KangminBread's layout Shop [OPEN]



Important information:

1- I won't give you HTML codes; I will create a Layout in the Market Place, all layouts are mobile friendly.

2- Layouts will cost 10 Karma Points.

3- Layouts will be aviable for other aff members to buy.

4- No need for subscriptions.

5- I do not make RP layouts unless you tell me what exactly you need from an RP layout (as I don't know what that is). 

6- I mostly make Layouts for my own fanfics and I usually only use one CONTENTID, if you want me to make a version of previous layouts with more than one CONTENTID please let me know.


1- Comment below with the form for your request.

2- Comment when you pick up the layout.

3- If I add credits in the layout description please copy that credit into your foreword, It's okay not to credit me, but please credit the source of what I used in your layout.

4- [optional] Link back to the shop with a credit for the layout.




Solid color layouts

(exemple: Something black and wine )

Pattern layouts

(exemple: Colorful crystal)



images layout

(exemple:  Notepad Page)

Fixed background layouts

(exemple: Butterfly Garden)


New special segment: Review Shop Layout Form

How many segments your shop has? (ex. Welcome/rules, staff, progress list, affiliates, etc.)

Image to be used: you can give me links or you can tell me to choose/ what to look for; if you are giving me links remember the picture must be editable as to avoid copyright issues.

Same image for each segment or different images? (if you would like to feature a band for exemple, each member in a segment)

Simple animations can be requested 

To keep the layout mobile friendly each segment will have a fixed text section as in this sample. The contents on the right are bound to hide the background image on mobiles, since their position will float to adjust to the size of the screen.

Hope you'll enjoy the new layout scheme!

Susakaele your layout is ready i hope this is what you wanted XD


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Hello, I'm the original author you made the merry graphic shop layout for. I just bought it now, but few things are confusing. Please help me out.
hello! i just wanted to let you know that i added your thread to my recommendations list. :)
Chapter 41: Hello! I purchased this layout, but I do not know how to use it to get it to work for my profile, please help!
Thanks so much
Hi I've requested
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 4: I just sent you a friend request. I need a layout for my yet to create graphic shop, and if you can help me with a good one such a exo power, and help me in creating the shop as well, them my kps are all yours. Thanks, I will be waiting.
Chapter 54: damn, these seasonal ones look nice.
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 63: Squishy & Snow Prince look so cute during Growl Era <3
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 66: This one is cute :)
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 65: I like the orange color in this layout. Looks nice~
I think this one is my fav between Sunrise 1 or 2. That's my opinion.
in all my years of coding, i've never learned fixed background- cries.