Wie einst Lili Marleen


When the going gets tough, Yifan is tougher and that knowledge still applies after five long years - or at least the Junmyeon of 2019 wants to believe so. 


Couple: Kris/Suho
Rating: PG-13
Genre: non-AU, hurt and comfort
Volume: 5.630 words
Warnings: language, opinions on war and armed forces, Kris' lawsuit

A/N: I intended this to be shorter, but then my fingers and mind slipped. Set in the future, year 2019 when Junmyeon is doing his military service.
The title is inspired by the German song "Lili Marleen" which was popular during WW2 with soldiers of both sides. For the English recording of my favorite version by Marlene Dietrich click here

I also formally apologize for going likely off-character with Kris here: I can simply only guess what his views on armed forces are. Please kindly overlook this for the sake of the story. If you can't, again, I apologize. 


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I am really sorry, but the story is closed in itself and I have no intention of writing a sequel.

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ggtyv333 #1
Chapter 1: Their daughter would have gay uncles. You should know who these uncles are by now. Love this story. <3
LuZero #2
Chapter 1: OMG! the feels!!! TT.TT
Chapter 1: omg, this was so damn good!
asyilasa #4
Chapter 1: This is so gooood!!! Really, i love their convos!!! More moreeee
Chapter 1: Oh my God, the best way to potray their relationship. Joonmyeon's no hate, Yifan's understanding and how they dont need to be vocal about what they need from each other but they know eventually. Military always has this sentimental feeling because I think they have time to really reflect about their identitity, what they want and the people surround them.
And I have no words for the part from where Yifan tells his story how he wants to have kids till the end; it is just so flawless i like it to bits. Brilliant! I'm in tears.
Chapter 1: this is so so so goooood and i hope you write a sequel for this fic ><
oxyjen #7
Chapter 1: Aaaah!!! It's been along time since I've read a good krisho fic. The rawness of emotions hit me to the spot and this fic is just simply beautiful. Good job authornim! Oh, and a sequel would be nice too! :)
Chapter 1: This scream for a sequel!!!!!!!
theant256 #9
Chapter 1: so beautiful story hope u make the sequel after junmyeon get release n yifan have his child
Chapter 1: the best krisho non-au ever!!!