Teenfinite Academy {APPLY CLOSED}



1 school. 2 rivalries.

In Teenfinite Academy students are split up into 2 groups called Angels and Inspirits. They are always competing against each other whether it’s in sports, homework, studying, extracurricular activities, etc.  By the end of the school year the headmasters will calculate who has the most points and the winning team will win a trophy and the losing group will have to obey and respect the winning team. So which group are you on? The Angels or the Inspirits? Choose wisely…


Angels Information:

The Angels has won many trophies, but that doesn’t mean the Inspirits cannot beat them. The only reason why they kept winning is because most of the students in that group are very intelligent. They also hated losing just as much as the Inspirits. So they strived for the best.

Motto: Success is everything.

Team Color: Light Pink

Inspirits Information:

Although the Angels beat the Inspirits a lot of times it doesn’t mean that they give up easily. The Inspirits are probably the most competitive students out of the building, even more than the Angels. Though, they’re not the smartest, that’s the only reason the Angels always won. But this year they’re planning to make a change.

Motto: The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Team Color: Sky Blue


 Boys || Myungsoo/L, Sungyeol, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungjong, Dongwoo

Girls || Please look below.


Boys || L.Joe, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, Changjo, C.A.P

Girls || Please look below.


Username: Angel_Ljjang (ME! :P)
Character's Name: Park Cheonsa
Nickname: Angel
Age: 17 years old
Nationality: Full Korean
Favorite Subject: Dance
Extracurricular Activities: Ballet
Personality: Cheonsa better known as Angel is a well adjusted person with no emotional problems holding her back. She just wants to explore the world and not fret about emotions and feelings. Others may be hurt by her lack of commitment but she doesn’t care, that's not why she’s here on this planet, she’s her to gain wisdom, learn and explore. Angel has problems finishing some projects she started if it takes too long, she want immediate results and will move on to the next project if it takes too long. This is not because of laziness, Angel is far from lazy but this motivation to move on is due to her hatred of boredom. Boredom is her fear and instead of facing it, she will get up and leave in search of something more stimulating. Angel is not an emotional person but they are easily hurt by a careless selfish action, Angel will be blue but turn it around pretty quickly with her naturally sunny disposition. She doesn’t dwell on hurt because it is a waste of her energy. 
Background: Angel grew up in a rich family so she was often spoiled by her parents. But since they were always busy with work they never had time for her. So she never experienced what it was liked to be actually cared and loved for, but you couldn't really tell if she was angry, sad, happy, or confused because she rarely showed any emotions. And because she is the only child her parents had high expectations for her. So she followed everything they said and she really didn't try rebelling. Until L.Joe came into her life, they started out as enemies but now they're all good and they hang out a lot more even though they are 'rivals' in their school. 
Partner: L.Joe
Username: SecretMoonlight
Character's Name: Lee Cheon Eun
Nickname: Riley
Age: 17 years old
Nationality: Korean-Chinese
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Extracurricular Activities: Basketball

Personality: If there’s anything that doesn’t define Riley, it’s aegyo. Riley’s that rebellious, rough n’ tough chick that will make you think she’s a guy just cross-dressing for the heck of it. She’s always hungry for adventure and new experiences. She gets really competitive, even for the stupidest things, and whenever she loses she’ll just keep on trying until she wins. She gets physical a lot with people who disrespect her and she gets in fights a lot. Her thirst for competition and aggressive attitude makes her seem rude and reckless. But even though she could be a little less, well, you know,manly, she’s actually like a 5-year old girl who’s always running around and trying to have fun. She’s loud and outgoing and even though she gets along better with boys than girls, her social circle is constantly upgrading and improving. She loves to hang out with her friends and whenever one of them is down, she spends time with them doing whatever to make sure they know that she really cares for them. She doesn’t bully other people who may be inferior to her one way or another, but she gets harsh when she defends her loved ones. Even though she can be stubborn at times and her pushy ways might not appeal to you, her bubbling energy and daredevil mindset sure will.


Background: Riley was born in Jeju Island along with her twin sister during their parent’s vacation. They lived in a decent, 6-room apartment and they were a pretty typical middle-class family. They were brought up well and were spoiled every once in a while, but their parents just loved them and wanted them to be humble women when they grew up. In school, both she and Jessica got along pretty well with boys, but in a different way. Jessica, a natural beauty, always attracted attention from boys who would fall head-over-heels for her as soon as their eyes set on her. Riley, however, was more of that tomboy who just gets along better with them as friends. Many people for being more like a boy than a girl, but Riley would always stand up for herself and snap back at them. She constantly got in trouble at school for her disrespectful ways so her father sent her to Teenfinite Academy in hopes of her to come back as a better, more mature lady.

Partner: Chunji 



Username: Comiczloph

Character's Name: Choi Minhee

Nickname: Minnie 

Age: 17 years old

Nationality: Korean

Favorite Subject: Science 

Extracurricular activities: Cooking

Personality: I'm caring and really nice to people I think are precious to me. I can't say no to aegyo and even though I may look quiet, I am not a push-over and I am tougher than you think. I don't really share a lot. Most of the time I just listen and give advice to people. I can't stand looking at others being sad so I tend to pamper them a lot. I'm ambitious and hates to lose and will persist on trying till I am satisfied. Oh, and those who become my boyfriend will have the best time ever because I will help him a LOT. Starting from feeding him, helping him with homework, and even cleaning his place when he comes over.


Background: My mom and dad got a divorce and my dad won all of the kids. So I and my sister and brother went to Korea with him. He's rich but he's always busy so I'm usually home most of the time with my younger sister and brother. I clean the house, cook for them, and I took care of my siblings. My dad is SO busy that he is barely home. He never comes to any school events either and if I need anything, I usually write it on a post-it and leave it on his working table or on the fridge. I'm suspecting that he's dating someone new but I don't want to accept it.

Dad - Choi Minki (45 y.o) At a glance, we're not close at all. He leaves the house early and comes back late at night. Sometimes he doesn't come back at all. He's hardheaded, ambitious, and is a huge work-a-holic. But I really want to get his attention. I used to try and get that attention by doing good in school but he doesn't pay attention even then so I started purposely flunking some of my classes but he still ignores it so I decided to keep trying and ended up being an Inspirit, but I don't care.  I know I can always get back on top anytime I want to.

Mom - Choi Youngmi (40 y.o) I used to be close to her before the divorce but I hated her afterwards because the only reason they got a divorce was because she fell in love with another man.

Sister - Choi Younhee (13 y. o) We're close but she always have a hard time expressing herself. She has a huge sibling complex and is totally overposessive over me and her twin. Keeps calling all my ex-boyfriends losers or gay. Tend to test my boyfriends with weird traps. Each time I bring a guy home, she thinks that I might not love them anymore and leave them like our mom.

Partner: Ricky





Username: HannieHidaya12

Character's Name: Kim Ha Ni

Nickname: Hannie

Age: 17 years old

Nationality: Korean-Singaporean

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Extracurricular Activities: Singing

Personality: A cheerful and bubbly girl. Always never fail to impress people. Happy-go-lucky but sometimes gets hurt easily. People call her The Clumsy Princess for nothing. A prankster indeed. She's a mood maker everywhere she is. Always positive in everything she does. A neat-freak in fact. During her friends' birthday, makes sure they feel special.



Background:Her mother died when she was 4. Her father remarried again. Her stepmother had 3 children. 2 girls and 1 boy. After her father died, her stepmother changed. She became mean and made Ha Ni a slave in the house. Luckily, her stepbrother was very nice. He had developed feelings for Ha Ni every since the first time he saw her. After 10 years, Ha Ni was 16. She couldn't take it anymore and ran away. Where she met new friends and strangers. She also went to Teenfinite Academy.


Partner: Niel



Username: LilyWtf


Character's Name: Choi Faye-Lin


Nickname: Faye


Nationality: Chinese


Age: 18 years old


Favorite Subject: Literature


 Extracurricular Activities: Soccer


Personality: She's a diva. Not a rude but a bad . She's pretty independent with a slight wanting for someone to emotionally support her. She seems stable but is very emotionally unstable on the inside. She doesn't cry easily, not over things she should cry about like a sad manga, but if it's just some little sad scene from a movie that's only supposed to touch your heart a bit, she will be filling the wastebasket with tissues. It seems like she's happy or solid 24/7, but when she crashes she really crashes. If she's bored she's practically slipping everywhere doing something to entertain herself like.... Smacking a random person (Everybody loves her for reasons unknown) to see if they would implode on her, or she's tolerate and daydream. She's like Ayu from that link I just gave you. A solid character on the outside with cold love but really looks out for you. It's either cold love or happy (too happy) love. Except when it's happy love she'd act like you're distant from her but will look out for you.She's also a good actor and can interpret emotions well; she knows how someone might feel. Good at listening and giving advice. Takes more joy in giving than taking. A bit antisocial. She's also a good actor and can interpret emotions well; she knows how someone might feel. Good at listening and giving advice. Takes more joy in giving than taking. A bit antisocial.


Background: Faye-Li as born in China by her Chinese mother and Laos/Thai father. They moved to Japan a bit after her birth and always spoke to her in Mandarin, teaching her Mandarin. Since she was in Japan she learned Japanese. At her school they offered Korean learning classes, she took them and studied a lot. Then her parents kind of wanted to have personal time together to rebuild their love so they sent her to Korea or wherever Teenfinite Academy is. It's a pretty normal like to be honest. And she has a normal boring family.... Mom is mean but loveable and funny. Dad holds the place of a mother, getting groceries and cooking, he's pretty much supporting the family taking both roles of the parents. She's the only child and never knew her grandparents.

Partner: Changjo


Username: Alexpop

Character's Name: Choi Minjee

Nickname: MJ

Age: 17 years old

Nationality: Korean

Favorite Subject

Extracurricular Activities: Tennis


Personality:One word that describes me perfectly is "B*TCH" all capitals baby! Not really though. That is what everyone thinks. I'm tough, brave, and VERY confident. But, I'm lazy and unwilling to participate if it is not fitting to my benefit. I like to pick fights. I have a strong sense of loyalty and if I see you fit to be my friend, I will protect you all the way. I don't speak much and I don't show a lot of emotion or interest but that doesn't mean I'm not paying any attention. I know and see EVERYTHING so don't try to lie to me. I don't tolerate betrayal and I will come and find you myself, for REVENGE is my middle name. I plan things out before acting, and won't charge unless I have absolutely no time to plan or if I was only doing it for the thrill of it. Despite all that, I'm actually a real softie. I have a big sweet spot over my little brother.


Background:My mom died when my brother was only 3 years old. My dad was still fine until his depresssion kicks into high gear and he become violent. He started going hard to make us successful. To protect my brother, I kept messing up and let him become the perfect child.  Too bad that the effects I was looking for comes with a prize. My plan did work and my dad's anger and violence were all directed to me so we fight a lot, don't worry I'm very capable of fighting the old man, but my brother now sees me as a worthless black hole in the family. He's always alone and refuses to interact with anyone from the family. He acts like nothing is wrong outside of home but he always lock himself in his room at home. I think he's ashamed of me but I don't care as long as he's save. He might not recognize the small things I did for him but I will protect him, just like what I promised my mom.


Dad / Choi Minjeong (40 yrs.o)  He is a violent and hot blooded man. He wants at least one of his kids to succeed so he can brag that strict violence can be the key to success but he doesn't really do anything to help us but scream at us or hit us. Rarely seen home and when he is, he picks fights with me.

Brother / Choi Minseok (14 yrs. o) Thinks that me and our dad as an embarassment but I'm the one who took care of him and during parent teacher conferences, I was the one who showed up a few days after to see the teacher, secretly of course. My dad never comes. Looks up to the Angels.

Mom / Cho Jiyeon (37 yrs.o) Died of sickness. Made me promise that I would take care of my brother.

Partner: C.A.P



Username: xtelle

Character's Name: Choi Sun Mi

Nickname: Scarlett

Age: 18 years old

Nationality: Korean

Favorite Subject: Algebra

Extracurricular Activities: Ballet


Q. *Personality: “I am cold. Cold to the point of indifference. But my frigidity had saved me somehow”

Choi Sun Mi is the kind of girl who doesn’t talk a lot. She would only talk unless necessary. She is considered as a loner in school because she doesn’t mingle with others and she doesn’t have many friends. She believes that being with people who judge her is unpleasant. That’s why she wants to be alone.

Many people think that Sun Mi is cold. She doesn’t usually smile or laugh. In fact, she doesn’t show any emotions at all. She’s so unreadable to the point that it’s so hard to determine whether she’s happy, sad, angry or annoyed. However, her emotions would only show when she sings, dances or plays the violin. It was a way to express what she feels. Many people think she’s weird so they remained distant from her.

Sun Mi is surprisingly an achiever in class. She mostly excels in Math, as it is her favorite subject. Even though she works at night, it doesn’t hinder her from topping her classes. She keeps herself busy by reading, listening to music and observing her surroundings. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t want to waste time doing irrelevant stuff. Aside from that, she’s also very active during school activities. She usually volunteers herself to work on the program and perform in front of the school crowd. She’s very confident and doesn’t show fear once she’d entered something.

Under her coldness lies a warm hearted girl. Sun Mi has been doing volunteer works despite her packed schedule. She enjoys helping other people. It makes her feel at ease whenever she had done something good. Being the anti-social as she is, she’s pretty good with kids. She enjoys putting a smile on a child’s face. She kind of feels bad for looking all cold and stuff so she repays it by joining outreach programs.

The reason behind her coldness was her beloved father. She used to be her Dad’s little angel. She loved being with her father’s presence. With her father’s musical skills, she was taught how to play different musical instruments like the piano, violin, guitar, drums and bass. She started playing instruments at the age of 4. Then came a time when her father left them for another woman. She was only 11 and she already knew what was happening. It pains her to see her mother silently cry in her room. Her sister, Shin Ah, was still 9 at that time and she also cried but she doesn’t understand the situation.

Sun Mi has this obsessive compulsive disorder. She wants everything to be done perfectly. Whenever she would practice her dance routine, she would repeat it many times just to make her moves flawless. The same goes when she’s playing any instrument or even when she’s singing. Scarlett can’t be found without carrying her planner. She would always bring it with her and doesn’t go anywhere without it. She would always find time to keep herself busy.

Sun Mi may be the most boring person that you’ll ever meet, however she’s a very different person once she shakes off her coldness. She’s unexpectedly fun when she’s with her family and friends. However, she remains cold to her grandmother. She once had a childhood friend who moved to another country without letting her know. She was feeling so numb that she gives off stoic expressions until now.


Background: Choi Sun Mi is a cold-looking girl whose parents were separated. She had a sister named Shin Ah. They lived in Jongno-gu, Seoul with their mother. Their father lived in Busan with their grandmother. They’re not really wealthy. Her mother is a nurse who worked overnight at Seoul National University Hospital. Since they’re not supported by their father, their mother’s salary was not enough for the family’s expenses.

Choi Sun Mi studies during the day and works during the night at a restaurant near her Mom’s working place. She worked as a waitress at a young age. It was the only way she could do to help her mother and sister. Aside from being a waitress, she also sings to entertain the costumers for an extra tip. She also plays the piano, drums and the bass. Her manager likes it when she sings because she makes the restaurant gain more costumers.

Sun Mi once had a friend named Lee Byung Hun. They practically grew up together. He was the only one who could shake off her coldness. However, Byung Hun left the country without letting her know. When she found out about it, she doesn’t know how to react. She felt numb, to the point that she gives off stoic expressions.

Partner: Hoya


Username: Love4life

Character's Name: Ahn Ae Chan

Nickname: Alex

Age: 19 years old

Nationality: Korean-American

Favorite Subject: Algebra

Extracurricular Activities: Soccer

Personality: Ae Chan is very mature for her age. She is can take a lot of criticism and drama. She doesn't give up easily. She is a very nice person, but will come off as cold and mean. She comes off as cold and mean because she doesn't talk much and kind of ignores you. She likes to wear this mask around so she isn't looked down upon. She doesn't make friends easily, one because she comes off as cold and mean and two, she prefers to have a close group of friends. The kind that she can trust, know that they won't turn their backs on her and the ones that tried to become friends with her. Around her friends she talkative and fun to be with. She's cares a lot about her friends and takes really good care of the few she has. She's also stubborn on her opinion. She believe what she thinks is right and doesn't like to admit she is wrong. However if you give her hard evidence then she'll come around. She hates to show or tell anyone how she feels. She'll keep everything bottled up until she explodes. She does a good job at hiding her feelings. She is a very clean person and will bother you to clean something if it’s dirty. However she is not a germ freak. She tends to nag at people on little things. She follows her gut and chooses to do things she thinks is best for everyone. IF you mange to make her mad then watch out. She'll explode on you, like really explode. She doesn't go to fists, but to words. She knows what can hurt a person deep inside.   

Background: Ae Chan was born and raised in New York, for 8 years, with her older sister and mother. Her father died of a car crash when Ae Chan turned 5. Her mother was having a hard time supporting Ae Chan and her older sister, for most of her family was located in South Korea. When Ae Chan turned 8 her mother decided to move to South Korea. When they reached Ae Chan had a somewhat hard time communicating with Koreans. She understood everything said, but when it came to speaking she had an accent and pronunciation was bad. It was really hard on her, to make friends. She would sometimes get bullied and called a foreigner. As she moved into middle school she worked hard on her Korean and improved greatly, though she became cold then. She didn't talk much so people still assumed she was bad at Korean.

Partner: Sunggyu


Username: --bubbletea

Character's Name: Moon Ji Dae

Nickname: Jade

Age: 19 years old

Nationality: Korean-Chinese

Favorite Subject: Foreign Language: Japanese

Extracurricular Activities: Swimming

Personality: Ji Dae also known as Jade is intelligent and clever. She absolutely loves reading novels and likes to study a lot. She has never failed a class or a test in her life. Since she is the oldest her parents has very high expectations from her, so Jade tries to never disappoint them. Some might say Jade is an entanglement of paradox, but the truth is that Jade has an easy acceptance of opposites. Jade can like this and that, one thing and it’s opposite. It's like she sees her world through a radio and Jade can tune experiences and points of view in and out as her interests change. Jade is curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active. Her mind can bounce around from one topic to another with great ease, making Jade the champion of cocktail party chatter and lighthearted social encounters. Others will think that Jade is fun to be with, but her ability to alter with the changing winds can also lead others to see Jade as a shallow person. Jade is the eternally youthful child, no matter what her chronological age is. A razor-sharp wit can have her verbally dueling with the very best of opponents, who moments later are her best of friends.

Background: Jade’s mother was Chinese while her dad was Korean so Jade was born in Beijing, China. But they moved back to Seoul when she was 13 years old. She had to take ESL at first since she didn't know how to speak Korean, she was more used to Chinese, but she quickly adapted to the culture and environment. She is a straight A student, and she's also kind of spoiled. Her parents weren't always there with her, so sometimes she would feel really lonely. That's why she likes to go outside and try to make new friends. Her parents are a workaholic and they barely have time for her, so she auditions for TV shows, that way she doesn’t have to be stuck in their mansion all day.

Partner: Sungyeol



Username: Iambunny

Character's Name: Kim Ahreum

Nickname: Ashley

Age: 15 years old

Nationality: Korean

Favorite Subject: Dance

Extracurricular Activities: Ballet

Personality: Ahreum is a very sweet girl with a lot of aegyo. Nothing bad almost never leaves unless someone says something to offend any of her friends. Even though she looks like the timid type, she is far from it. She hates awkward silences and loves to talk about anything and everything. Although she isn’t generally shy, when she has someone she admires or likes, she instantly becomes like a turtle! She will run away from the guy every chance she gets and avoids talking to him. Most girls would try to talk to the guy more but Ahreum isn’t like that. She’s just too embarrassed to do that and that’s why she’s never had a boyfriend so far; cause she keeps running away. She treasures her friends more than anything in the world and will even take a bullet for them. Love is something that Ahreum does not joke about. She hates players and guys who play with girls. Also, she’s the type that wants to make everyone around her smile. Even if she’s in pain, she’ll bear with it and put a smile on her face so no one worries about her. She wants a guy who can see through her fake smile and comfort her.


Background: Ahreum didn’t come from a poor or rich family. Her family was of the middle class and was faring pretty well. She has no other siblings so she’s naturally closer to her parents then most other kids are to theirs. Her father had constantly been sick and visiting the hospital ever since she was 11 years old.  The day after her 15th birthday, her father pulled off his oxygen mask and left the world peacefully. Before he died, he wrote her a letter that told her not to cry over his death. He told her to promise to do whatever she knows will make him proud. She didn’t shed a single tear over his death and kept strong. She now lives her life fully to keep her promise with her dad. Her mother runs a small ddukboki (spicy rice cakes) stand on the streets in Busan. Even after her father’s death, she’s still the same cheerful girl as she was before. After all, her father wouldn’t want her to be sad! But that’s why she hates Valentine’s Day.


Partner: Myungsoo



Username: Lalabelle

Character's Name: Park Hae Young

Nickname: Lala

Age: 18 years old

Nationality: Korean-American

Favorite Subject: Literature

Extracurricular Activities: Photography

Personality: Park Hae Young is affable by nature. As she only transferred in recently from America, she only has a close circle of friends. She also enjoys to spend time with her family and her mindset is a little family orientated.

She is also unconventional, meaning she doesn’t like to do things by the book. She has a mindset of her own which is difficult to understand at times. Incredibly creative and loves to explore new things. She is also quite competitive, meaning she likes to win.

She is incredibly perceptive. She can actually sense if someone has hidden motives whether it is regarding her or not. And, it is right most of the times. Thus, people always go to her for advice. She tends to be strong and not cry in front of others. 

In love, she gets jealous easily. She is bashful in front of the guy she likes and tries to hide her feelings. At work, she is driven but not a workaholic. She does what she enjoys to do.


Background: Hae Young grew up in a stable and happy family. Except for one fact, she is not on good terms with her mother. She favours her younger brother over her. Her family is quite rich as her father is the CEO of a cosmetic company. Her mother hates household chores and can often be found shopping or traveling.

She took up violin since young as she loves the sound it makes, which she often says that it calms her down. She enjoys playing violin as the sound it makes calm her down. She took up modeling in America after she was featured in her father’s company magazine. The response was good and she started modeling since then.

Hae Young is close with her father and brother. Her brother, Hyun Bin looks up to her and loves her a lot. He knows that their mother is biased and often tries to pacify Hae Young.

Partner: Woohyun


Username: esoteric

Character's Name: Jung Jina

Nickname: Nana

Age: 17 years old

Nationality: Korean

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Extracurricular Activities: Cooking

Personality: Jina's very hyper and energetic and she loves making friends. She's extremely random and is very easily distracted, so it's hard to have her attention unless it's a serious matter. When friends are concerned, she is loyal and would do anything and everything for them if they need her help. Also she's clumsy and doesn't pay attention to where she's walking so she always ends up tripping. However, sometimes when she's cranky and annoyed, she'll be extremely sarcastic, maybe even to the point of mean.

Background: Her parents own a restaurant which she often helps in whenever she can together with her elder sister who is in university. Her parents were the ones who encouraged her to go to Teenfinite academy, even though there was a cheaper school which she had wanted to go to at first.

Father - Jung Youngjin (48 years old)

he co-owns a restaurant with his wife. he wants the best for his daughters and even though education is expensive he knows that it is the only way for them to be able to live a good life later on, so he doesn't mind suffering and working hard for them.

Mother - Lee Kyungmi (46 years old)

she co-owns a restaurant with her husband. she supports her daughters' decisions and is always there to guide them whenever they have problems and can't solve them. likewise, she also wants the best for her daughters.

Elder sister - Jung Hyuna (20 years old)

she is currently studying in a university, majoring in fashion designing. she loves her dongsaeng and parents very much and even though she's busy studying, she'll always find time to go back and help her parents with the restaurant and talk to her sister. they're each others confidants, they know each others' secrets.

Partner: Sungjong


Username: CU29QT

Character's Name: Park Sojin

Nickname: Cindy

Age: 18 years old

Nationality: Korean-American 

Favorite Subject: Dance

Extracurricular Activities: Photography

Personality: She is a very deep, intense person, and there is always more than meets the eye. She presents a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. She has a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if she asks questions, she is trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. She always want to know why, where and any other possible detail she can possibly know. She is very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it. She tends to dominate and control anyone that lets her, or anyone that she finds weak. The person that she respects and holds close to her is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. On the outside, she has great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to her. She is known to be controlling and too ambitious but only because she needs control for this makes her feel safe.

Background: Born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida she is not what you would call rich filthy rich. However she is better off than other middle class and has rather vast amounts of money for indulgence. At the age of twelve her father received his PHD for Engineering and was offered a job as a lecturer at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which of course caused them to move to Seoul. Her mother, however, just recent quit work at an advertising firm to take up her dreams of being a fashion designer.   

Partner: Dongwoo


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