Is This a Dream?-- (EDITING)


You were always the one who sacrifices a lot of things for a friend. What if you got a chance to go somewhere and leave your friends behind, will you go? Where you could have a lot of fun and problems but you may also find love on the way. Or will you turn that chance down and be with your friends?

You were also the kind of person that believes in true love and that kind of person who loves her family so much, but what if you were forced into some kind of 'love' with a person you don't know. Will you oppose to that, considering the fact that that'll make your parents happy? Or will you go for it?

There are a lot of 'what ifs' and there are a lot of sacrifices on the way. Will you have the courage to take risk or you'll just settle on something you think that'll save you from quite a handful of trouble?

Whatever it is, you've got your own story to write and own dream to follow.




Hi! angeltine here :D

This story is kinda on an editing phase for the better :)) 

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I don't own some the pictures here nor the people involved here, except for the OCs.

If this story's idea is kind of similar to yours, it's coincidental.



This is my first story ever in AFF and it's quite some years old, so please give some love not hate.





I'll be updating soon :3 sorry for not updating

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hey! in need of a poster/ background for ur awesome fanfic? Look no further! , Mystic Garden gives what you really need! No karma points needed and can me redo-ed as many times as you want :D HESITATE NO MORE! Feed us with requests now! :)
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Chapter 2: Love it so much!
MinRandom #3
Chapter 2: Omona I just love this story^^
Chapter 1: Had read the first chapter. *U*
So happy to mention PHILIPPINES <3
Huahaha. :">
Loving it, so far. <3
GreatHani #5
Cool man to bern ~! Winnie the pooh ang background... so like ;)
Chapter 1: YES. PHILIPPINES. Lol. New subscriber... But I'm REALLY late on this... XD
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Chapter 2: I love this chapter! Update soon! ^^
sone_elf22 #8
Chapter 2: Sorry for only commenting now, I planned to comment after reading the story.. I love your story! I love the feeling! Please update! ^^
bluesecret #9
Chapter 2: update please.............
@kaokao421: yes i'm a filipina, really? well i thought MOA is known that's why i placed it there
btw... thanks for loving my story , i'm working on the next chapters , please subscribe