Taking and Leaving


A wandering soul (literally) amongst the Dead.

A meeting with the living.

A crossing of the unspoken boundaries.

Will he finally find his place hovering between the living and the dead?


Hey guys! (yes I'm not dead)

So firstly, Happy late New Year greetings to all! 

I hope you've all had a great start to 2015 like I did.

And because it's a new year all over again, here's something to thank all subscribers and readers alike for patiently waiting and reading my humble writings despite my inconsistent updates.

So I hope you'll enjoy this fic and once again, happy new year!

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summer24 #1
Chapter 1: its good for the first chpter i cant say more im just gonna wait for the next chapter because the truth is im anticipating this story i hope you could develop the story and the character beautifully. fighting