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Being the Badass Bride of Byun Baekhyun, The Nerd

Authornim please be more confident in your stories. They are really great and your readers appreciate all of your work. Continue doing what you love and don't let anyone's rude opinion ruin that for you. Hwaiting! From one of your biggest fan!

A Matter of Heart [Story #5]

Byseoulchae updated
Charactersyou as Kang soomi, Mir, MBLAQ, kangjoon, others
With7 chapters, 16 subscribers, 770 views, 7 comments

  STORY #5   When people say ''opposite attracts'


ByQorealuvr updated
CharactersSeungho, Mir, Thunder, Joon, Rain, G.O
With1 chapters, 27 subscribers, 920 views, 8 comments

Chulyong is a seventeen-year-old country boy who lives on a farm with his parents. He is content with his life and plans to be a farmer just like his parents. But his life suddenly takes a strange turn when he meets Seungho, Model AX407. Seungho Is a Humanoid made to not only be a unit extremely helpful and compatible with all walks of life, but a powerful weapon made to be used in the war North Korea is planning to engage with South Korea. Chulyong and Seungho meet by chilling coincidence

Is It Fate That We Met?

Bykkpop_4ever updated
CharactersMyungsoo Jessica Dara CheonDung
With20 chapters, 17 subscribers, 2970 views, 12 comments

This is another love story about a girl, Jessica, and Myungsoo. One day, Jessica meets him during school, by fate. Then she recives a text from Scheduler (49 Days). Events occur, and Myungsoo stays at her house. Her parents came back from America and annouces that she has a fiancee, just when she realizes that she loves Myungsoo. She gets in a car crash and has amnesia............ Will she regain her memory?

MBLAQ Scenario: At the Supermarket...

BySoftCoyote updated
CharactersSeungho, Mir, Thunder, G.O, Joon, You
With5 chapters, 7 subscribers, 1670 views, 7 comments

I'm just going to place this here for anyone to read. It's not long, or anything special. But depending on the response I get from this I might decide to write an MBLAQ when I feel like I can update at least semi-regularly on my SHINee story. >.< Like I said, they're really short, but I'd appreciate if you would give them a read and let me know how to improve. :) Chapter 1 is Seungho Chapter 2 is Joon Chapter 3 is Mir Chapter 4 is G.O

The Words I Never Said

ByExoticLoveer updated
CharactersMinho, Mae Rae,ChulYong (Mir), Seung Ri, SHINee
With8 chapters, 29 subscribers, 1240 views, 32 comments

You and Minho are finally together, but when Minho, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin, and Onew were chosen by S.M. Entertainment to become SHINee and debut what will happen to you and Minho? Do you give up hope, or will you wait forever?   Due to a few requests I am making a sequel to Why Wont You Fall For Me Already!?!