Daddy! Please buy him for me!



“Daddy! I want him as my birthday present! I only want him! Did you hear me?! DADDY!!!” I whining to daddy and bouncing around him. I shakes his body, to gain his attention. I’m already shows to him the picture of 'my new target'.

Not that I have some before but as far as I know, this is the first time I ask my daddy to buy me a man, a really handsome man! Before this I just asked him to buy me a things like car and a dance club. But I don’t care, I want him as my birthday present this year and I know daddy will help me with that.

“Daddy Teukkie, PLEASE!! You have a lot of money, so please buy him for me!! DADDYYYYYY!!” Daddy still look at me disbelieve.

I know I’m a little bit pushing daddy into this thing but I know that I’m always got what I want. So I will do anything to make my daddy buy ‘that handsome man’ for me! He knows I’ll only call him ‘Daddy Teukkie’ if I have something that I really want. Daddy just let out his deep sigh to me.

Hurmmm, I should let out my FOREVER.WORKS.SECRET.WEAPON now!!

So I move my from my seat, walks to him and standing in front of him, look into his eyes, pouting and pretending to be a cry baby. OHH YESSS, daddy start to be panic!

He hugs me and say, “Okay okay!! Daddy will buy him for you! Stop crying now!!” He stroking my back, thought that I'm crying for real but he didn’t know that I’m smiling till ears right now! Hehehe.

Well done, Lee Donghae!!

“So, what’s his name?” Daddy asked me. I smile to him and reply, “I don’t know!” Shaking my head and I give him a smiles. 

Then he look at me with his wide eyes, “WHAT?!!!!” He screams at me! Dammit, he really over reacted sometimes!

“What what?” I asked him back. Honestly, I'm blur. I really don’t know what the hell is he talking about.

“So you tell me to buy him for you but you freaking don’t know who he was?” Ohhhhh!! Now I understand what he’s talking about. Hehehe. 

“Yes, I don’t even know him. I just saw him at our mall. Maybe he’s our new worker, daddy!” I said and smiles to him.

Hell how can I know his name? I don’t even greet him yet! And for God sake, I am the almighty Lee Donghae! How can I start the conversation?! Hell NO! But I still want him no matter what! Yeah, I'm stubborn!

Daddy look at me, he still in the same condition, shocked plasters in his face! So epic!

“So where the hell you got this picture?! Don’t tell me that you…….......” and he stop talking. He’s thinking about something. So I’ll just tell him the truth.

“Yes, I’m STALKING him. HAPPY?” I said it out loud.

Then he laughing at me and believe me, I can see his smirks. Oh , just kill me. I can’t bear with his smirks, he look so evil! He’s gonna tease me for sure!

“I never thought that our ALMIGHT DONGHAE will stalk someone! Where’s your untouchable pride, HUH?!” See, I told you he will tease me! I hate when he teased me because all his words is true but still, I’m glad having him by my side after my mom left us with some freaking foreigner. Talking about my mom, I hate her, FULLSTOP!

He’ll give me everything that I want, that’s why I turn to be a daddy’s son and spoiled brat. Honestly, I admit that and I don’t even care what people gonna say, I have my own family who love me and give me everything.

“Okay, daddy will check him for you. BUT, don’t put all your hopes in this thing. This is not like we’re buying THINGS like before, Hae. You have to remember, if I can’t help you after I try everything that I could, you have to move by your own feet, okay?” Daddy looking at me. OKAY, he’s being serious at this moment.

I just nodded at his word. He shows me his forever cute dimple and say, "Should we get going now? I'm hungry." He pouted at me.

Hell yes, sometimes he can be a little kid, you know?! I grin to him and we going out for dinner.


Hello guys!! smiley Well, this is my second fiction even though the "1st Bestfriend -vs- 1st Love" is still on going. 

I cannot stop my self from writing new fiction because my mind is flooding with this idea. I don't know, I just love writing about EunHae! Obviously my bias in SuJu!! Hopeful you can bear with me.

Love heart ya!


p/s: I'll update it soon! Wait for it!! angel

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