Embracing Lunacy

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It all started because of insanity.
Sohyun was what everyone would refer to as the normal, average teenage girl who does so-so in school and in life. 
She wasn't special, but at least she was on the good side of many people. Until she was assigned the topic of insanity. 
Curiosity turned into interest and interest turned into dangerous, yet lifetime experiences.
And so everyone who used to respect Sohyun's normalcy turned against her.
Sohyun went insane.
And the reason may just blow you away.

Kim Sohyun

"I may be younger, shorter, and smaller than you but it doesn't make me any weaker than you."
Kim Taehyung

"You're using that term too loosely. Be careful." 



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Bucintaesso #1
Chapter 1: Why I can't read the story?
HyeYoungFan #2
Chapter 1: well written...sad story, but beautifully written, thank you
Chapter 1: This was beautiful :) thanks for writing it ❤
Dyokkomi14 #4
Chapter 1: 마음이 너무 아파요! 태형아~
Chapter 1: no...........Taehyung cant die T.T love the story author-nim :]
Can't wait for it! Tae looks so grown up in poster! He's growing up*cries* so proud of him! This is going to be a very interesting and fun story! Keep it up!
interesting keep it up author-nim