My Lovely Bodyguard

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"I know you almost got kidnap." my father said. 

"So, I'll prepare a bodyguard for you."


"This is Kim Taehyung, he's from 'Big Hit' Academy. He's best of the best from his team 'Bulletproof Boys Scout'." Mr. Jo said.

"You." the two of us said.


"I'm sorry, for leaving you behind. I'll never leaving you alone. Not once." he said.


"There." I removed the leaf from his head. There's silentness between us, looking at each other. I'm deeply see his eyes.





- A daughter of a big company CEO

- Have 2 older brother           

- A high school student

- Have 7 best friends, they named 'The 8 Princess' including her

- The maknae

- Doesn't have any interest about love




- Jian's bodyguard

- A student from Big Hit Academy 

- He's the part of Bulletproof Boys Scout

- He's undercover as Jian classmate

- Cold towards the others and kind to Jian only

- He's always got bully by Jian's best friends, he always listen to them




- A daughter of the headmaster

- A queenka in school

- Likes Taehyung

- Doesn't like Jian 

- Have a past with Jian

- A mean girl



Jessica, Yuri, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Suzy, and Jiyeon 

- Jian's best friends

- Always together

- Know a lot of Jian's secret

- Love to tease Jian

- Love to bully Taehyung

- Love Jian so much





Jinwoon (2AM), Donghae (SJ), and etc the boyfriends of Jian's best friends


Hyuna 4minute just appeared in ch 1

BTS appeared in ch 9, 10, 14

Apink appeared in ch 10, 11

EXO appeared in ch 14, 15, 16

Sungjae BTOB appeared in ch 14, 17

Twins from BOYFRIEND appeared in ch 17



This is my 2nd story, I hope you like it. I'll make a long chapters, I think. This story originally from my head, so no plagiarism please. I hope you like it.

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Jianlovesjin #1
Hi I like your story and it so nice and by the way Jian is my name :)
ItzSunniet #2
Chapter 22: Please update!
elly04 #3
Chapter 22: Please update chapter 23 soon
Chapter 22: Who could it be??? Obviously BTS AND VIXX~~~
Adiyanah #5
Chapter 20: please update . i need to know what happen .pleasee
KimVKookie #6
Chapter 18: Nooo don't hire another body guard
Lovelyjain #7
Seems like good fanfic for tonight
Chapter 17: At first sight, yes. Me also saw that their face weren't same. But, as I saw one of their video by fanmade on youtube, Lord! I can't deny and have to totally accepting that their face are so same. Their personality to pretty closed to same. Whoever making that video, she/he opened my eyes. Doj't know, maybe the eyeliner make their face so familiar.
Chapter 16: Gotcha! ^_~
I like this way, thousands more better than before. And btw, you're always welcome. If you make a mistake, I'll convince you and if I make mistake I HOPE YOU WON'T AFRAID TO CONVINCE ME. Deal? :-*

P.S: Helping each other is good, right? ^_^
Chapter 15: I'm sorry to say this but... I'm a little bit dissapointed with you. This is more like 'dialog script' then 'a story'. So, I can't understand what the other feels, fight, or hidden secret. I hope you understand. Hope to see your story improved. Thank you for trying honey. :)