship over time?    

The Road to Redemption

ByTheHeapify updated
CharactersEunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Henry
With33 chapters, 66 votes, 583 subscribers, 31920 views, 523 comments

“Promise me one thing. Promise me you will kill me before I can kill you.”   “Stop talking nonsense!”   “I’m serious. I’m begging you…” He looked away before continuing, his voice something more than a whisper. “… You know… how much you mean to me… right?”   .....   Can he redeem him? Or is he going to redeem himself instead? By letting the other kill him?   ……   ---------------------


ByRC_Lillie updated
CharactersDonghae, Hyukjae, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Siwon, Super Junior
With18 chapters, 180 votes, 1084 subscribers, 29320 views, 1075 comments

Donghae is about to be shipped off to marry King Siwon. Unfortunately a bunch of pirates, with a grudge against the king, intervene and capture Donghae. How will a frail looking boy like Donghae cope with the rude and ill mannered pirates? And why does first mate Hyukjae give him those deadly stares? Thank god captain Heechul seems to be normal (as if).

Not That Lucky

Bywillhaebemine updated
Charactersdonghae, eunhae, hyukjae
With9 chapters, 95 votes, 813 subscribers, 27540 views, 1034 comments

Lee Donghae is a famous AV actor. He did all the rated scene, did by all those guys, but he never dated. Why? Because he wants his first date with a very special Guy. in this case, a guy named Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk is donghae's idol. the most handsome guy donghae ever seen. But Donghae only can watch Eunhyuk from far away, like a fanboy he is, knowing that he can't get closer to such a bright star.     a/n: not sure how long

Come Back To Me

ByEunHaeOnly updated
With35 chapters, 89 votes, 611 subscribers, 27340 views, 438 comments

love and friendship conquers all...

Yah! That's my Baby

Bysyohyuk updated
Characterseunhyuk, donghae, (jaeden)
With59 chapters, 45 votes, 374 subscribers, 25610 views, 639 comments

Perfect is not the right word to describe Lee Donghae, student council president sure is scary but you can always cut out Lee Hyukjae. Knowing Lee Donghae all his life because of their parents and both leave in the same neighborhood, Hyukjae know what’s on Donghae’s mind…well not until they end up in an awkward situation. Will they learn to understand each other or m

The Blue of the Sky on Rainy Days

ByjoueRED updated
CharactersHyukjae (Eunhyuk) | Donghae | Other Super Junior members
With32 chapters, 120 votes, 548 subscribers, 24820 views, 551 comments

Eunhyuk is a young high school student, not always very wise, who has been punished by his school's headmaster for his bad behavior: he will hav

Resistance is futile

ByRC_Lillie updated
CharactersDonghae, Hyukjae, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Super Junior
With13 chapters, 130 votes, 929 subscribers, 22300 views, 716 comments

Hyukjae is surprised when his biggest enemy is desperate enough to send his son as a way of settling their war. Things turn interesting when the so called innocent gift tries to kill Hyukjae. Instead of ending it right there, Hyukjae decides to toy with Donghae some before he will kill him and the rest of the opposition.

My hips don't lie.

ByRC_Lillie updated
CharactersDonghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Heechul, Super Junior
With20 chapters, 124 votes, 943 subscribers, 22170 views, 487 comments

Hyukjae is a diligent, cold cop. Donghae is a popular, hot stripper. When ice meets fire...steam! Furthermore we have Kyuhyun as a clumsy rookie cop and y Heechul as the club owner. Other suju members might appear.

Shadow of You

Bydreamy_seas9 updated
CharactersDonghae Eunhyuk Siwon Kyuhyun Heechul Sungmin
With29 chapters, 57 votes, 573 subscribers, 21920 views, 730 comments

Lee Eunhyuk, the world famous celebrity has just returned to Seoul and his personal assistant turned out to be a boy whom he had saved years ago. Lee Donghae. And damn, how much that boy had changed since then. ---Hello everyone! Please shoot me. I suddenly had this idea and when i realised i already had like 10 pages written so... Yeah just shoot me for making more stories before completeing the current ones. Anyway I decided to finally post this up n

My Lover is a ....?!

Byhyurie updated
With33 chapters, 22 votes, 373 subscribers, 21620 views, 391 comments

Eunhyuk never have any of his relationship worked out.. but what if one day his wish to have a lover comes true?

Love me like I love you

Byeunhaeternalove updated
CharactersDonghae, Eunhyuk or Hyukjae, the rest of super junior members
With23 chapters, 48 votes, 420 subscribers, 20390 views, 637 comments

Lee Donghae..like all of ELFs in the world know, he is handsome, hot but also cute at the same time, child-like, innocent, pure, has a pair of beautiful eyes and beautiful personality. He's a perfect boyfriend and every girls in the world is willing to die just to date with him, even if only one day. But, unfortunately, this Lee Donghae is already taken. The taker is a man that everyone knows and everyone can guess, the famous Lee Hy

Baby Huuki..!

Bywillhaebemine updated
Charactersbaby!eunhae, donghae, hyukjae
With19 chapters, 49 votes, 525 subscribers, 19870 views, 442 comments

It's about the cutest ae baby and huuki baby :3

That Thin Line

BymyalteregoCMist updated
CharactersEunhyuk, Park Hannah (OC), Leeteuk , Super Junior
With75 chapters, 3 votes, 216 subscribers, 556 comments

Park Hannah is Leeteuk’s younger sister.  She came to know Eunhyuk during his trainee days, thanks to her brother. They fell in love and a relationship started, everything went smoothly until Hannah ended the relationship just months before Super Junior’s debut, she said something about accepting the scholarship from Berklee College of Music  so she needed to leave and a long distance relationship is not an option.  That was her excuse,  but the real reason…she kept it to h

In the Name of Love

ByTheHeapify updated
CharactersDonghae, Eunhyuk, Hyukjae, Kyuhyun, Henry
With34 chapters, 31 votes, 358 subscribers, 16380 views, 429 comments

In the name of love I’m telling you the truth. Reality is brutal. The truth will break your heart. When you are close enough to see a person clearly, you’re already too close.     -------------------------------------- A/N: Thx to nousernameideas who created the poster!! Thx to dhenia for making the background pic!! ^^ A/N2: To be honest I dunno how to describe the Eunhae relationship in this story... It's just so twisted and co