Celebrating a birthday with someone you like? It might be just in our imagination since he doesn't know that we love him. But what happen when he actually cares for us?! He might be planning some SURPRISES for us!! YAY!! ;D

~A sweet one-shot story about a girl who is having her birthday party with someone she loves.
Featuring TEENTOP's L.Joe. ~


This fan-fiction is actually made for my best friend who was having her birthday a couple of months ago.. I made it for her because she is L.Joe's biased.. Hehehehehehe... But I guess I want to share this story with all of you.. :D

I hope all of you can enjoy reading this sweet romance story~ :) Happy reading, then~!!


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Chapter 1: awwwww .. so sweet >.<
[deactivated] #2
Sweet!! ^_^ keep writing author nim ^^