Set Me Free


A one/two-shot story inspired by Set Me Free sang by SM The Ballad, Girls' Generation Taeyeon.


"Are you mad? Have you lost your mind? Can you not go one day of not worrying me a bit? Can you stop being so reckless? Can you at least to told the devil inside you to chill for a while?" Jongin shouts like he lose his mind. 

Dont mind me. I REALLY DONT MIND at being shouted in the aiport. Yeah totally I DONT MIND AT ALL these staring these whispers.

"Yah, are you listening at me? Why are you standing there like you finally feel guilty? Raise your head you densehead!" Again with the shouting.

I takes a deep breath and look him in the eyes. And damn, all his words is carelessly entering and exiting my head. Instead of being mad at him shouting, I can see only see pure worry and panick in his brown almond eyes. His noses is flares from all the anger. His cheek is in crimson red from all the running trying to catch me. Trying to stop me from leaving Korea. I keep own staring in his eyes. Lost in it. I can almost see his voice is like the sweet voice of an angel. Like he is singing lullaby instead of screaming his head off at me. Sweats is bedding on his forehead making his dark skin looks smoking hot than ever.


He takes a step closer towards me and no jokes he overtowers me though I was quite tall for a girl of my age. "Yah!" Jongin grips my shoulder hard until I can feel his nail dig into my skin. I didn't even flinched and dont even mind the pain. Then, he shooks me hard. "__!"

"Set me free," I said as I finally remember my capability to speak.



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