My Lady, My Butler


Tiffany Hwang is the daughter of a very rich family. She has never had a butler that has survived working for her for over 3 months. One day she meets a new butler and finds him quite impressive. This butler was named Kim Taeyeon and little did Tiffany know that this 'he' was actually a 'she'. Taeyeon has no memories of when she was 14 and younger and her parents are making her live her life out as a man. Saying that it was best for her to not be known as a woman and that they are only trying to protect her.

As the story progresses Tiffany doesn't try to get rid of her new butler. Instead she has seemed to be sort of attached to him/her. Along with Jessica, who is Tiffany's closest friend, and Yuri they start to go through many different feelings for one another and Taeyeon is trying her best not to let her secret be discovered by anyone.










Kim Taeyeon (22)

"My purpose is only to serve you and only you, my lady"

With only eight years worth of memories, Taeyeon finds herself lost in the world she barely knows. Her family history remains unknown as everything she knew was lost in the year she turned fourteen. She remembers close to nothing when she awoke from the hospital bed. Her only friend, Onew, and his family took it upon their responsiblity to guide the lost child, advising her to hide her identity for unknown reasons.

Although she knows very little of her past, she remembers making a promise to a friend of hers. She remembers promising to protect the youngest daughter of the Hwang Enterprise, Tiffany. Although she does not remember whom or why she had made that promise, she decides to undertake the role of Tiffany Hwang's butler in hopes of finding something about herself and evoke some memories to return.



Hwang Tiffany (20)

"He is my butler. Kim Taeyeon is mine and is to serve me and only me."

Hwang Tiffany is the typical rich daughter who has no need to work as her father provides her with all her expenses, even if he did not willingly provide for them. Tiffany is well known to the butler's distribution industry to be the most annoying and hard to please client of all time. Her butlers would last an average of a month with the longest time being three months. Even her father is tired of having to hire someone who is willing enough to appease his daughter's ridiculous requests.

When Taeyeon turns up as her new butler, she fails to realise the feminine features of Taeyeon and continues to see the new butler as an irritating male. Different from her other butlers, Tiffany finds that Taeyeon is much more efficient and almost too perfect in suiting her demands. This perfection drives her irritation for Taeyeon even more and continues to plot plans to replace her butler again. However, Taeyeon starts to spark Tiffany's interest and she decides to keep him to fulfil her curiosity in him


Kwon Yuri (21)

"Why do I find you so familiar?"

Kwon Yuri is Tiffany's cousin. She often accompanies both Jessica and Tiffany to their outings but unlike the two, she has her own job to manage at her own family's company and does not accompany them in every outing. She plays the judge whenever the two divas are in a debate and it would often end in her calling a tie to appease both sides and avoid getting any injuries from either of them.

Her family was closely associated with Taeyeon's family in the past along with two other families. The four families would often come together and as a result, their children would become closely associated. However, after the tragic incident with the Kim's, the four children went their seperate ways as their memories of their childhood friends begin to fade. When Yuri chances to see Taeyeon again, she feels a sense of familiarity with Tiffany's new butler but due to the deceiving male disguise, she passes the feeling off as an odd reaction.


Jung Jessica (20)

"I am now more than confident that he shall remain your butler for quite some time. Trust me."

Jung Jessica is similar to Tiffany in the way that she does not have to work for her expenses. The two naturally became good friends with their similar hobbies and interests. Jessica seems to have a colder exterior than Tiffany, but she is more sympathetic to Tiffany's butler and wishes to relieve the butler industry of the hassle and make Tiffany settle down with one butler. With that in mind, she wishes for Tiffany's butler to be of high class and would not accept any disappointment if the butler was to remain with her friend.

Taeyeon sparks her interest immediately upon meeting. When offering to give Taeyeon a rest from Tiffany's harsh grasps, Taeyeon kindly declines which comes off as a shock to both the Jung and Hwang princesses. As time passes, she finds Taeyeon even more interesting in the habits and nature of Taeyeon's actions. She finds Taeyeon almost feminine at times and speculates on whether there was something behind the tailcoat and uniform.


Lee Onew (23)

"Taeyeon, you must not remember your past. It would only cause more grief and put you in danger of the events reoccuring."

Lee Onew is the only friend who Taeyeon has. He was associated with the group of four children that both Yuri and Taeyeon had been a part of but after the fall of the Kim's power, he and his family decided to flee from the world of business. They attended towards Taeyeon's care after she awoke from the hospital with Onew being there to protect her in times of need. He had advised Taeyeon to cross-dress to conceal her identity to protect her.

Onew is constantly worried about Taeyeon's safety. When Taeyeon decides to serve Tiffany as a butler, it brought her closer to the world of business. With Taeyeon risking exposure to the business companies, Onew finds himself in an even more alert position. He wishes for Taeyeon to forever forget her memories of the past to save her from remembering the death of her parents.

Omfg I couldn't resist. Puppy-Yeon so adorable ;~;

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tipco09 109 streak #1
From the comments it seems that this story is not actually complete and considering when it was last updated, I'm in two minds whether to start reading or just read after its updated. I think I'll wait. But I subscribed so I'll know when an update is posted.
Author nim i really want to know what will happen to puppy-yeon and her master tiffany please comeback. Im really hooked at this story that i reread this how many times already T_T and everytime i reread it i always get excited to what will happen next.
Chapter 6: I guess that's the end...but I want to know what happens next. This book really got me hooked, I like the plot. Please Author don't leave us hanging huhuhu. I really like this story a lot.
Chapter 5: Puppy-Yeon is heart. Puppy-Yeon is bae ♡.
Chapter 6: This must be marked complete by accident because this story is nowhere close to answering any of Taeyeon's memories! ?
Chapter 4: i'm rereading this fanfic. this was one of the few i really liked when i first discovered aff. and i honestly liked the structure of the original better than the rewrite, although there were errors, it was much simpler and fun to read. can't help but comment after reading the author's note in this chapter.
BloopyDoopy #7
Chapter 6: I like the story but why is it marked as 'complete'?
Chapter 6: Author-nim update please (T_T) its been so long since the last update. Its too good to be left hanging and im sure there is so many waiting for your update and i am one of them that waiting for you
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